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May 9, 2006

May 9, 2006 Tuesday 4:15 PM
Final can rest for the moment. Though I must tend to many
things I can relax and cool off before having to get to 

I've caught another bit of a cold. And my face is a bit sun burnt from
yesterday. That's why the shower I got to take felt so good.

As I walked in the door on my way back from my Phototransistor physics lab
I found an envelope with the necseary instructions and lease information to
verify that the place will be ours. (Alex and I) I e mailed Alex immediately
and went on line to await for perhaps a more immediate reply. 
I'm sure he'll be glad to hear the news. 

I find it strange that the land lord continues to make note of the A.S.A.P on 
papers when it was her whom was behind at getting papers to us.

I know not what to say. I felt the burn of not having my graphing calculator
when I really needed it. And my camera for that matter. I got on campus and
attempted a couple of phototransistor experiments so I could write just that much
more up to get points. I really need them. I wanted to finalize all of the report
so that I could print it up tomorrow and turn in. 

I have Arch homework to work on... I'll prob. sit down with it and learn more 
about computer architecture than the whole semester together.

There was quite a bit of mathematics in the last 24 or 48 hours.  
From Hair Density to drink draining with a straw and growing a square,
and that basket ball from the other day.

I realized late last night that I really need to film my explanations of 
what I work on in order to capture the moment and the ideas for later.
I'm most excited at the time but it's harder and harder to come back and
make the same sense of it. So, recording the explanation of what I worked on 
is a new tactic then I could re work it give visuals, formalize and explain
much better. 

There was also a nice small slew of photo transistor projects I worked on in 
the lab today. All of my own design. It's good to have some final things to write
to round off the project with at least 2 successful results. I can write about all
the other stuff I attempted. 

I've been nearly typing non stop for a good deal of time now.
Even when I stopped writing the physics reports I started IMing in order
to arrange plans with Alex to pick up the spare key.
Also briefly chatted with Anika.  

I wanted to make a post before it got to late.

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