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I'm a Polymath [Mov: Hair Cut]

June 30, 2006 Friday 12:02 AM I'm a Polymath

Hair Cut

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Short. Simple. Hair Cut Before and After.
I think there is a fundamental difference in attitude between the person whom goes, "I'm done with work, school and now I have nothing to do" Versus the "I'm done with what is required of me now what was the next thing I wanted to try?" One attitude may quickly lead to boredom. The problem with the other is that their are times when rest is really what is required but is put off because of the attitude. ... SEGMENT OFF RECORD ... The more people I meet the more I find the agony people are in in one thing or another. Maybe there really is something to being a good person. I sure hope that people don't take my words wrong. I'd best finish all my ...'s and place a disclaimer on what ever I write when I know what I write could be taken the wrong way. Ah yes, I met Vanessa last night briefly. Just long enough to remember her name. .... Never had I met someone whom was so affect by my writing. This isn't Vanessa, an acquaintance in passing, this was Leah. She told me she reread my other essay a few times and it really speaks to her I suppose. It's a strange feeling when you know your writing as affects someone. Strange. 11:02 AM I'm not a genius, I'm a polymath and 'jack of 'many' trades, master of none' You know polymath. See wiki def "(from Greek "polys" meaning "much", great in quantity; and "mathese" meaning "learning"); is a person who excels in multiple fields, particularly in both arts and sciences." 11:27 AM It's funny how I found this place once before but I lost it and I could remember thinking... I want to go back and read those interesting essays from that place I found once. And I FOUND it again! I think it's funny how my journal now has HTML written into it. I aught to try viewing it with a browser. 11:48 AM You can tell when I'm just up and searching about on line when I'm listing my commentary on links I find. I figure if your going to walk around the web why not walk the wiki web? It's better that way. At least someone is encouraged to check and change things. At least. By the way, I searched journal and what I read on the page felt ghostly familiar to what I was thinking. mmmm 12:12 PM I'm thinking about the duck down edit. And the forward rewind commentary edit style. mmmm interesting. I note them so that I may come back and think of them later. ... Don't you get it? If I feel a type of vacation is 'getting away from people' than I could stay here. See? I'm saying that if everyone else decides to go take a vacation than my relativity I'm away from people. But I'm still around all the tools I need to really think and enjoy myself. Isn't that great? 3:25 PM Got back from a fairly long bike ride. It was all over the place and included stopping in to eat but seeing none of the regular people though I did go by a few places. 20763 words since June 1, 2006 5:00 PM Left a comment on this fellows log


Nostalgia Junkie [Mov: Leah Visits]

June 29, 2006 Thursday 12:54 PM Nostalgia Junkie

I was called a Nostalgia Junkie by her.
I suppose I am but I think it's much much more.

Leah Visits

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June 29, 2006 Leah visits and I wasn't going to post it until I did this very strange editing job on it. And then I was like... mm it's worth putting up anyway.
I've been doing some interesting work with animating some map visuals and tentacle animations. I think the map potential is very large. I got the lead out and started really animating map visuals after I realized how great a case it was to use a map under fair use. And on top of that I altered and changed it enough to be an entirely different thing. Very cool stuff. I like the green glow radar feel to it as well. And once I mix it in with some regular footage of the locations I'll have what I was always dreaming of. ... so cool. I've been reinvigorated to mathematicalize the bike slowing mechanism. I realized the size of the thing might require a very large assembly.
2:52 PM The Day.
There's some good will toward me. I was a bit sad and trying to figure out what to do to get my cement sculptures home and trying to decided how to handle the process. And a few of the females noticed my situation and the perplexed sad face I was wearing. And one of them came forward and offered me a ride with my sculptures and it was such a relief. Philosophy class got out early on this final day. And now I'm left with the decision to write a final paper. I think I'd feel best to write but not worry over turning anything in. I could write a letter about how I saw the choice and that I was making something else with the idea. I note the motion capture of camera is a good job to put the pic chip to use. And Electronic puppets. I could rig Blender together with pySerial and figure out what needs to be done. I could build a model of the Rotational momentum breaking device. I have a worry that the end result might not be that impressive. The treb. wasn't exactly as far as I might want. I still don't know if equations predict it. I remember being a bit struck with the ol basket ball throwing equation. That wasn't very far. 2:57 PM So what do I do now? I'm a bit hot but not tired because I didn't have to walk. I'm sort of feeling stat-icy. I'm glad that movies download much much faster with regular high speed net. I'm just not able to see it or upload with that sort of speed. Which reminds me about the possible of burning to disc and uploading at school. Interesting. ... This is not REAL life. This is the finger print of your life. Here you are free stop rewind replay your lifes events. Here you glimpse yourself as you are You examine where you are, how you have progressed and re evaluate yourself on the rubric of your wishes This is the exoskeleton, this is the husk you leave behind when you die. Text, Imagery, motion, sound, emotion, This is your inventory of life and your trace on times eye. -list DUSK MASK hair cut Powell Eval mary 12th and B 14somethign reddish house? near gully ... I just recently found out I have all these e mail replies that I never thought were going to happen. Josh Leo, Vince from some music show. Amazing.


Those Playground Days

June 28, 2006 Wednesday 12:16 AM Those Playground Days

Those Playground Days

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It's good to be able to look back at those great times in your life in full motion video.
I note my relaxed state right now. Should I just go to bed? I'd thoughtfully fall to sleep. Probably. Or should I write out my thoughts on geometric constructions and circle equations? I started thinking and came to convince myself that all you need to do geometeric constructions were the circle formula and the distance formula and you could designate all the rest of the points of any figure from that. Because the circle formula is the compass and the distance is the relevant information from the striaght edge. It made sense to me. Just a whole lot of analytical geometry solving. I was working on this mechanial device. More like analyzing it. And stayed vaguely interested. I noted different things about it. I only began to sketch out the equations. I contemplated the difference between the methodology of drawing out the figure out key points and relating equations together. The current art research project is on outsider art. I have a feeling that's where I would be placed. That's if my ideas are a bit out there enough to make it there. .... I contemplate whether or not I want to annotate my earlier journalings. mmmm 3:00 PM Arts finishing up. It's Lindas Birthday today. She's having surgery... mm And philosophy class has reached it's final point. 9:57 PM I'd say in general this is the first summer that it's really cool to be up here. Other summers had moments but they also had a lot of agony... and this time it's been great kicks and enjoyable bike rides. Recently, the apartment-mate hands me his half of the rent. And I'm a bit surprised. I guess the whole electronic balancing deal will not be done anymore. That just means more checks are written at least 'one' extra check. Haven't spoken to him yet about it and I can accommodate the change but I felt a little special knowing I was part of the only apartment that submitted calculated rent checks. It would be sad to see it go. After a cool bike cruise all around I came to D street after all. Linda was still drugged in the hospital. That sucks to have that happen on a birthday. I ate my dinner at the house and got to say hello to Starfish. Hadn't seen her in a while. Actually, Lacy was out walking to the store as I was on my way about. And I stopped and walked my bike along side her. I do not know for sure but I'm suspect to hint that we might not be on the best terms. I get that vibe from her. So, I tend not to bother her anymore... well ever since the 'i didn't return movies for like a month ordeal' And when I finally did drop them off I noted her expression and manner and after that I was like.. "I'm staying away." I see the page view activity has steadied and stopped growing. Well, it had stopped growing for a long time. I'm saddened by it... just a bit. Well, I still have hopes that someday I'll have a popular web movie collection. I have a feeling that requires a lot more effort in the useful and entertaining department. As a matter of fact, I also note I haven't been doing much of what I described in the description of this web log. Sure I've thought about things but... but I haven't done them. Sure I've thought but I have yet to post a movie high lighting that. I feel like playing a harmonica and singing blues style about the lack of net interest in my pages. I can't blame people though.. there's really nothing there. It's my journal. And it's morphed during the entire time I've kept it. Huge strides were had and it's solidified into something that resembles more of a public speaking voice. Yet. It remains mine. Who are the movies for? Who is this journal for? The answers to the question determine how I create material. I know it is 'I' that is most affected by doing the movies. I know it is 'I' that bears the interest in my own life. I can rewind and relive those little moments that I have captured and forged. I could take the 119 or somewhat posts and build deductions about who I really am and where I'm really going. I'm torn between issues. I'm torn between wanting to keep content constant and wanting to make it good. The two don't always get along. And I've avoided the standard of ... this is what my day is in a movie .... a lot of the time. And I think, "C'mon it's for me after all I want to remember these things... " Today was painted with moments of joy and paint speckles of disdain. I'd say good and good things happen but then I remember other things. It's like someone takes a spoon and stirs the thoughts in my brain until it turns that color that finger paints did when you mixed them all together when you were a kid. Least I did. You no longer notice the individual colors but the over all blend. And while I say the over all blend is bright I know there are spots of black in there. And the thing about it all is... once it's all together you'll never get that black out. Life just remains slightly off bright.

