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May 21, 2006 Sunday 1:49 AM

May 21, 2006 Sunday 1:49 AM
 I can't believe that I was so tired earlier today and now I'm so awake.
Well, tired earlier 'yesterday' now what?
It's strange that the visits spiked up to 10 a few days ago.
Did someplace link to my blog or something? Why all the extra activity?

Hey remember that image of towers I placed on this blog a few days ago?
Well, I uploaded the .blend file that has the data in it so that you could mess
with it. That is 'if' you have Blender the free open source 3D modeling software

RIGHT Click and Download to desk top... since it IS a .blend file your
browser will not recognize it.
I think in the future I'll zip of blend files with movies and notes so than
a zip file will get downloaded.
1:35 PM
Since I might be taking in metrics later I thought I would recognize some...

Useless Chris Trivia!

What is the volume of Chris's Right hand? Approx. 353 mL 
What is the average size of a Chris Mouthful? 
How fast does Chris run at Top speed?
What is his maximum lung flow rate on exhale?
Which of the following is Chris allergic to?
What neurological disorder was Chris diagnosed with in elementary school? Tourettes Syndrome

well, not all of the information is completely useless. The allergy one for example.
I am allergic to a lot of stuff.

3:52 PM
Back from one Excursion

"Don't ever forget your a machine"
It matters not the complexity. 
Your a machine.
And in time... perhaps you won't have to die.
Perhaps you will have a choice.

When one walks amoung graves stones... it causes stop for thought.
Suppose, you didn't realize there were molding corpses all around you
for a momment. Than it's just grassy and stoney. 
I nice place really. I suppose that's why people feel it alright to have
the cementary between the high school and Shaw Park. AS I rode by bike
away from the dead place I found the living playing baseball just at the
base of where the cemetery is. I didn't know that was what was up there.
"the living, don't much mind the dead" I said to myself. As I stood with my 
bike watching the game and listening to the taunting remarks of players playing
this game.

And what game do I play? Do we all? One in which the end of the game will never
be fully known to us for we will not really  be 'us' at that point.

on other notes...

I think I was walking and thinking about that touch technology where you can
just touch an object and the object can transmit electrical signals over your skin
and upload information into the computer in your wrist watch. So.. if you touch 
a tombstone you could suddenly have all the data on the person buried there.

... Cemetery's aren't for the dead.. they're for the living.. 
The imagery of plants and gifts left there speak the loudest for that.

you know I couldn't help to shake the feeling that it felt like that Zelda video game.
I suppose those digital encounters with graveyards were of the first.
Or maybe I felt like I was in the game because I saw the gates at night.
And then I came back and found them open during the day. It was strange.
It was just like the last Zelda game I played.

5:54 PM
I don't think I'll ever cease to be amazed at the number of random people that talk
to me.
I was at the gates of the cemetery and people ask me from directions.
I'm walking back to my place just down and some female asks how far I have to 
walk. She clearly doesn't want to walk.
I interact with some yard sale people. (I suppose I initiated that one though)
The waiter at Las Milas is very talkative. 

mmm I'm just amazed. 
8:55 PH
Uh Oh. I'm getting that feeling like I should be doing something useful... but 
I don't know what I should focus my attention on right now.
mmm grrr.

I stood at the gates for a moment and took a picture.
Note the basket ball hoop. I found it strange to have a whole cemetery in your backyard.
On a different note I did see a Dk arcada console at a yardsale. Whoa. To see some more images I took visit...

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