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May 17, 2006

May 17, 2006 Wednesday 4:01 PM

"I hope to eventually make it into a pdf file with page numbers and an
indexed table of contents... anyway, enjoy a glimpse into my soul" - j

...later ...
I know not what to write for today. I enjoyed my time dining out. And my high
energy visit to D street. Everyone was back, well everyone whom hasn't left
since graduation. (so long Julie) And there was much laughter and excitement for
me. Emily was there.


I have not taken imagery data for many days now. Upon request of a friend I managed
to find the walking footage while searching for the Pi Talk footage I wanted to re
edit into something. I think the day went mostly well. I know I'm growing tired
but I have a feeling it will be a very long and thoughtful fall asleep process.

I finally received word back from Jacob.
He'll be tending summer school as well as I.
I have calculations to make for the final adjustments on the catapult.
And I have much room cleaning to do which began by cleaning off my 'desktop'
and getting ready to sort through papers.

I think that the other reason for not posting so many images comes from the fact
i have a limit. It makes handling the uploads all that much more difficult.

Frames from the Pi Talking Footage Look I'm talking about pi. I know I'm right.. even the calc agrees with me. Here is Joy another behind the scenes Chris World ... a person.

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