Oh and Happy Birthday Linda!


Floating Floss

June 27, 2006 Tuesday 11:08 PM Floating Floss

Floating Floss

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It was like I need to do my art reports so I wasn't going to go editing some past footage. And then I was like... mmm something a bit strange 'did' happen today. I guess I'll go film it and post it. And so I did. How mundane... but interesting.
These guys did real good work. It puts my cloning to shame. Watch their movie Send in the Clones
Note I added: I laughed even harder the second time I watched it. Lots of good stuff going on in this. The force pull of the gun was totally un expected and reaction of the other guy is perfect for that. Believable props, good edits nice use off the twirl blur. That is 5 star work my friends. Philosophy battle Cry. Every question requires one more thought than you give it. I was walking through a parking lot while thinking about it. Philosophy the UnDone Daily Chore
The Problem of Whom Says What Quotaions Quotations when will citation freaks learn. Really? 4:42 PM Who's the Villan? 2 short stories where the hero in one story is the villan in the next. Just a story idea. 5:48 PM It's not a good idea to attempt a movie everyday. Really. Tis better to a wait a well finished sort of product and then produce it. I'd trade in quanity for quality. I just wish that would still keep people coming back. Really. .... 8:02 PM After a bike ride to a small rusty and cob webed playground. .... I did a hum test to see how much the ceil BASS line would come accross on my sound track. I suppose anything I really want a clean track on I'll have to do at other times. I guess I'll just have to get over it. ... go on and create with out caring. 10:57 PM After a quick film and edit of the floating floss I decided to contine attempting to complete the art reports due very soon.


June 26, 2006

June 26, 2006 Monday 10:35 PM

Combo Edits

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What do you get when you use an L Cut (previously featured) and a cutaway in the same edit? A smooth transition.
10:39 PM As I wait for my movie to upload to the various server places I serve movies from I contemplate the fact that any sudden motion causes my head to really hurt. Once I get a headache during the day it's with me until I wake up the next morning. I'm nearly down with the final art projects. And I have the putty stuck to my hands to show it. It's stuck right under my finger nails. I figured if I had a headache I'd just try and relax and hang out with friends. And I had to go to the market to pick up dinner. So, I biked out and Leah is on the way so I hung around there and then came back after a brisk ride. Pumping the pedals on my way back for the night really hurt. It felt like two hammers would swing down and hit me in the head with every heart beat. Man. I need to re read my journal. Really.


New Juggling Friend [Mov: Fluid Sim]

June 25, 2006 Sunday 1:01 AM New Juggling Friend [Mov: Fluid Sim]

Fluid Sim

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And I woke up and I said, "Hey I haven't done a fluid sim in a long time" So I did.
==== To Dad ============================================= Go back to that time when I was home for a spell. And I was showing that I had finally encountered Blender. And I was at my desk while family watched... seeming quite bored. I asked what shall I make? And you said scissors Make scissors. And alas, I flubbed and could not. But today... Today my fellow father... I can produce said scissors... much under an hour and even more so... rig those scissors and animate those scissors. I have done it. And this world still has not seen the depths of my new found creativity with my most beloved open source program of all time. -chris ====================================================== 3:32 PM Peace? If you don't see good or evil. How do you fight with? I watched a documentary on Neoconservatism and how religion is mobilized in order to make policcal change. It's leverage. It it preys on the kind of mind that glues itself to religion. I would be afriad to state what I believe about religion these days. I'd be afraid to begin an idealogoly after watching a documentary about how one came to start all these massive conquests. If we ever needed people to think. To really think. We need it now. 11:04 PM I have movie clips of the most historic thing I did today. Pass clubs with another person. It's cool. Now I have a juggling friend. The essay took the bulk of the day and I have art research to do so I'd best get to that. I did succeed in producing two short movies today. I begin... Editing and sometimes shooting most movies between 8 and 12 at night. These are the editing hours. Maybe not even for voice over work since my apartment mate tends to bounce BASS through the roof. I could live with it though. I'm growing a liking for the shorter movies. The under a minute crowd. I can produce a few in one day and then use them over the course of the week. And I'm just starting to get the hang of expressing one main idea with in the limited time frame.


Go Back 30 Years [Mov: Dress Funny]

June 24, 2006 Saturday 2:50 AM go Back 30 Years [Mov: Dress Funny]

Dress Funny

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I don't have a twin but I do enjoy a quick clone here and there.
People don't realize it. The fact all the bits of images and writings and entries that accumulate give them a certain power. If used to the effect I have in mind it would be as though you could re envision your life.. but place emphasis on how you wish it. Perhaps rather than mundanely remembering an outing with a friend... you could transform the images and movie clips into something else. Pretend, that we were getting a look into the memory process rather than just the plain blankness of the original imagery. Wouldn't that be fascinating? It might. I contemplate trying it as I look at the angelic pictures I have now. 11:46 AM Turns out when you compress a full 640 by 480 image it's still reasonably small. I tested it out here
mmmmm Full Quality.. or near full quality. Least a larger screen size. It might be cool for certain movies where I want to show off a lot of details. The problem with it is that you have to go to the file. A lot of the viewers on line force you to see it smaller than it is. === to Philosophy Prof. ======================================== I'm having trouble writing this. ... I'm working on quote number two and when you mention "philosophical abstraction" I'm not sure what your referring to. Could one type be using 'definitions' as an ideal way to categorize examples? Could another be the whole 'I'll make a broader statement about how I see the world' and use that to undermine the whole issue before I really work on it? I'm just not clear on philosophical abstractions and I'm having many other troubles. I even think I might have had ideas for quote 3 and maybe I should have selected that one. Dang it. Any words of encouragement? Dang. I'll go for a walk with a note pad and come back to write later. -chris =========================================================== 4:39 PM I like WestWood Market. It's like taking a trip 30 years back. It's like your suddenly back in a time where the grocery store clerks cared. There was no conveyer belt there. Food wasn't zipped by and bar scanned. They look at everything and give you what you deserve. A smile. It's a place were old ladies feel comfortable. And that's what I saw there. Even to the point where one was being helped load her car up with the groceries. It was interesting. I visited partially because of the hydroponic store near by and partly because I can by the essentials I would get from Safeway but closer. And I'd feel good about myself for helping this small town place stick around longer. I noted things to myself as I rode back. We need more places like this. 7:18 PM How is it.. that I'm feeling tired but restless? I can lay down but I can not sleep. Man. 8:31 PM The burden of application is on the math student not the professor. It's not the students that question "Why do I need this?" often times it's seen that the professor is asked to answer this question. But the burden of application shall not be on the professor. The mentor grants the tools and encourages the student. The students trial is to see what he/she can do to apply the mathematics. ... I guess I'm a bit absested with the duplication trick. I think it offers wonderful visual metaphorical possibilities. I could be talking about myself in 3rd person... but actually have myself siting there doing something while I talk. Taking that objective view of one's self to the max. Oh I could start duplication week.... .. I'm beginning to think I'm not feeling well. Excessive tiredness.. throat pain.... mmmm. I hope it's only allergies but i really don't know. Sometimes I'm tired when I feel stressed. But it's that restless tired where if I lay down I can't sleep. Hard to say.


