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May 22, 2006

May 22, 2006 Monday 12:22 AM
 What's nice to know....
is that I can work on theories, and simulate models without ever having step foot in 
a nano tech lab and still have my ideas and possibly discovers be useful someday.
I think I'm seeing this push now that I've developed some skills of my own, this push
to finally get out there. And I think it could manage to be very rewarding and exciting.
I think I want to spend even more time getting the technically details worked out with
this blog and video style. 
I was browsing around looking for difference plug ins for Blender and in the process
downloaded Avid Free DV (did NOT do the task I wanted) deleted it. And than found a bit
of hope with this one plug in that says difference and I think I'll test it out... well
after I wake up ''today'' I suppose. 

I just got out of the shower and my thoughts ranged over a lot of what I had just researched.
This sort of changing culture of citizen journalism and the huge increase in people doing
or at least sharing autobio type material. Truly, it is exciting to see it all.

When I think back on footage I have captured and projects I have attempted. I remember
that time the cat tried to get in through the screen door. And that break documentary I
attempted that now rests as 40 GB's of material I really have to deal with soon.
What is one to do?
I even have recent footage of Alex I have yet to edit. Which reminds me I was going to 
edit that.
There's just so much by now. I doubt I would have to shoot anything else... because I could
just re collect what I've done already and reformulate it into something.
There's just lots and lots of stuff. I could cut from fencing with Jack to various conversations
with people, and quick clips I have taken as I go about my days.
I now have more than 1687 media items in iPhoto alone. A lot more of which, are now movies.
I could even take something I wrote, say in a blog, and re write it into a vague script and
edit with those ideas. Or perhaps discuss them in an mp3 or ogg file and post it then edit
with it later. The possibilities are astonishing.

Also, in my quest to get 'stuff' out there I have found a myriad of video upload sites...
the best I feel is the Internet Archive. But then there are the others, google video, youtube,, of the more recent to start offering services. 
I think the trend is very strong and I'm glad at least I have the chance to get stuff around
out there.

I should work on the side bar. I think if I place links to Entries of Note as well
as movies I should manage to hold more interest of random people whom find this.

I like it because it's essential pop up ad free as well as unlimited and with the Archive 
for back up.. everything is all good. 

I think from day one of the blog I had a key aspect of myself revealed. I had images of 
equations I was working out on a chalk board. .... I suppose I was recently thinking
about this one site that showcases different blogs from time to time and wondered if I could
make a vid to submit to them. What would that be? They say they want something that shows
who 'you' are? mm.

I watch other vloggers out there. And I see what they do. And I get their perspectives
but I don't see them doing what I do. And I could jump from playing guitar to composing,
and modeling 3D, to juggling and solving equations, programming simulations and back
to whatever else. ..  C'mon, there's gotta be some sort of catchy trailer I can make with
all this. Really.

1:33 AM
Hey I didn't realize I am near the beginning of vlog culture?!

Oh and hey there's this guy...
Piano with Balls (Juggling style)

Don't forget project Orange

12:54 PM
I get up to find the internet down. I also listen to the howling wind and wonder if
that has something to do with it.
Regardless, I have non net dependent things to do today. But I would appreciate getting

to write a story before the power gets knocked out... or maybe.... The net is down
because something expired. Like with the company. And I can't exactly check that here
can I?

3:04 PM
yes, the internet is still down.
I just got back from running 'errands' that I set up for myself. 

5:32 PM
Alex comes back and notifies me that the Router sometimes likes to shut off.
As soon as I bypassed the router and plugged straight into the modem things
worked. I like the thought I'm the only one on this modem right now.
Full speed access to download and upload of those movie files. 
It was prob. best for the day to find the net not working anyway.

Still, it reminds me things should be ironed out for bill paying for net services.

7:54 PM
I just started doing some Screen Saver LIke stuff and found easy ways to make them.
Anyone could! That is for the Mac OS X operating system.
I'm tempted to do a few and post them. I'm sure my family would appreciate yet another
way to see what is going on in my life.
I see no way around the whole... the movie file needs to be in the same location
namely.. ~/library/Screen Savers/MyScreenSaver.qtz
It's as easy as copy and pasting all the files into the same directory, but then some
people don't even like to do that much. So I could write a simple script that places
them into the proper place.... mm. 

8:13 PM
Oh it's been exciting tonight. I like the fact I can make a package for installation.
I'm loving the customization features. This is exciting. And to think so much cool
packaging for these mundane screen savers.

Look ma! I told you I'd make something out of myself... like a SCREEN SAVER!

10:16 PM
I hear the wind howling out side and i feel it important to post before I lose power.
But here's some images from the day...

Earliest Known Web Series.
I tried the difference matte but no luck. I started looking at the src and only vaguly understood. Alas, no special isolation effects yet.
I was having fun with lattice deformation. You would understand if you witnessed the way an object morphs inside of Blender. YES! Bike rack baby! More Images

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