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May 3, 2006 Wednesday 9:35 PM Tired Out (I thought to much)
I must have thought way to much today for I have
really tired myself out. I want to take a nap right now
and just forgot about the current projects I need to work
on. But then again... sometimes it's because I have projects
it makes me feel tired. Man. I don't know what to do anymore.
It might be allergic reaction to something in the air.
Or could it have been that I really didn't rest at all today?
I was pretty much leaping from one idea to another the whole
day and was on my feet thinking. And perhaps that relaxing
feeling had earlier was just because I was so tired.

Regardless, I did a lot today.
I wake up about an hour and a half before my first class.
I don't know why I can't fall back to sleep so I get up.
And find out that the in computer grapher is a very very powerful
program. Very useful.
I go to Telecom lab to find my group members. I had placed
some stuff together earlier and wanted to see what was going on.
Even though I am not passing the course I felt responsible for
making sure things were taken care of. I have not found another
draft of the report yet. So I have nothing to add to at the moment.

Alex makes me nervous when he says he doesn't have the money in a form
that can be offered to the Land Lord. And I get nervous when they
haven't delivered another paper to sign yet. We had signed things.
And I'm told things are 'in order' but as of yet it's not all nailed
down. I'd like to be done with this process as well as the PG & E
problem. Please.

It's annoying when I'm so tired I want to just not write about
what I thought about. But then I would feel worse to not have
recording the ideas of the day. But now I fear I've forgotten
the majority of them. Or at least lost contact with. That troubles
me often when I'm thinking mathematically for a long time and
I lose the initial excitement when I actually have to go through
with the task of recording the ideas. I always lose something
and can't seem to recover the initial excitement of discovery.
It's to bad really. One day I may get over that problem.

I know I had lots of time to be up and about after that first class
so I hung around on campus thinking over ideas. I thought I made
a lot of progress on the y = x and what it meant on the graph for it
divides the first Quadrant into equal to , greater than and less than and
I managed to come up with an example of how I could exploit that
fact. I managed to solve x = sin(x) with out any special methods other
than the realization of where the y = x line intersected the function
y = x hence that is where y = x , y = sin(x) are equal.  x = sin(x)

The idea I mostly harped on was the fact x wasn't just a meaningless
variable, but the line at a 45 degree angle. Or all the squares in the
universe, or a 45 45 90 triangle. Seeing the different things come
together was .... well thrilling. And I had a discussion with the
STAT prof. (Guy Adams) afterward. I asked why integration was so
difficult, and he offered that it was possibly because their were
no analogues to the chain and product rule of differentiation.

It's not problems its explorations really. And I felt there was some
interesting material there. It will be lost if I don't transform it
into a more lasting form. It reminds me of that pi talking was doing
a while back. Hadn't edited that yet but I want to.

A side note of the day. Glenn as playing guitar and I stopped to listen.
He imparted some knowledge to me about scales and I got to go scan
in a page of different scales. I noted the fact that their were quarters
on the guitar case. A friend had thrown them down there I suppose.
They were the quarters I used to make copies of the sheets.
As I walked to the library I noted how interesting the fact that the
quarters their were helping someone else understand the finger board
of the guitar better. I also noted the fact that as soon as I took his
paper and agreed to bring it back after copying it I was entering into
a verbal contract and I knew I could not deviate from my course.
I didn't really like the feeling but I made sure to be quick and return
with his paper.

I went to go build a circuit after that. I found the room very full.
And noted that it was the PIC chip class. I confirmed my design with
the professor and started harvesting the chips from the side wall
to build a photodetector gizmo for my next project. I think I may have
four after I'm all done with this class. 4 projects I mean. And I just
so happen to have 4 dividers in the binder I'm using so it works out.
I need to write them up before I forget more. But I'm sort of woozy right
now still. It's annoying. It's like sort of a head cold.

Hey, I recall now. I like that Business Genesis talk. I was speaking
with Jacob about the fact we have skills that can turn some relatively
inexpensive devices into fairly nice things and how we could capitalize
on the matter. he was interested and we are both up here for summer.
This is a good thing. Also, there is going to be an empty garage.
I could just see someday doing the business genesis story. I fantasized
about the possibility as I walked home that day.

In the last class of this very thoughtful day, I found my grades out all
except for the final 72/100 82/100 46/50  x/150  and that will be my
grade in the class. That means 92/150 on the final or a .613 on the final
and I'll pass the course. So it looks likely as long as I study.

alright, best be on other things.
10:06 PM

I step into class to build the next thing I need for my next project. I drew up the schematic myself. (blocky thing in the note book) Alas, just as one thing is completeled I must start on another in a mad effort to make up for all the points I lost during the labs. Jacob looks over his stepper motor project. And demos it's forward, reverse and positional capabilities. It's very whoa. Glenn plays guitar outside the art buildings. Tim, a knowledgeable fellow from telecom, doesn't know why I'm taking a picture. Glenn caught me eating my standard sandwitch during the day.

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