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May 18, 2006 Thursday 1:45 PM

Go watch Kismet!

And perhaps Cog...

Or What up the leg lab?

Yep, Are you getting it yet? MIT is the place.

2:14 PM
There are a lot of reasons to feel tired. But I don't think most of them apply
to me. It's like I'm in a cross between being tired or slash and just being
relaxed. I have something I think a friend of mine would like me to work out and
in order to be prepared for perhaps a visit tonight I should 'do my homework'

Should I get to it.... and once done my lethargic will evaporate or perhaps take
a nap and have the same thing happen? The thing about that is my experience tells
me that if I do get to work I generally wake up, and secondly I can make the most
of the day. So my decision? Perhaps, I'll lay down... stare at the ceiling pick
up my note book and make calculations than get up with out even sleeping.
Well, I'll see what happens. Might even want to make sure to see what is going on 

8:48 PM
It's best just to do the things now because who knows how I will feel about stuff later.
So, I ate dinner with Linda and Starfish and I discussed what we needed for the catapult,
and prob. by tomorrow she will have the stuff there and the final assembly can begin.
And then the first trial run. Yet, I still haven't managed to complete the distance calculations
for the thing. They are very complex and I am not sure how to handle the discontinuous angle

After riding back home and chatting with Alex (the new apartment mate) I sit here
pondering over things. Partially wondering where Joy was as I had stopped by her place
on the way home from D Street and I couldn't find her. 

10:00 PM
Finished editing a version of the PiTalking movie

And decided to try out some codecs

From MPEG 4
prob. plays on your machine already. although
And to quote there site as of May 18 2006
"Where video is not offered for remuneration, however, no additional royalty is payable. Advertising or promoting one’s own products is not treated as a remunerated use for which royalties are payable; neither is personal consumer use (e.g., in connection with a video teleconference)."
remuneration - money paid for work or service

That's good to know so that I can do a movie that basically says "GO get these codecs"
and have people be able to watch it by using MPEG 4 than I can have all the sellable
materials under free codecs and I'm good. 

And the good ol VP3
Get the VP3 component for Quicktime
and then Xvid another Open Source alternative

PiTalking Yeah, one of the worst explanations of how to find pi. I didn't do much in the way of actually making it understandable by anyone... but I did it mainly to have fun jump cut editing the way the askaninja series does it. ... I'll agree that it isn't best rate material but I'll remark it isn't what I was going for. It was fun to just shoot and edit up something. Perhaps, to re use in a different form later or play with by applying effects of some sort. Or maybe re writing or figuring out a way to really explain the material and compare the differences in form and clarity. I may even try to portray different styles... from that historic narrative, to the overly CG-itized flashing graphics version or just the figures on paper while explaining things carefully ideal of calm and careful information sharing. ... eh Regardless the short 4 min movie "PiTalking" rests here for anyone to view and boggle at. Enjoy.
Got Correct Codecs? VP3 Xvid Got Quicktime? Got OpenSrc Players? VLC Phew.. that's a lot of good stuff. Download it for best (if any) viewing. For the movie in other formats check out the Archive
Should I do Poetry? Didn't I put something up here once before? I tend to italize poetic things. Well, a friend of mine has written a lot of poetry. I recall and english teacher of mine, saying poetry was almost even higher order communication because of the way the words were encoded. Or maybe that became my view and I can't remember how he worded it because it was something like 1998 or so when i last had that guy as my teacher. I'd dedicate a grammar program I'm thinking of writing to him. Speaking of writing a program. There isn't really a use for the ol Text Embed scheme due to the wonderfu wonderful Internet Archive. A place that is quickly becoming my digital savior. More power to you sweet web archive! ... but anyway, should I write poetry? I shall? Or Shall I? Not. Write these words In manners of incoherant artistic quality. Shall I? Or shall I not? Write without regard for the rigors and conformity of the Language Why not? I have been wanting to shoot a movie with very powerful poetic dialog. Now if only I could come up with a powerful poem to use....

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