Those Good Times [Mov: Bunny Sing Along]

June 23, 2006 Friday 12:55 PM Those Good Times [Mov: Bunny Sing Along]

Bunny Movie Sing Along

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I made a bunny movie with a song. And people liked it. So I thought, "Why not do a bunny movie sing along?" And then I did. It was hard. But I did. There are not to many moments in a day when I'm like oh my gosh I've got to do that. That would be weird and funny. Least the entire time I was making it I was laughing to myself while trying to get the syncing right. It was a real real tough job. And even then I wish I had made the text black. I could make a better version some other time but for now I'm glad I have something like this to put up.
===== letter to Philosophy Prof ======================== I'm a bit embarrassed that I wrote 'right' instead of writing in that first line. Yeah, Script. Lately, I've been getting rev ed up to do some sort of philosophy movie or philosophy movie mini series. I thought that putting philosophy into a different and more visually expressible medium might give more people a chance to get involved with the issues. I see that much of that which is written is a bit difficult to get at so I thought there had to be a better way to expose people for the first time. Hence, I'm putting together ideas for a couple of short philosophy movies. I rem. telling you I make movies Powell. I waited on making them because I didn't have the proper equipment but now I do so having an interview in low light won't smash the quality like it would before. Surely, you don't think I'd write a paper like the last one for no reason? If I really believe what I say I'd best back it up with action and If I really believe more people should think I'd best get to work making that happen. Oh, and I want to do Quote Number 2 in which I perceive the real issue to be What is 'doing' philosophy? Or what is one doing when when does philosophy? Or what is the work of a philosopher? I can't put it into words right but I think that is what needs to be addressed and that the sentences in the quote stem from it. Am I on the right track? Hopefully, I'll hear back from you soon. -chris > Chris, > > Yes. The reasons for asking students to do this are pedagogical > rather than anything about what issues are, really. That is, if > students are asked to give issues as questions about which there's a > possibility of disagreement, then what results is more specific and > also usually the result of more thinking, and if they get it wrong it > is more easy to establish that they are wrong by offering arguments > supporting a better articulation of the issue. That is, requiring > issues be given as questions is specific, requires more thought, and > allows more clear correction if needed. > > Script? > > jwp > > > At 12:18 AM 6/21/2006, you wrote: >>I'm right a script on the whole clarifying >>an arugment and I know a issue can be thought of >>as a problem or topic but are we specifily refering >>to the issue as a Question that needs to be answered? >> >>-chris > > ======================================================== Lately, I've been more active creating movies I'm trying to find my style. And it's tough. But just maybe I'll hit that note that makes people resonate with my material. If not... I'm pretty much economically doomed. Wish me luck.(quote from myspace page update) 8:19 PM It was one of those times. It's just good. It's the right time of day and the right kind of breeze and the right kind of company. And it just feels great to be alive and with someone whom you care about. Like the 2 hours is a gift. But I was glad I could be of such a help to her. She was a bit distraught when I first saw her. She really needed a hug. And by the end her mood had improved so much... she told me so. And I realized that's really a big reason for why I'm here. A part of the answer to the meaning of my own little life. The sort of satisfaction I get from getting to make peole feel better. I realize it's a big part of what makes me feel good about myself. Like I made some difference in someones life. Besides, I think today is a small mile stone. It turns out we both ahd noxious summers at the same time. She worked in a store on the plaza and I was in a house not to far from it for a few of those begining weeks. We're both creative and weird. We're both some what self taught. We're both wearing similary lenght shirts. .... that's a weird one. It's interesting. Really is. I think were both people whom hang around a place. She mentioned the term homebody's but I think she also said her home was much more out and about than my concept. She's highly adventurous. 9:28 PM And the day just got a tad bit better. When I walked out to find Amber walking home. Whoa. And it was fun to chat again. It's nice to have that surprise. And it made finding out the Deli was closed a bit easyier to take. ... Cutaway L Cut combos are one of the smoothest edits. First the looking off camera provides motivation for the CUT AWAY and then the AUDIO of the comment provides motivation for cutting back. Smooth.



June 22, 2006 Thursday 10:27 PM Whatever


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Sometimes you just have to do things random style.
So I'm a physicalist? Isn't that right? All there is 'is physical' I see the wedge of cartiasn dualism has split people into two schools of thought. On the one hand there is the mental. And you could presume that is where you are for good. And on the other, the physical and you could say the mental is the illusions. I'd prefer to say I live here. 'points to the skull' but I exist here 'wave of the arms' I'd subscribe to the physical because I believe progress can and will be made with it. I do not see what progress in understanding and solving other problems can be made by saying nothing really exists. I believe answers to many hard questions lie in the understanding of how the human machine really works. ... later Haven't you noticed? Both journal entries and homework bite the bullet when I try to spend so much of my time making movies. Even the one today... it was a bit well random but I enjoyed the process of creation and tested out what it felt like to just bike around with my camera and tripod recording here and there. Besides I felt it was time to get some more Scenic shots.


Emergency Nap [Movie: About to Die]

June 21, 2006 Wednesday Emergency Nap

What would my life look like if I was about to die?

==== Reply to a Reply ======================================== Thank you for inviting me to the beach. I'm really sorry I couldn't attend. On average though I tend not to stray to far from ARcata at any given time. I always like to know I can get up under my own power. > so how was being an hour late for art class? It went fine. Though I felt a bit bad about it. > thanks for sitting there and > letting me rant on; No prob. at all. I feel apologetic for not quite being myself. I was a bit tired and not wanting to deal with art at the moment. I just wanted to go out and about and think things over. I really need to just walk around after that class rather than being stuck in an Art class. > there's something both frustrating and incredibly refreshing to know that > you have portrayed yourself to be quite insightful about philosophy, yet > you remain for the most part silent in class. Portrayed myself? Intersting choice of wording. Have you marked up my paper yet? You think it's 'frustrating' that I don't speak up in class? Even though I have all these ideas? I'm more of the obserber than the interactor in many settings. Unless, I'm asked to preform for people. Than I preform. Besides, it's mysterious that way. No one really knows. Well, I was going to write longer but it appears I ahve neglected certain other things.. Say did you want to do someting Saturday or Sunday? I made tentative plans with someone on Friday, but the rest of the weekend looks openish. -chris ============================================================ 8:28 PM I awoke from a much much needed nap not to long ago. It was an emergency. I had walked so much, under the burning sun, with out water that I could feel the crust of dead burnt skin cells and dried sweat thickly on my brow. It didn't just stop with a long walk to and back from a title store clear on the other side of town.. I had to continue my efforts in art class as I had to curve out and add more shape to a turtle form. It had been nearly unbearable with the sweat dripping over my mask and the annoyance of working with caustic materials and a mask I kept sneezing into that other day. By the time I managed to leave I had yet more walking to do for I had to get home. And every step was painful... somewhat literally for my feet were beginning to show signs of soreness and I know that all my muscles will get together and complain tomorrow. They already did a fair job of that when I got up 20 or so minutes ago. I felt it. I tried to turn and I like I was as hard and as cracked as that cement I was working with earlier today. The way my skin felt when I shifted beneath it.... it was like shifting the cracking mud of a dried up lake bed. Really, that was the instant image I got from it. As I attempted to continue my turn my legs felt tight and my head hurt slight. I had lost so much water. I thought as I noted the dryness of my face. I knew it had burned. It wasn't as much as it could have been for I knew it was going to burn at the time and attempted to cover it up here and there. But still... I felt like a burnt piece of toast and was having trouble moving. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to go back to the art shop to do that filming I was thinking of. It's too painful currently. 10:28 PM I have a feeling this headache will be with me till I go to bed. Best to take it easy.


June 20, 2006 Measurement Movie

June 20, 2006 Tuesday 1:09 AM

The Old Measurement Movie!

Listen to what I have to say about The Measurement Movie.
Listen to What I have to Say
Ah, been doing lots. And been uploading lots. 10:23 PM I spoke with Rosie on the phone for 83 minutes. Wow. 10:38 PM I'm amazed at hom much variety just the regular notes give. All the ways music can come to gether with rhytm and types of instruments and pacing. It's astonising ot me to look into a midi file and just see all this non sense. I still haven't found the chords yet but once I do... I can do some better stuff.


Infected Ice Cream [Movie: L Cuts]

June 19, 2006 Monday 9:36 AM Infected Ice Cream [Movie: L Cuts]

Watch L Cut
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What is an L cut?

