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May 6 2006

May 6, 2006 Saturday 1:51 PM
I get up. And I start typing the physics report. 
There's lots to write but it should be a fun process.
Working hard will clear my head. But it's also good to
have had a relaxing vacation. I was really losing it.
My cool that is.

Ourmedia allows one to put audio files up (my dialogs that stuff one could listen
to on the road) 
Can't find that Creative commons explanation movie. I want to link to it.

His timing and use of text, balance with motion really comes together to present
an entertaining yet informative visual. I could only hope to be as good as that
I note recently the powerful effect a movie has when it brings a piece together
with the right audio and the right visual. I specifically note the Cha-Chang of 
the firing bullets in Lord of War. THe sound and video in that clip present
a powerful message to the viewer. It's a message that sticks with me and continues
to make it's point.
I suppose I make note of my admiration's so that later when I mention something I 
did like it I'll know where the original ideas spawned from.

Came to realize that the most important things of the day were the thoughts.
Those would live on. I became somewhat or a bit obsessed with gathering them
to save for another day. 

... I wish that I wasn't up as late the other night. For I would have gone.
Because I would have done my work sooner and then been in bed on time to 
get up for the exhibits. I feel so bad about it. And I knew I was going to feel
like I had missed out. But... I wanted to be rested for today for i have much 
much write for classes and study.

I know not why the link below doesn't always work

hosted on the Internet Archive 
See it There

9:49 PM
Feels good to make a little progress every day. 
Things it a bit more out there.
And a bit more fun all at the same time.

This was the page I found the movie I wanted to copy over to other places
so it had a better chance of viewing.

Building on the Past by Justin Cone.

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