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May 24, 2006

May 24, 2006 Wednesday 5:21 PM
It's good to have a rack. 
I just got back from Safeway with 2 bags of groceries and it worked beautifully
after I duck-taped this box to it. I used enough to make it fairly water proof just
in case I was going to use it for a while. 

I get to thinking about bike gears on the way home. I realize that the load I feel
is related to how fast the wheels themselves are turning and how many turns 
each time I pump the pedals is. I realize the mathematics might just be similar to the
whole if you move at one velocity and I move at another along side you than I notice
you move at a diff velocity that is the difference between ours. .. sort of...
I should look into it later.. but wasn't I suppose to work out Basket Ball stuff for
the big screen?

That could wait because I just made a break through earlier with the whole...
cross product thing and while sitting at the restaurant I got much further.
There's hope again to solve the Trebuchet range issue.

Welcome to chris world.. where the mundane becomes something more.

If I could go grocery shopping and talk about life metrics, fixing bath room scales,
better bike ride techniques, and otherwise point out that all the mundane stuff still offers
a lot of ground for thinking than perhaps people will finally catch on that their life don't
have to be that boring. Really.

6:02 PM
The internet is the true common ground for a World Wide Democracy.
It need only be harnessed by the people whom can see that it is the free land.
Or at least should be.

From an entry on 3/14/2006

"You know what I realized?
If you were to go back many many years ago and tell
them that in the future there will be devices
capable of capturing a bit of reality as it happens
than allow anyone to play it back at any later point
in time they would be truly astonished. 
Why aren't we?

It's so common that the full impact is masked from you.
The magic of the thing is hidden by the clumsy and 
common display of the technology everywhere we look.

I can see myself doing things later. I can allow my mind
to experience the event, the memory and then re experience
a portion of it again. Not only may I posses the memory
but also a record of me watching that memory unfold once

Soon the record becomes a part of the life that is lived. 
Feedback has a funny way of affecting things. I should
know this because I've become almost obsessed with it though
I can not rationally explain why. Maybe it is because I 
spent so much time believing my own gibberish about keeping
track of ones life and how that is suppose to have a 
special quantifiable meaning. I kept thinking that once it's
stuck there in some form it can be counted and registered.
If for no other reason that the fact that one of the most relaxing
moments of my day is when I sit down and pour it onto the 

We forget so much in our lives that unless we begin to keep
track we lose the very precious thing we thought we had.
Even if you thought you remembered a lot the only way to prove
you do is to record and compare with your own memory.

The records are the key to change. This belief rests firmly
on the assumption that change requires a clear vision of 
where you once where in order for you to establish a strategy
for the future. I know this because as I have written and worked
and re worked ideas and activities I have changed. And I know
because I can see this change. I see myself evolve and adapted
to fit the new conditions presented to me. But most of all, I see
the vast shift between what I once was and what I am to become. "

8:22 PM
I'm so close to putting together a real home biz. I should just
set up Cubical walls. I'm really putting the efforts in lately
but I think I'm quickly burning myself out.

Trade off between video and image files? It's better to do 
video files.

Welp, I'll be working on telecom this summer.
It isn't just drawn on there it's really graphed. Note equation.
From the screen saver I did.

Ah something worked finally.



Got Correct Codecs? VP3 Xvid Got Quicktime? Got OpenSrc Players? VLC Phew.. that's a lot of good stuff. Download it for best (if any) viewing.
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