It happened again. The phone goes off before my alarm and I mistake it for my alarm and get up at 9 something thinking i have to be in class by 10 when really that is one hour earlier than I have to be. No wonder I feel so tired right now. So, I walked back up the hill and turned off my alarm. I think I catch a short nap *sneezing* I was out just long enoungh to get allergic I suppose. Mirible my throat hurts. least I'll be in time to get food before Art class. 6:16 PM I wonder who it was that knocked. Or did they? I was taking a nap and didn't get up. And then later I wondered who it was. It was just the last 2 times I answered the door it wasn't anyone I wanted to talk to. Perhaps this time would have been different. Oh well. I best not think about the missed possibilities. 8:08 PM I was having a blast inputing the old Measurment movie. I've got like not only todays video but 2 more to show case. So that's Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday, All I need is a Thur, Friday and Sat Sun and I'm good. Just 4 more. And that's another video week. mmmm 11:05 PM I'm back in again after a walk and a D street visit. A bit hot. You know sometimes you just know it's not a good idea to eat ice cream after someone. And I did. So I'm marking today as a potential you know... so I know where somethign could ahve come from. ======= a Replay to a Replay ==================== No it wasn't sarcastic and I did think it was strange that we didn't acknowledge each other. But I knew it wasn't llike anything bad went on between us or something. Computer nonsense? Where did that go in? > i checked out your website earlier today. contains quite a bit of what is > to me computer nonsense. what i find great is that you created it. and > that there is a very cute bunny on video that reminds me of my cat. The bunny movie is a favorite of the internet community and my friends. Cat eh? interesting. > the more i read, the > more i think, and the more i attempt to understand philosphically, the > more loose ends i find that i just can't tie... > That happened to me the first time I was in a philosophy class but I learned which things to pick apart and which to not. Which reminds me I wanted to do a philosophy psa later this week. mmmmm I realize it's odd that wee haven't really ever sat down and chatted really. Yet, I do always see you in passing. Maybe I'll sit down at the deli or somethign some time. Get free refills... right? Oh well, thanks for the reply good to hear from you -chris ====================================================


June 18, 2006

June 18, 2006 Sunday 6:16 PM
I'm a bit worried that I may have lost that tinkering spirit I once
had back in the days when I played with BASIC. The first summer....
The summer that I began the journal had the most random programming of
prob. my entire life thus far. I don't know where the motivation stopped.
I know that today... if I did the same as I did before but with python
and Blender I could do many much more fantastic things.
I wouldn't just be programming I would be able to interact with the
graphics in ways unparalleled to my capability on that first summer.

Why have I lost my motive? It concerns me. Shall, I begin again?
Forced at first... but continue just the same.   ....
It's 6:20 PM and I contemplate walking about. 
Should I? 

My sister graduates from High School today. They wanted me to be there.
My body must have sensed the threat of travel for I awoke in a lot 
of pain. It dispersed as the day wore on.

I did have one of my sneezing fits earlier after I walked to the deli and
back in the wind. I enjoyed the wind and the sun... unfortunately my 
body does not. And I sneezed so many times.

I had to go do an errand. It was one of the strangest things I've ever
had to do for someone. I wouldn't get into details but I have to say
I felt very strange while I carried out their orders. It was weird
to collect data in that way. You really can learn a lot about someone
by the things they own.

I've not been doing well in the pre study for Telecomm. The one thing I did
that was related was the accessing the old G3 iMac 'the original Chronokeeper'
and making things happen on the desktop. It's a step in the right direction
for distrubited rendering. 
I wonder if I could write a screen saver that could disturb the render job
and than ask friends or fans to run the screen saver to help me render things.
That would be cool. 

Knowing about networks is something every CS major should know. 

... mention HB blog okay.

9:54 PM
Got home and got directly into a tele Video Call with family to say happy
Fathers day and Congradulations to Brenna. She wanted a CG card that I 
didn't have.

Lauren Adries sister. I talk to her every once in a while. It's good.

