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May 23, 2006

May 23, 2006 12:48 AM
I was reading through this old script I had written the first semester I came to
college. And I realized... "by the time your really in college, your just not thinking
about being in college" It's just natural.

Wow. I typed in Tourettes in the search bar at the top of this page and mine was the 
only post that came back. Wow. I could be the 'someday famous' Tourettes Web Guy.
I suppose that means I should speak more about it. Seeing as how there isn't a lot a material
in the blogger pages on the subject... OH WAIT A MINUTE.... if I type tourettes syndrome I find
a whole lot of them. Oh well. Nevermind.

Well what about a tourettes movie? Short doc.

tummy aches oh yeah I got those.

"Many kids with TS also battle depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and other things."

I recall getting upset over people not understanding this last semester. By people I mean
my former apartment mate Daniel. I wanted to say something but I couldn't. All I could
do was talk to myself as I walked away from the place one day.

You don't have a choice. Nothing you can do will change it. It permeates your existence.
Every choice.
He said things like if he had it he would find ways to avoid doing the behaviors. 
I think one was use the garage door rather than the main door (the checking thing)
But he doesn't get it. The fact that regardless of your choice you will tic. You will
re check. If you choose to use the garage door you will open and close it or perhaps
something of the sort. There is no way to 'decide' out of this condition. It is as much
a part of you as anything else.

Not having full control of my limbs all the time forces, at least 'I', to know just how
much of a machine I really am. As we all are regardless to what you 'believe'

Another blog...

You Can Change the world.
But first you have to realize that you can.
And you have to realize what it means.
For changing the world might be as simple as changing someone's mind 
at the right time. It might be as simple as identifying a 'jerk' and
figuring out the why and what can be done about it rather than go on
thinking, 'man that guys a jerk' 
One has to know that it 'is' possible to change bits of things.
It's possible to change pieces of everyday reality if you work 
at it. I might even change this town if I live here long enough.

2:45 AM
speaking of changing the world What about that ProtoCity?
yeah, start a proto city.
A place that a collective of robots have build dwellings,
raised produce and basically created a habit for a community
than allow whom ever to come and live?
And the catch?
Everything is monitored. If you do wrong you must leave.
It's like signing up to a certain code of rights.
I know this idea has it's roots else where if I could remember I could
give credit to the source. But I can not. I hope that in the court of law
the thought that I accept that it isn't mine but that I convey that fact
indemnifies me from a legal suit. Sounds like a common law case to me.
Ah that legal environment of business class still rings in my ears.

3:12 AM

I know people whom want to change the world.
But they all have their individual methods and ways for doing it.

I wonder to myself... am i doing what is necessary to succeed in that
contract? That 2014 Contract? 
Robotics Algo mathematics?

PiTalking AGAIN But with different Video host...

Watch the Video

12:13 PM Hey I went to bed and woke up. I sort of got into bed by the time the birds were chirping. I was pretty excited over things so I just wanted to keep at them. And that's prob. why I don't feel so tired right now. Well, I'm tech. tired but still excited so I'm off and running already. Speaking of which, I'm very unimpressed with the 10 MB sized compression. It turns out that if I work with the MPEG 4 settings for a while I can get a much highter quality images thought the file will be from 4 to 6 times larger. At least it's in a compression format that people can just play however. This doesn't change the fact I'd rather have it in Xvid or VP3. .. If your on windows and you want to play 'very nearly everything' KLite Mega Codec Pack Might be a good start. ... The antidote to computer issues today is not more point and click solutions.... but more knowledgeable people. Get Knowledgeable. I think about this while attempting to find some sort of plug in that will play Xvid inside of Firefox. And I'm like... grrrr. I suppose the whole Quicktime gets the codec and then plays it in firefox is alright... But still. .. 11:03 PM Considering it's 11:03 now I suppose I'll upload and post what I can. Finish off the day by wrapping things up nicely. I did walk out today. It was in the rain. It sufficed in making me wet and making me want to stay in more. I suppose I have just been in so much working on so many things... Screen Saver, audio, other stuff I can't remember, that time has just zipped by. I'm glad my journal is now so rich with media. It's mm Mmm good. Now to get someone to test my Mac OS X Screen Saver.... Download from Archive

The compress meshed up the message.
Only under this compress could I see the equation.
It takes a high quality shot to actually see the equation.
Relativity Proving from time to time.
Ah the basket Ball Equations... Math Exploration
It seems like blogger is eating half of my html files and not letting some text show. This is quick troble some. I'm very annoyed. Links to all files are here... Rest of files

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