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May 7 2006

May 7, 2006 Sunday 4:29 PM

I was tired but I couldn't nap. I just knew I couldn't so I had to
just go about my day. I got up and went out to make an
effort to print up reports and gather information I need for

The library was quite a hopping place. I saw Jackie, and Rosie,
and others. And outside of the library I walked by while a
stressed Anikia was conferring with Juliet. Didn't know they
knew each other.

I forgot to invite Joy to something. I had better remind myself
to tell her later. Hence, why I mention it here.

It turns out that gcc -s name nameoffile.c return assembly lang
code. Fun stuff.

Where shall I go now? I have not fed myself today yet. I haven't
felt very hungry. I suppose I could try walking to starz or
perhaps... well I don't know what I feel like that's just it.
4:34 PM

6:44 PM
Without a working printer I had to walk out. I didn't expect to spend so much
time in a small side trip. I wanted to say hi to Kristina at the info desk and
I was tired so I didn't want to be on my way so soon.
Liz came down and was going to go into the Sauna. I had never been in one
so I decided to tag along. I was sitting there reviewing notes for the
programing language test when I realized a resident could have one guest.
So I got to be a guest. Geesh, didn't think I would actually sweat. Now I know
the feeling of being in a Sauna.

And to think me doing all this without a working camera. Would have been some
fun images.

Ack. A Combination of lack of sleep, hi stress and lots of work has made me a bit
ill. ... dang.

10:10 PM
Nice to know I can upload all kinds of stuff. I'm not contained by file time
anymore. This is good. I think I woke up today and solved for the quadratic
equation, but before that I had to remember how to complete the square.
And I did. And then I picked a nice convergent sequence using the geometric series
to illustrate what a limit really is. I'll be using coinage and explaining why
under a certain payment scheme I'll never have to give more than 1.99 even though
the series is infinity. In continuing with the theme I'll present the ol' basket ball
deal. I had never worked that one out before now. But I grabbed my B Ball and
let it bounce out in the garage not long after completely calculations. I was nearly
correct. 16 rather than 14 bounces before there was convergence or rather any sign
of convergence.

Back to studying. I suppose.

Hey, I might not have had the standard pictures of the day but at least I have these short tron like renders I just made. Ah, there is still something to be said about wire frame. :)

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