10:52 PM
And today I feature a Chat with Jacob
Conversation with sirhcsenots
(9:55:37 PM) sirhcsenots : I was in a video chat with paernts to wish sister happy grad and father happy f day
(9:55:45 PM) sirhcsenots : ohh Bio
(9:56:44 PM) jcrummey7: Yea, so much information
(9:56:58 PM) jcrummey7: How were the parents?
(9:57:03 PM) sirhcsenots : Slime molds man slime molds!
(9:57:05 PM) sirhcsenots : good
(9:57:12 PM) sirhcsenots : even a great grandparnet was there
(9:57:19 PM) jcrummey7: slime molds are where its at
(9:57:27 PM) sirhcsenots : keep in mind people can see you on those so don't pick your nose
(9:57:28 PM) sirhcsenots : gez
(9:57:33 PM) sirhcsenots : yeah
(9:57:36 PM) jcrummey7: wow, that's cool
(9:58:14 PM) jcrummey7: So what have you been up to since last time I talked to you? I have seen you have been putting up many new movies.
(9:58:33 PM) sirhcsenots : yes
(9:58:38 PM) sirhcsenots : its nearly killing mme
(9:59:02 PM) jcrummey7: But they seem like so much fun to make. Just a lot of work to edit?
(10:01:12 PM) sirhcsenots : it's fun to watch them when their done
(10:01:21 PM) sirhcsenots : But it's a lot of pressure to put myselff through
(10:01:30 PM) sirhcsenots : A lot of stuf I shoot doesn't come out the way I like
(10:01:36 PM) sirhcsenots : and othe rthins like that
(10:03:11 PM) sirhcsenots : I borrowed a computer that I could run MPLAB on
(10:03:33 PM) jcrummey7: Yea I could imagine. It seems like it would be difficult to take an idea and transfer to video.
(10:03:52 PM) sirhcsenots : so you have really been watching?
(10:03:57 PM) sirhcsenots : you must be 1 of the 10 hits I get a day
(10:03:58 PM) jcrummey7: Oh yea, I almost bought a laptop that had a serial port so I could program my pic chip
(10:04:04 PM) sirhcsenots : ooooohhh
(10:04:18 PM) sirhcsenots : I haven't had the time to learn more PIC stuff since we last spoke :(
(10:04:36 PM) jcrummey7: Yea I check the blog most every day. You are pretty good about updating it every day so it is usually worth it for me to check it often
(10:04:38 PM) sirhcsenots : Building my on line persona is a bit more important at this point but that doesnt' mean I can't make a PIC movie
(10:04:46 PM) sirhcsenots : :)
(10:04:50 PM) sirhcsenots : It's hard work
(10:04:52 PM) jcrummey7: Hey that would be a good idea.
(10:04:57 PM) sirhcsenots : And takes about 3 hours to get a video done
(10:05:02 PM) sirhcsenots : So you can see the dedication
(10:05:10 PM) jcrummey7: I want to buy a stepper motor and try to finish my project I stated during last semester.
(10:05:35 PM) sirhcsenots : yeah
(10:05:57 PM) jcrummey7: When you make a video do you have a clear idea of what you want to do, or do you create as you film?
(10:05:57 PM) sirhcsenots : I have no movie for tonight and it's already 10
(10:06:10 PM) jcrummey7: Oh well, you can't win them all.
(10:06:15 PM) sirhcsenots : Back in the good ol days I wrote script and filmed nearrly every time
(10:06:21 PM) sirhcsenots : EVen if it was an out line
(10:06:43 PM) sirhcsenots : The trick these days is to find a good idea that would fit nicely into 90 seconds and make it a reality
(10:06:56 PM) sirhcsenots : I developed a bit of a motto
(10:07:02 PM) sirhcsenots : Shoot for tommorrow
(10:07:03 PM) sirhcsenots : edit for today
(10:07:05 PM) sirhcsenots : and write for next week
(10:07:38 PM) sirhcsenots : So, I like to work from script but it doesn't always happen.
(10:07:41 PM) jcrummey7: I like that motto, it's catchy and a good idea
(10:07:55 PM) sirhcsenots : yeah I'm going to try for shorter more concise 'how to stuff'
(10:08:01 PM) sirhcsenots : so that I can explain something quick everyday
(10:08:05 PM) sirhcsenots : I struggle with content choices like thse
(10:09:16 PM) jcrummey7: I saw you riding your bike today
(10:09:31 PM) sirhcsenots : .. the prob with the motto is new ideas hit me so often I shoot them rather than what I was going to do
(10:09:36 PM) sirhcsenots : like explain codecs
(10:10:14 PM) jcrummey7: yea codecs are a pain
(10:10:36 PM) sirhcsenots : That how to codec movie I made actuall helped
(10:10:39 PM) sirhcsenots : my familiy succeed
(10:10:54 PM) sirhcsenots : now they can watch with out the annoyance of youtube or goog vid or anything
(10:11:21 PM) jcrummey7: That's nice
(10:11:58 PM) sirhcsenots : oh ! the philosophy movie
(10:12:01 PM) sirhcsenots : dang I didn't write for it
(10:12:04 PM) jcrummey7: So do you play all the music that are in the videos?
(10:12:06 PM) sirhcsenots : I like doing PSA's
(10:12:11 PM) sirhcsenots : A lot of it
(10:12:15 PM) jcrummey7: what is a PSA?
(10:12:17 PM) sirhcsenots : or I compose it with Garage Band
(10:12:23 PM) sirhcsenots : Public Service Announcment
(10:12:47 PM) jcrummey7: what is the philosophy movie?
(10:12:58 PM) sirhcsenots : The paper I wrote for class was on the importance of philosophy
(10:13:06 PM) sirhcsenots : it was to combant the negative feelings to the field.
(10:13:12 PM) sirhcsenots : And show it actually is useful
(10:13:26 PM) sirhcsenots : So, I was going to do a bit on what it is and why one shoudl pursue it
(10:13:33 PM) jcrummey7: huh, that sounds interesting
(10:13:54 PM) sirhcsenots : I should post this converastion we are having I have a feeling it would answer a lot of questions
(10:14:07 PM) sirhcsenots : the problem is that the iChat saved file doesn't look real good out side of iChat
(10:14:17 PM) jcrummey7: is "Garage Band" the name of a band? or a program?
(10:14:38 PM) sirhcsenots : A programt hat lets you compose music
(10:15:26 PM) sirhcsenots : What questions do you think I shoudl answer?
(10:15:50 PM) jcrummey7: I could send you the conversation as a html file in the format that I see it.
(10:15:58 PM) sirhcsenots : that would be splended
(10:16:16 PM) jcrummey7: I was going to ask you what questions you thought this conversation would answer?
(10:16:53 PM) sirhcsenots : How do you do your music Chris?
(10:17:15 PM) sirhcsenots : Do you have a motto?
(10:17:38 PM) jcrummey7: What process do you use in coming up with your movies?
(10:18:44 PM) jcrummey7: How do you come up with a song to play for your movies?
(10:19:01 PM) jcrummey7: That's a new question that I wanted to ask.
(10:19:23 PM) sirhcsenots : ooo good ones
(10:19:44 PM) sirhcsenots : I'm this close away *puts finers near eachother * from just answering questions
(10:19:53 PM) sirhcsenots : or gags I do visual gags from time to time
(10:21:48 PM) jcrummey7: visual gags on your movies?
(10:22:03 PM) sirhcsenots : yeah you don't nkow what I mean?
(10:22:10 PM) jcrummey7: Like walking through the door?
(10:22:27 PM) sirhcsenots : no
(10:22:30 PM) sirhcsenots : like... mm
(10:22:34 PM) jcrummey7: Oh I guess I don't know
(10:22:53 PM) sirhcsenots : mmm
(10:22:55 PM) sirhcsenots : dang
(10:22:57 PM) sirhcsenots : I know I ahve them
(10:23:14 PM) sirhcsenots : The on I'm thinking of is like if I walk and my head goes one way but my body goes the other
(10:23:19 PM) sirhcsenots : and i dance like that
(10:23:31 PM) sirhcsenots : or I do the .. Donny Darko efffect
(10:23:37 PM) sirhcsenots : but I walk into the force field accidenlty
(10:24:02 PM) jcrummey7: Have you done that on any of the movies you posted?
(10:24:07 PM) sirhcsenots : no
(10:24:18 PM) sirhcsenots : But I hve the footage for hte Darko one I just havne't added effects to yet
(10:24:28 PM) jcrummey7: How do you add the effects?
(10:24:32 PM) sirhcsenots : I contemplated doin ga Chris History becuase I have so much old footage
(10:24:36 PM) sirhcsenots : Blender
(10:24:39 PM) sirhcsenots : Didn't I tell you about that?
(10:25:09 PM) jcrummey7: yea, I think so. I downloaded Blender, but I have yet to figure it out.
(10:25:32 PM) sirhcsenots : it's a bit of harsh envirnment to go at it alone
(10:25:38 PM) sirhcsenots : But hang in there .. or perhpas I could help
(10:25:46 PM) sirhcsenots : I gradually got it over time
(10:25:53 PM) jcrummey7: yea that would be nice, did you learn it on your own?
(10:26:03 PM) sirhcsenots : yep
(10:26:17 PM) sirhcsenots : through vid tutorials, experimentation, certain sites
(10:26:20 PM) sirhcsenots : and dedicationo
(10:26:25 PM) jcrummey7: impressive, did you just learn by trial and error?
(10:26:29 PM) sirhcsenots : I'm now the proud owner of some blender skills
(10:26:40 PM) jcrummey7: nice
(10:26:42 PM) sirhcsenots : ... sometimes.. .. but it's not a very smart way to go
(10:26:55 PM) jcrummey7: no, pretty frustrating too
(10:27:02 PM) sirhcsenots : I tried a blender vid the other day but it was painfully hard to make
(10:27:15 PM) sirhcsenots : I didnt' realize hot to videos for learning Blender would be such a challange
(10:28:04 PM) jcrummey7: What made it so challenging?
(10:28:16 PM) sirhcsenots : .. well it's one of those things you have to plan for
(10:28:47 PM) sirhcsenots : just recording with out practise or a plan is .. useless
(10:28:51 PM) sirhcsenots : That I need script for
(10:28:55 PM) sirhcsenots : I should aspire to do it
(10:29:03 PM) sirhcsenots : Welp, it's 10:21 and I bet you have studying
(10:29:10 PM) sirhcsenots : and I have future everything ot plan.
(10:29:16 PM) sirhcsenots : Do send me an html replica
(10:29:16 PM) jcrummey7: Yea I need to get back to it
(10:29:18 PM) sirhcsenots : soon
(10:29:20 PM) sirhcsenots : so I can post it tonight
(10:29:26 PM) jcrummey7: OK I'll send it right now
(10:29:34 PM) sirhcsenots : thanks
(10:29:40 PM) sirhcsenots : well shall keep in touch and thank you for your support
(10:30:01 PM) jcrummey7: sure, no prob. Talk to you later.
(10:30:06 PM) sirhcsenots : bye 

I featured a chat. I don't believe i'll push it and post a movie.
though I watched throuhg a bit of 'the classics' it's fun stuff.
I should find a diff audio track and talk about them.


June 17 2006

June 17, 2006 Saturday 

Watch Walk Through Trouble viewing?
Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
How do you walk through a door? How do you walk through the camera? This is one neat way to change locations.
There isn't that much to say. I awoke and attempted to remotely access my old computer with the intent it would become a rendering device. I wrote part of a short story when I was reminded of one of my friends efforts to publish a book, and I realized I haven't written that sort of material in a long long time. I attempted to tape some of my work as I modeling objects in blender. I wasn't liking how it was going... but I might just post regardless. I found someone was discovered on youtube nad is getting a tv deal of some sort. I was in wonder. I rode out to see what sort of things was going on with the oyster fest. I bought 24 dollars of grociersy and biked it all the way home. What a fuss. Wrote 2000 words into an essay that isn't exactly done. Still don't have a nice sketch of my next art project for class. I was asked to go through a friends stuff... very strange. And I chatted with friends on line before I edited a minute movie. That's a days work. .. that actualy went 2 hours into the next day.


Lower Day

June 16, 2006 Friday 1:41 AM Lower Day

==== letter to Malia ========================================
Aw, Malia,

do you really miss me? Awww that's very sweet.

Well if I were around I'd go, "Whoa What up Malia? It's 
been to long." And then I'd prob. dance about a little bit
with delight over getting to see Malia.

So, been making connections down there?

My life is filled with venturous things. I attempt to do a whole
lot of things besides summer school which is consitent of
art and philosophy before it turns to bio.

