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May 20, 2006 Saturday

May 20, 2006 Saturday 11:58 PM
And I got up.
And I hadn't written something down.

on Business...
I think you have to think of it like 2 guys with a hobby before
you think of the business aspect. It could be a while before 
things kick off in the money making sort of sense. 
True, I ideally, we could start off with some small things that
gen. investing money, but we could also work on projects that 
enable us to build more stuff. Like certain robotics things like
for routers and plotters.

The trend I'd love to see is to have many little robots work 
together to build very big things. I should prob. mention some 
influencal material I once came accross. I saw it and than thought...
yeah that's kind of an idea I had but they did it there.

Long story short, Neil Gershenfeld started the Fab Lab.

His Personal Site
AND the thing that is cool....

We gotta start something like that up here. Or whatever.

2:05 PM
I stubbled accross an biography on someone...

... Later later....

I hate feeling like I wasted a day. I hate the feeling like I should have
brought my camera. At least then I would have photos of everything that went
on. I guess though I did get a few things out of it. If not showing support 
for a friend. And then I got to bike ride around late in the night. It was
strange because it turned out that a lot of people were out biking around.
I guess night time in summer in Arcata has that sort of effect.

I was shown where the cementary was finally. I believe I'll visit it tomorrow
as well as pick up some things from the house. 

....I suppose it's not worth dwelling to much on the 'wasted day impression'
because the day is through and I guess I can get back to those little worky
I guess the only picture I did get despite all the moving around today wasn't
that impressive. 

Oh well, better really get to work. And bring that camera. I think the reason
I don't use it so much is because I not sure how to deal with all these extra
files and how best to preserve them.


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