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May 4 2006

May 4, 2006
=== letter to mom for no particular reason
I find I'm getting used to this college thing.
I feel I've come quite a ways in understanding
a lot. And lately things have been quite mathematical.
I think it was because I woke up and examined this grapher

There isn't more than a week or so that goes by when
I"m not thinking about doing some sort of explain math
movie. It should happen but the sticky issues of the subject
always get to me.

There is no real money in current day application development.

However, embedded systems pay upwards of 50,000 dollars a year.
I however, absolutely hate the notion of working for someone
else. I know this because in the few places I have worked for
others up here I've hated it. And I feel strongly that I'll
simply have to work something out on my own. I'm that driven.

That's why it's nice to know I'm gaining all these lovely
new useful skills.

Need any mathematical stuff explained? C'mon. Try me.



Academia stifles me in other ways. Why else would I try to
teach myself ODE?

is wes here for summer?

Therimn Effect and Star Trek Positional finding

floor plates rings and how they all effect each other.
reminds me of particle accelerator detectors
Tolerances, orders of magnitude, Is it feasible?

Patrick and Jessica (not couple by name)
when couples fight. was the idea for the short scene.
They really do fight in a fencing manner.

I ran through ideas for the short thing.
Thought about doing a few cg tests.
CG target
computer scan line effect
some dialog
they handle the choreography
idea presented plus minor demo.
9:00 PM

10:33 PM
I don't know what to say then. Lab didn't go as planned.
Apparently, I can't work with Op Amps. Though all was for
not when I realized I could just stuff a voltage divider
and get the voltage levels between 0 and 2.5. So now I'll
just write a program that takes in the value and...
well the whole thing was originally to make a M. Wire clock
but if I need the computer just to get the wire to go up
and down... then it isn't a clock. At this point using
the photo meter to ... time a falling object seems the
only feasible solution. I can't really continue to wrestle
with any new fangled ideas. I might as well see what I can
do with this photodetector and call it a day. Or week or in
this case a Physics 316 lab. I'll have 2.5 projects done
if all goes well... and many false starts and dead ends which
I'll make mention of.
I keep waiting on doing the write up. Maybe once I do it I'll
feel like I really deserve enough points to pass.
yeah pass.
I have this headache all because I missed a single wire.
That stupid BUSGIVE. .. regardless, I'm definitely getting
touretic lately. It happens when I'm stressed. I've got
the tension in my head. I think the only remedy is just to
study and know that I'm doing what I should in order to make
things go smoothly. Only it's hard in that arena as well.

I'm glad that the end of academic math is so near. It won't
fully hit me till after finals... but it's nice to know that
the rest of my mathematics WILL NOT be forced in any way.
It will be 'I' whom decides what to learn and what to enhance.
I will finally be free from this mess of requirements.

That marble I rolled at the skate park was very anti climatic.
The flatness at the bottom of the ditch didn't offer much to
the imagination. It would have been cool to see the marble
fly up on the other side of the cement depression.
But oh well. I felt a bit unwanted as I walked on there with no skate board,
no bike, no roller blades. Just some strange guy with a back pack.
The guys didn't say anything though. All the same.

order of finals from easy to difficult
STAT      - easy
ARCH      - easy but requires a bit of work ahead of time
TELECOM   - should I study for a class in which I'm failing? Prob yes but
           only an act of god will save me at this point
PROG LANG - Lots of memorization to be done, but feasible
PHYSICS   - HARD and hard to study for.... but not as worth as much as the
           lab (which I'm attempting to pick up enough points now)

Testing the Photodetector. Glad that I had that key chain light. What what could save me now?

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