I even built a trebuchet.. a movie about it should come
out ... someday...

ack I'd write more but talking to you through chat is more



of Chris World 
2:20 AM

===== Chatting with Malia ===== I should talk about her in a movie
==== unfourtunatly I found I was missing more than half of the conversation
.... I really felt bad. I really wanted to re read what was said. I was so
     upset. Regardless I posted snippets of it here.
Chris:  ha that's funny
Chris:  I like it
Malia:  ha well know how those yahoo names are impossible to create 
        because everyone you  come up with is already taken no matter how weird it is 
        so I had to come up with something odd
Chris:  Right. 
Chris:  Why don't we have the same problem with birth certificates
Chris:  Bob24
Chris:  nope got that
Malia:  lol
Chris:  bob... ah BigBoyBob
Chris:  nope check again
Chris:  What the hell?
Chris:  yes we coudl use that
Chris:  fine then
Chris:  .. and society keeps on humming
Malia:  yep
Chris:  well at least if your awake your vaguely entertained by me I hope
Malia:  always          
Chris:  I'm smilling pretty big Malia
Chris:  your so so kind to me thank you very much
Chris:  And I didn't even get you a Xmas gift
Malia:  you say that like you don't deserve it or something
Chris:  People have pointed out to me that I just dont' seem to get remarks like these
Chris:  I've never understood why
Chris:  I mean I should begin to believe it
Chris:  I suppose
Chris:  But mostly my reaction is amuzed puzzle ment
Chris:  like .. how did they come to that conclusion?
Malia:  damn right you should!
Chris:  Are you doing something else right now?
Malia:  I don't care if it means saying it everytime I speak with you but one day 
        you'll learn to believe it
Malia:  no 
Chris:  wow malia wow 
Chris:  smiles
Chris:  ... signs .. I'd better get to sleep
Malia:  I was the same way for a very long time and even still to this day I have 
        a hard time believing such  things myself but you just have to look at it like 
        people wouldn't bother taking the time to say it
Malia:  if they didn't mean it you know?
Chris:  mmmm yes
Chris:  The effort shows sincereity
Malia:  exactly
Chris:  ... man I'm sad to be leaving so soon.
Chris:  It's been fun talking... ah man, it's nearly painful to go
Malia:  yeah agreed...well take care and remember that you can talk to me anytime
Chris:  Anytime? how do you mean?
Malia:  hould feel the need to chat via this or wanna send a message/comment I'll always 
        get back to you
Chris:  oh k then, I'll keep myspace in mind when I want to talk to Malia. Got it.
Chris:  Well, have a good night Malia. Do sleep well my dear you deserve it.
Malia:  or my other email it doesn't matter
Chris:  You have done so much to brighten the last moments of my day
Chris:  k
Malia:  awww thanks, I'll try
Chris:  Tearful good byes
Chris:  sniffle
Chris:  night night
Malia:  goodnight :-

My heart Sank when I found i was missing half the message... :( unhappy.
And I nearl yhad it too.

10:37 AM
I even woke up unhappy about it. ... Should even post what I have?
It's not the same with out the first part. Awww well.

I just discovered sort of an alternate to cafepress but not in 
every area. I like what I see of their system so far.

ah my non existant storefront url...

7:56 PM
I got up to a pretty good speed when I was experimenting with my gears on
the open plains of the empty parking lot. I was going so fast that when
I looked down pats my foot all was a blur. Course that prob. isn't the best
stratogiy for riding a bike fast.... but I knew I wasn't going to be hitting 
anything nearby.

It dawns on me as I walk up the last hill back to my place that a bike
ride can be made much more effeciet if.. instead of break pads one used
a system that stored the energy in the rotation of extra weights. Then,
after you slowed using it you could break miniumly and then once you 
started again you could use that stored energy to get you jump started.
It would be a thing of beauty. I know the mathematics for it. I should
scribble them out. 
 In short, when we break on a bike the energy of motion is 
wasted as heat. To get going again, the bike rider has to start from 
scratch once he or she had come to a dead stop. But, suppose we stored
that energy rather than breaking with break pads. As we stored energy
the bike 'would' slow down. But the energy isn't wasted as heat... in fact
we would be able to get 'most' of it back given the stopping time isn't 
that long. 

I made a host of philosphy notes while I ate dinner.
And I think I'll build a cement fountain. I like stuff
that doest stuff. 

 is a good reason for halting the movie rush.
 Quality counts.

Sad audio for a surprisingly lower day. Don't know why I feel so down. [mp3]
Encoding with Xvid is so good that when a 640 by 480 pixel movie is compressed it's hard to discern the difference. Can you tell which movie file is the compressed version? Now that's good free compression. Hint, get codec to view movies in higher quality. See link near top next to Trouble viewing.


Good Day [Movie: CC]

June 15, 2006 Thursday Good Day [Movie: CC]

Watch CC
It's about the creative commons licensing and how people don't have to use copy righted works to enhance their movies with work that other people have done and made freely avielable given certain restrictions. It's good stuff. I felt like I was doing a PSA. By the way...

Trouble viewing?
Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
This movie is... Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. 11:12 PM I think it somewhat works out nicely that I can write an entry after I film and edit my movie. While the uploads are humming I can be-a typ-in. I enjoyed myself greatly after bumping into Rosie on the way home from D street. It's great to she her again. She was in a very good mood and we laughed and talked about many sorts of things. And then I accompanied her to a dinner at some restaurant I had never been to and we found Noelle and we all went to a park to eat the foot. But I didn't eat anything because I had already eaten. I enjoyed my audience. They laughed, I laughed, we all laughed a lot. It was fun o put it bluntly. And I even preformed a silent show for them. I"m told they would make good web additions. I contemplate it. ... by a stoke of amazing luck it turns out that Rosie and I are free on exactly the same days of the week. What were the chances of that? Well, I've finished another week in art... and now there are two projects remaining. And in philosophy there are 3 essays remaining with the one this week to be done. They aren't really week essays if all you have is the weekend to really work on the issues. I'll have to dedicate more time to working through my question. Perhaps, some of that thinking will show up in a movie. I'm proud of myself for posting so regularly. I'm already noticing a slight increase in visitors. That's a very good thing. I cherish small accomplishments like these... it makes me feel better when so much other stuff goes wrong.
For the people whom can't, or refuse to get Xvid codec to watch the movies in their primal form. Here is an embedded player... but please please please get the codec... see the movie link near the top of the side bar on the left to see how.


Sleepless Nap [Mov: CG Visual]

June 14, 2006 Wednesday Sleepless Nap [Mov: CG Visual]

Watch CG Visual Trouble viewing?
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I finally did a how to install Xvid movie... this ones for you family. The How to get what you need to view the movies ... movie.k === letter to family ======================================== I heard people were having trouble viewing movies on my blog. Well, here's how to install stuff so that you can watch the movies. The how to is on the following page... or just watch... Sorry Zach it's for Mac OS X.. though it's a very similar process for Windows. And you can still view the movies should you care to. No pressure though. ;) -chris ============================================================ 3:50 PM I jotted notes down earlier in the day. They were on reasons people might want to visit the site. I don't have my routine down yet but lots of thoughts have been cooking. Including the idea that I could tell a joke at the end of each movie and then the punch line is at the beginning of the next. So that people are always waiting for the punch-line. Or perhaps more like cutting up a comic routine. -- notes for the poster ------------------------ 6 Reasons to Visit Chris World ... watch as interesting thoughts unfold ... learn bits and pieces of math and science Computer Generated Graphics see how Chris makes movies, and how you can too ... hear humorous accounts of a human being revisiting events in his life in new and sometimes dramatic but mostly comical ways. So stop in sometime. And buy a souvenir that proves to people that you 'visited Chris World' ------------------------------------------------ I should work at fulfilling those sorts of things. The sort of movies someone could expect to see. 6:28 PM Sleep less nap. There is a rather loud hum that penetrates the room at night. I believe it comes from the computer fan up stairs. But I would require experimental proof. It is bothersome enough for me to want to use ear plugs. I've braved them even on nights when I must wake up to an alarm. Generally, I can hear something like an alarm through ear plugs so it's not terribly dare devilish. But still I wish I could have a place of my own. I hope that things develop in such a way that I could go off and live in a place of my own with the minimum of headache. I wonder if that is the hum that I pick up on tape. That would be extraordinary. I could compare wave forms... perhaps. 10:49 PM It's not exactly what I had figured but applying CG effects takes a great deal of time to set up and get right. I was fighting with alignment problems. To put it in technically terms there is no local rotation for objects that actually can be saved via the IPO curves. I had to re orientate the whole scene so that the floor was really on the 'floor' of my project. This is how a lot of things go with Blender. There 'is' some way to do it but it doesn't seem that elegant. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to make even fundamental stuff work.. sometimes. The process took me 54 min just to get through all this. Luckily the editing for the other shots when very fast. But what do I do for music? I hate it when my movie doesn't have any sound sometimes. Besides, what goes with CG Visual?
Before I apply my CG visual I have to map out the frame and match the ground. Hence, you see the grid lines.


It's a Good Mood: [Movie] Got Xvid?

