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May 31 2006 Backish

May 31, 2006 Wednesday 9:34 PM
I'm proud to say I finally got some sleep.
I've been up far to much for the past few days.
And it feels good to type in a relaxed state for once.
It's easy to get to distracted with people leaving and classes
But once I'm past this first week I'll have adjusted to the work load
and be back to (hopefully) fulfilling my destiny.

Hopefully, I won't forget about all the little side adventures I can have
this summer between setting up meetings with people and
making all the new cool stuff I can make. But first essays, artist
research and other things.
And finding out why things will not post.

== mail to Daniel ==========================================
Hey, I found some mail for you
(days after it came) in the mail box
which I finally remembered to check.

From Wells Fargo 
How does forwarding it to you work? Or do I say something else?

Your Change of address IS in effect and working properly I think.
(I got their confirmation letter)

so this stray piece of mails is just awkward and out of place.

What do you want me to do?


ps I'm in another philosophy class with the same guy talking about

10:21 PM
This is really comedic. I started sketching how I was going to make
this claw hammer. And then I was like... you know I'm just going to 
blender it. And so I did and it was much faster nicer and cooler.

11:40 PM
It's strange being in art class. I have flash backs of that Doug Cartoon.
I have flash backs to High School Ms. Kenwood. 
It's strange. And I dont' get the whole 'art thing' yet.
Which is better than before when I had absolutely no clue.

welp I can't seem to find out what is wrong.
I do know regular flash player embeds are fine.
I have problems with archive links and embeds I write.
The next time a problem comes up I'll figure it out with BBEdit and a stiff 

To bad I lost all that traffic.

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