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May 28, 2006 Sunday

May 28, 2006 Sunday 2:58 PM

== to Blogger suport team from yesterday 2:58 (exactly 24 hours ago whoa)
I write my post in html complete with tags in a simple ASCII text editor.

I then past them into the post editor in Html

I can preview things fine much of the time, and
I can verify that my html code is correct BUT
when I try to post it returns an warning that my html is wrong and shows me my html code BUT WITH OUT the last half the
[msg can not be displayed]on my href links.

It seems to be eating my code.

It looks like the last part of my file is being hacked off through the posting process.
Because it's always the last part of the message BUT only when it's a href tag.

This is very frustrating and keeping me from posting links to the movies that I do.
Please help!

At what point do I throw in the towel? Do I ever? Or do I just keep thinking at some
later date. I suppose I just keep thinking considering I only got started on this
problem because I couldn't solve it years ago. Back in 2003 I came accross a volume I
wanted to find... but could not prove a result. I knew the answer though. I knew it becase
it had to be a certain way. It couldn't not be. But I could not prove it.
And the thing about it is... because I know the answer is analyitcally simple that means
any properly set up intergral to find it MUST be solveable. It must be exact and possible
to solve the integral that I set up.

It sticks in my mind that by the time I've set up the integeral I might be able to find it
somewhere. Looking up intergals in a table is a tried and true and somewhat respectable
method for quote un quote 'solving them' if someone else has, "Why should I?" Least that
is the genearl attuitude.

I fear I have not done another movie. And just when the hit counts were getting up there.
I'd hate to lose the momentum even though it is sort of meager. There isn't a day
that goes by when I don't think about doing a movie. However, I wish I could say I'll
continue this minor trend but once classes start it's very very difficult.

I never seem to put down any problem forever. It's just that now that I've been exposed
to such advanced mathematical methods I have to try them out on old ideas I coudln't get.
I've seen and continue to see the impact it's been having. I would never have been able
to make such progress on the trebuchet range equation. I'm so close. Really, I should just
go back to working on that one. Considering there is a real device waiting to be put
together and used.


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