June 13, 2006 Tuesday It's a Good Mood Movie: Got Xvid?

Got Xvid?

Watch Get Xvid Codec Trouble viewing?
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or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
Yum I'm thinking about cafepress again. Oh my gosh Zach Braff started a domain. 9:43 PM I think it's safe to say I've been in a good mood for nearly the entire day. I'm practically salvating over the cafepress capabliy I'll be adding to my site. And I'm figuring out how I can publish an audio CD, video CD and a book. Also, get large scale posters of things I design. It would be so cool. Not to mention, I checked my e mail earlier and someone was asking if I would be a part of some on line music show. I wasn't exactly sure about the details but I thought it was genearly a postive thing and that it would be another place to show case stuff I make. I've noticed I'm reveing up for another powerful push in my web content. I'll try not to jinx it with this saying but I've been getting home and shooting material and I all ready have something from last night to edit for tonight. I'm begining to think forward with the motton edit today shoot for tommorrow and write for next week. I think it's a winning stratogey. Though I believe movie shooting and editing have to be a solidly in the schedule as classes are or those things will be pushed aside for no real good reason. ... 10:35 PM I'm hopeing this short video isn't as painful to watch as it is painful to edit. ...


Green Line Movie

June 12, 2006 Monday Green Line

Green Line Troble viewing?
Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
I need to mention that the brief piano music in this movie was by Commerical Applicant the sole producer of which is Martin Harp. I always love piano in things like this. Though that isn't the sound track I was thinking of for the effect. Of course that wasn't even the effect I wanted so I suppose all is fair anyway.
Hmmp. I'll just be thinking out loud here for a minute. I want to be able to accomplish a movie everyday but the task seems impossible. The only way I can see it even remotely happening is if I have some sort of production plan and schedule. And maybe then something can happen. That's 'if' I can pull of the keeping of such a thing. I could break previously one idea into multiple blocks of content in which I could make a lot of them on a few days of the week and then just disperse them over the course of the week. If I get ahead I could supply fillers. And I could even post a 'technical difficulties clip' in case something goes really wrong. All this hassle just to make sure I can keep a new 'something' out every day so that my channel (via FireAnt) is kept humming. Can I? Should I? ..... still thinking about it. Could try stuff out... at least. I have seen a lot more of that wacky web stuff now that I had like 200 or so movies downloaded to my computer last night. And some of the stuff people come up with is really amazing. My gosh. It's expanding my mind already. 12:14 AM in a e mail from mom "Chris, who taught you math? Did you have a teacher? Or did you pretty much teach yourself?" Hmmp good question. I think the way I got to be the way I am today was a result of a couple of things. One of two of the most notable was a fellow whom commented on my suggestion while in Alaska. From as earlier as the days when I could work on that 60 in One Electronic project lab I wanted to be able to do the math. The first thing I sort of could do was Ohms law. V=IR And as soon as I tried to go a little further I could not. It was frustrating. It was also frustrating to get to borrow Hillary's Physics book and not know what the integrand symbols meant. The book was basically useless to me since I could not manage to figure those out. I was def. exposed to math in the class room but it wasn't until I began teaching myself calculus around the summer after my junior year that I caught on a lot. I saw the 'lack of understanding' as a road block for a lot of things I wanted and decided it might be wise to figure it all out. Gradually I developed better skills to the point where I could immediately jump several steps ahead and pin point an answer. the y = mx + b form I know like the back of my hand. But it's the fact of proving new information that always catches me. I mean catches my attention. It makes me want to figure things out when i know I can preform all the right steps. And after the CSP Independent project I got a lot of practice figuring out the mathematics to things. ... There hasn't been one teacher really. ... I don't think I've typed this right. My head hurts at the moment or else I would be more in depth. Perhaps I'll think about it and get back to you. 5:01 PM It turns out that other people agree that there are problems with certain outspoken students in the class. Today was the second time I left in such a state as to not be able to eat before art. My back is so stiff after leaving that class. I was concentrating really hard for a long time. And I think that's part of the reason I always get headaches by the time I get home. I need to really unwind after all that mess. The plaster didn't pour well at all and what little idea I had for what I wanted to do didn't work out well. I decided I wanted to work with very delicate things but the problems with that are... well they are delicate things. .... another idea A lot of the things we find magical are things we don't fully understand. That explains why learning the 'truth' about them makes them less potent to us. I think the same could be said for love. I think that when it because painfully obvious what is happening on that schematic level of cause and effect than there won't be a 'ohh love oh' response. It will be quantifyable, 'that phenomena that occurs when.." But that doesn't mean that it won't be any less of a powerful thing. People will still fall, fight and die for love. ... Are some things best 'felt' rather than 'thought of' ? Are some things best explored through emotion rather than intellectual debate? ... 10:39 PM Alright, so I try to do this effect. But it's not how I wanted at all. And to get what I really want will require some sneaky and hacky ways of treating a blender project file. ... I know somehow I can get the effect I want but right now it all really hates me. I think that part of my headaches are coming from this pushing myself to produce daily. Better lay off. Really. While my second attempt to fix the SF shot renders I'll be examining sculptures to see how I can possibly answer these art questions. Lucky for me all the thought and hard work of the last project paid off. I got basically a perfect on my last art project. Phew. It's good to know all that struggle was worth something.


The Bike Ride Movie

June 11, 2006 Sunday 12:21 AM The Bike Ride Movie

Watch The Bike Ride Troble viewing?
Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
yesterday I was successful in managing to get FireAnt to find my web movie. Now I have confirmed my content is subscribable. What's next? It's time to make a how to subscribe video amoung finishing other things. The only thing I don't like about the system is that the title of my blog entry becomes the title of the movie. ... mmm I can deal though. Besides the movies will have titles in them. Least, I could start doing that. I find I can render CG clips 8 times faster if I am just using them for a web video. Since, that means I can render them at half size I can render fewer pixels and that speeds things up immensly. There's all kinds of tricks to getting more CG for less time. If I need full framed clips I can use wire frames and turn off extra 'pretty' features. Yesterday was sort of.... filled of nudgeing myself foward. But trying to relax at the same time. After I got a lot of stuff to work I felt pretty good of much of that day. These days I think with all this new power I should movitize stuff more often. And that means I'll have to solve another problem. Time. But like the smart computer scientists and their strange and wonderful algorithm ways I might just find a way to pull of more consitent movie posting. How? Well I'm not fully commited yet.. but the idea is that I could genearte mutliples for a few days of the week and just write for and prepare for production the rest of the week. I have loads of ideas but no one says I have to make them the day of. Nor do I need to worry about the 'what's happing that day' effect. I see my entry for the day as stuff 'of the day' and the movie as time less. Let the movies be about anything from years ago to yesterday. I hear by release them from the daily struggle that would be declared regular video blogging. I do something a bit different. Least that's how I'm begining to feel. I need to push for the subscription BUT still mention Xvid decoding and the good old right click to save link as feature. ... I shoud really shore up these cracks. ==== to my brother Zach Ah well, Hello Zach it's good for you to have joined us. I was just writing to my mother and decided to copy and paste the message into an e mail addressed to you. Hillery got one as well. No link? Hmmp well here tis.... Now there here's a few things to understand. I'm currently in summer school so I have troble posting movies regularly but the past 2 weekends have been particulary movie productive so there might actually be some interesting things to view. Oh yeah, did you see the happy birthday video that was addressed to you and Dad? I hope so. I don't know where that link is at the momment though. best wishes, chris > Why is he being discussed in the third person? Perhaps his brother could > send him the link which has been spoken off so that he might bookmark it > and check it regularly. > > Chris' Brother > > wrote: Since my brother was the one whom said he wanted > to know me I would hope I knew of the blog that I keep > so very well now. Not only writings but sometimes images > and audio and more often now... movies. > > I wonder if he does. > > -chris > ===== Mmm looks like I need to fix a few things with the blog before I post tonight. I managed to get more things to work for me. And to finish editing that bike ride video.


Am I Prisoner to My Ambition?

Title of Entry not really title of movie
June 10, 2006 Am I Prisoner to My Ambition?

== to JoshLeo that guy whom vlogs a LOT =========================

I'm happy to see such talent and dedication
existing in the world. I had to write you an e mail
just to let you know I admire your work.

And also I'm very much excited to see you have placed
your content (if I'm getting this correct) under the
Creative Common license that permits derivatives.
This is true, yes?

