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May 29 2006

May 29, 2006 Monday 2:13 PM
 I wake up for the second time today. ... The details behind the day will
not be fully discussed. Many of them will rest in a secret file along side this one.

But of thoughts that awoke with 2 stood out the most. 

The Power of Computer Science
I am not familiar with or can not think of a major with as much influence as
computer science does as soon as students get somewhere with in it. 
The power that is bestowed upon those whom walk the CS path has immediate impact on
society. If not in real moves and actions than on the potential to become either
a threat or a god send. What other major could have as much immediate strength.
Business majors must build experience. Physics majors know but do not possess materials.
Computer Science majors can immediately apply their knowledge to the net for better or
for worse. And who are these people? Most of them not much different in ethical
standards from the rest of us. 

 Is this need for worry? Computers permeate our environment. Shouldn't we be
 more careful whom picks up on these skills? But then again, one could teach themselves 
from scratch all of it. That's just it. It doesn't matter what the organization does
to 'teach' people. It can all be learned alone. Especially given the fact, that the 
information is out on the net already. 

Social World
The social growth I underwent in this last semester was tremendous.
I look now at other people and see more than I ever did before.
Before I was inclined to just glance on by but now I can finally associate
a bit of myself with those all to common human tendencies. 
I speak mainly of the way they socially interact. And how couples tend to
behave. I understand. 
I think my learnings this semester have filled a void. I know now and since 
I've learned I can rest more peaceably and more deeply.
I am not a fellow driven to go after anything.
Not someone wanting to gain.
But I am now balanced a bit more in the great arena that all creatures 
seek balance in.

Vague? You bet.

2:32 PM

===written yesterday

This coin? Fiat Money. Just one tool that civilization
uses to build it's economy.
The idea.
The incarnation.
The telling sign that there's a greater monster at work.
A system.
Noting more.
But people tend to romanticize the dollar, the coins, gold and silver.
But they're useless alone.

A persons a person..
all of wealth is but a single number... nothing more..
And yet merely realizing that fact will not pull anyone out
of their economic entrapment.

 8:28 PM
I think it degrades the quality of movies if you try to do one a day.
I think that some of the powerful of spreading them out is that you could
re envision your life with added effect. For example, perhaps spending a few
days to turn a walk around the house into an artistic matrix style warped
thing. ... I think it would come across better visually.

I had no idea I would have such new material to draw from when I first awoke.
I lots more stuff to edit but I wont' be doing it today I don't think.

11:07 PM

Best to be off with today. I could write but I will not.

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