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May 27, 2006 Saturday

May 27, 2006 Saturday 11:09 AM
Looks like I'm quickly missing my chance to do Blender Videos. It would seem
that other people are really getting the idea off the ground.
I suppose if I should go forward with Blender videos that I would be competing
against a lot. I guess that means that my unique style is the only thing that would
set me apart from their prof. skill as well as support in the community.
Obviously, I need to offer more than just those sorts of videos.
Will I be good enough? I'm not a 'professional' in the area. I'm not to concerned
because I really feel style goes a ways in this sorts of videos. But than I get
to thinking.... they are going to make a lot of money and I'll be thinking to myself
... dang that could have been me. But than I come to me senses and say, "My videos
are prob. not that details as what they are talking about." But hey, I'll still
do something.

I wake up remembering old high school lockers for some reason. It's not important.
A while later I get a call from a friend thinking me for being a visionary because
she was talking with someone else and they were telling her stuff wasn't possible.

Every-time there is a birthday I need to recognize I do some sort of video card.
It has become the norm these days. So, around the time I'm warned of fellow family
members birthdays, I begin to imagine what I could do. I seldom can do very
elaborate things. Though Brenna's birthday card was an intense sort of project.
I've made Starfish bounce for my friend Starfish. I've made cares flap for my sister.
I made a digital cake once for Dad and Zach. Don't know if they remember it.
What do I do now?
... The only other thing is that I don't want to miss getting to spend time with a
certain friend whom is leaving soon. So... really.. whatever I can do in the next
couple of hours of today...

I don't have a, "here's the url and license" card for my movie files. I think
tacking might help people find this place. I have been spending more time
enhancing the side bar to make it enticing to the random visiter.
Recently, I noted that for two days in a row, I have something like 10 visits
and I wondered if I kept putting up movies that I might get a third day of visits at
the same level. Course it will not continue but the fact that I got this many
visits anyway. Well, that's just unprecedented.
Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that they are always seeing the previous day.
No one can ever know what I do today until the tomorrow. 

Gotta stop embedding things inside the page too.

1:32 PM
Success. I did create something. It's something. At least something.
In the space of 2 or 3 hours I made a 2 to 3 min movie. Nice.
Every minute of movie time is like an hour of production time. Much more
if scripts and actors and CG is deployed.

Watch the Video

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