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May 2 2006

Get it?

May 2, 2006 Tuesday
" I might be a cult classic someday"
8:46 PM
It's to much.. when an assignment bothers me so much
I can't enjoy my time with a friend. A friend whom has
apparently become very joyous lately.

I found out a new fellow has seen the blog.
I feel an uneasiness knowing the history of this fellow.
Perhaps, though nothing will come of it.

My eyes tear up these days. When I walk out into the cold
air of the morning they tear. As I rode back to my place
this evening they teared. And I still wonder if it is some
airborne allergy or is it that something is really wrong?
Because I swear it's just dry air or something.
I would hate to think something was really wrong and that my
eye's were just tearing for no good reason. Least, no good
conscience reason.

The best news of the day? Well, aside from my friend being up
for once. The guitar Theory worked out. I managed to play
the strings of the guitar merely by pressing the right buttons
on my computer. I had digital, to analog and got it to do something
interesting. FOR ONCE something I imaged actually worked. And at
least once I had strong enough magnets... worked well enough to hear.
Delightful but I couldn't help but to notice I never really get
excited about my successes in that class. It just seems its one
thing after another a series of problems that must be resolved.
Annoying but I push forward and don't seem to be able to enjoy
my meager successes when they come. ...
As for the g Box?  No good. I just can't measure the A it's 1/4000
or so of a meter and I can not detect such small things in order
to use it to find g. The magic acceleration due to gravity.
But if I reason backwards a little I can predict the Amplitude (A)
Kind of a strange turn around for a project like that. Begin
something trying to find g and then end up with something to find
a tiny little vibrating distance. Go figure.

9:02 PM
That's right people don't just want the information.
They want entertainment.
But also information.
That means they want Info-tain-ment  Infotainment!

==to my group ==
Hey guys, I've attached a condensed version of all our
articles into one large document rtf file inside a zip file.

I tried to write some cross overs between articles but I
couldn't do a lot of. I felt this will help us get

I didn't find NSA recommendation stuff in my folder. So it needs
to be added.

Intro and Conclu should eventualy be rewritten

we have about 7 to 8 pages (1.5) line spacing it's what I use.
Prob, more.

I must comment to you guys, that I am most likely failing this class
and any work I do on these projects is mostly for you guys because
I feel it's important not to let anyone down even if I am not really
passing. I mention it because I fear that fact will keep me in bed
tomorrow. But there is the good chance that it will not
and I will come to lab to discuss who we can pull the rest off
before this Friday. But all the work I do for it would have to be
tomorrow for my Thursday and Friday are full of my classes and
special extra labs I must do to pass my Physics class.

ALEX - PG & E has informed Daniel that service will stop on
May 16 We need to phone their automated system and say we
want to start service. Our current system was that I pay for
water,net bill and (downstairs phone) and the other person
pays the power bill than I usually pay the person the difference.

I don't believe that's particular clear but the bottom line is
I'd like the PG & E bill to be in your name. That would mean
you make the call to have service turned on. I hear it's fairly

I forgot what else to mention besides I'll hopefully see both
you guys in lab tomorrow. I really really want my sleep though.
mmmm Whatever,

till next time


Every once in a real long while a project of mine works. A project I think up and build something that works after a few hours of calibration. This is what my set up looked like. The ghist? I place a very very poweful magnet (hammer looking thing) near the steel strings of the guitar. I punch a few keys on my computer and rig it up with some hardware for generating the right frequencys. I pass those eletric currents into the string and the changing eletric currents feels a force inside the magnetic field. And the little E string lets out a might sound (quiet actually) My tuner (black boxy thing) stands near by to confirm that that string is INDEED playing. Now, a project that doesn't work. But in theory could. I'm dropping a mass (the black eletrical tape) into the speaker (from my guitar amp) and watching the impedance change on the O'scope. Look at that. I could explain what this is all about but I think I'll do that later. And this female (girl in the white striped leg things) sits at a table feeling great about her out fit for today.
The Movie that I kept having troble uploading. Finally here. I posted it back on the old page but also had to mention it here as well. Nothing special about it.

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