Regardless, I applaud you again and say good night
for where I am it is 1:29 AM


Chris B Stones

Where are all the vlog entries that are the arguments or 
the mean things that people do. Where are those?
Everything seems more or less positive that I've seen.
And I know there must be something like a strainer people
put their lives through before it goes on.
But where are those bits?

12:52 PM
=== to Kassimel ==================================================
Class is alright but I'm doing and building much more exciting
Like the catapult that was finally fully together and slinging
That thing grew out of a few pages of equations and a few trips
to Ace, and a couple of months of on and off work to bring it
to reality. I'll attach a picture.

Anyway, I'm up to my ears in stuff to edit for new movies.
And I've just figured out how to get this new software for 
viewing them to work. In the future you could run a little
program on your computer and have Chris's movies ready for viewing
everyday when you wake up. Won't that be nice?
And then I'll just have to put out a movie everyday.

Bored? Not I. I'm always up to something. ;)

6:59 PM
Hmmmp. I didn't realize it but I am.
I am prisoner to my ambition.. sometimes.
I especial note this when I get the thought "hey what if I don't edit that movie
later and just take the night off completely?" And then 
suddenly notice a huge relief. 
It calls things into question for a moment.
Like Am I Prisoner to My Ambition?

What a concept.

Take it easy chris. Take it easy.

I guess that's just what happens when your a fellow whom constantly
gets ideas and wants to share them. But that sharing requires lots
and lots of work... so most things are overlooked.
And that stacks up ...what would you call it... apprehension? No.
Sort of clogged excitement and then feeling shameful of not pulling
things off. But then it also leads to feeling very good about 
accomplishing things.

And I could argue that much much has happened this summer so far.
The evolution of the journal for one.
It's been a tremendous metamorphosis hasn't it?
And recently learning how to use FireAnt that aggregator is very nice.
It's one step closer to bring Chris World to the World. 
And that's just another building block on the way to fulfilling Contract 2014.
I don't make mention of it much. But I will someday. And it looks like I have
reason to tell people since some things are sort of going right.

As far is building toward that Contract.
I had nothing at the begining. 
It is essential unheard of for me to just say "I'm going to do this" 
And even more so to say, "It will exist by this time" 
You have to understand I had nothing. I had nothing to even remotely
base that dream on. I knew not of Blender. A program I learned of
the first summer. I knew not of open source. I knew not of the power of
blog communities. 

it was like saying... "Hey, I decided today to move mountains and I don't 
even own dynamite"

Well, I'm getting that dynamite. It's practically in the mail.
And I'm looking at a mountain. 
I think the rest is just hard hard work and dedication.

So I may be prisoner to my ambition for now. But someday....
someday I'll be a whole lot free-er than a whole lot of the people 
currently taking residence in this world. 

And freedom is in a way what I've always been working for.

10:29 PM
Well, I have been editing but with loud music playing up stairs I don't
want bass to get into my audio tracks. So I decided to finish off the night
with things that don't require my voice to be recorded.

Since other stuff still isn't done yet I decided to put up a smaller 'on the side'


Fully Operational Trebuchet

June 9, 2006 Friday 5:28 PM This is a Fully Operational Trebuchet

He says it all....

10:54 PM
It's amazing how a day can unfold into a fairly large adventure.
I mean it's also strange that I have this huge urge to just go back to sleep
not to long after getting up. I mean I woke up and was doing reading for class
and loading and watching Rocketboom and then thinking I should go to the 
sculpture lab and make that other mold. But then I just laid down and was
looking up at the ceiling while I kept thinking that and about how I felt
a bit tired. But I just got up as I realized I haven't gotten a chance to
install the bike cam. I wanted to do that so much I decided I'd get up just
to do that and the art project would be a lovely side effect. 

And so I rode out with my ZR40 (no the B cam or aka action cam or the camera that
I would brake at the cost of getting some of those great action shots)
And I enjoyed having it there until I saw some of the shots I was getting.
A bit to shaky but hey.. some are good and what else did I expect?

I rode out to Jacob's house as well but the camera tripod started pointing 
straight up without me realizing it and then the battery died before the
very best part of the ride where I was talking with someone about web movies
at Jacob's house. Dang . It would have been good. 
But it turns out people treat you different when you have a camera hooked onto 
your bike. Like they are like... hmmmp interesting. What is the guy doing?
I'll get better at using it.

I was very tired and hot after that and I came back to my place and
laid on my bed feeling exhausted but still thinking about going out.
Just not at that moment. This was a well deserved break because I had
gone to the sculpture lab and I had done what I needed. And I had filmed.
And now I wanted to see just how much material I missed. 

Later, I went down to D street after hearing Linda had bought the rest of
the stuff. So I went and it was assembled. And I have clips of the first 
few throws. It needs work but hey it's come so far since the beginning of
it's conception. Now that is a productive day... but there's still so much
to plow through regarding other matters. I could stay in the rest of the 
weekend and tend to them. And do laundry. For the best. 


I have to fix a class prob. with my fall schedule. A class changed it's time
and I keep forgetting to check in with it.

to make a movie or not make a movie? That is the question.
I wake up. I feel... "hmmp I haven't made a movie in  a week" due to classes
"Perhaps I could do something today.. but what?" And I have no immediate
answer. It's like I'm torn between not really wanting to go through the whole
mess and the I really want to keep doing things. And it always starts out looking
like that part of me that doesn't want to will win. But then ... you know I 
stick a camera on my bike ride it out... then finish a catapult and then
hey I have some great material for a movie. I have to put the other on hold.
It's really slow going. I don't have the full vision for it. That's why.

11:26 PM
To movie or not to movie..
How not to look like a bad lip synced to your own voice.

I'll post now but there are def. Movies and images in the making.


June 8 2006

June 8, 2006 Thursday 

Hanging Out movie.. notes
It's funny because their aren't really any outtake outakes because all those fun
sort of side effects are sort of part of hanging out but I want to put them in 
a side projecct.. as it stands I have 23 minutes of footage I'm looking at.
I'd rather have it at between 7 and 10... a real good 7 to 10 minute movie with 
a common thread of ... well something. 

12:19 AM
I can imagine how it would be for me to explain my editing knowledge.
Least giving my take on editing and what I've done over the years.
I really haven't fully introduced myself with my experience. It's not
indicated at all by what I have up on line right now. 
On line was a recent development.. but movies... they go way way back.

I suppose I could write those short scripts for my explainations of movie

What is Editing... Really?

On the technical side editing is splicing video, re ordering, 
trimming off excess, removing accidents and a few more things 
I can't think of now. 

I think that editing for web movies and today is a bit different from a
a lot of the history of film.
For one, I have the capacity to not only write a script, shoot it, edit
footage, add my own audio, add my own computer generated enhacments, and 
publish to the web where virtualy any one so inclinded may access and 
view movie.
Now that is astonishing. But more so I think I would highlight some 
considerations for the modern web movie.

Web movies take time to load. If it isn't catchy by the first second 
and a half the web viewer might not care to stick around for the rest.
I believe that's why it helps to have a catchy somewhat graphical opening.
The Ask a Ninja series is a perfect example of this. We know right away
from the very first few seconds time was put into this production.
Since it repeats with every ninja web movie it becomes that trademarked
opening for which we identify and learn to wait for the download.
Something good is here.

Web movies are best kept short. 
Web movies are often the best when they come in series with each 
episode conveying a little bit more of the overall vision. 
Consistently offering intriging content attracts attention.
That is something every web content producer knows.
I mention it here because if you could take something good and 
just spread it out over a few movies rather than putting it all into
one you might get more attention.
So start thinking in multiples. 
It's a possilbity I could collect enough material on one day but decide
to turn it into multiple movies. I could then release them evenly and
if I got ahead enough I would be able to make it appear something was
coming out every day or every other day. 

I think I've diverged from my explanation of editing but I felt it important for 
me to get these thoughts down anyway.

When writing for a minor web series... don't underestimate the power of a
good hook. 
But make sure you can deliver. Because if you say 'it's coming' and it never
does... viewers no longer trust you. Websites all accross the net make this
The reveser works as well. Say there will not be content for a while... and just
just keep posting...... well that's an interesting experiment isn't it?
I noticed a dip in the hit count the next day after saying my blog was down...
then as days went on people started coming back again.

It's like playing a psychological game of feed the frog. ... eh...
You know... get people into the habit of checking things... eh like a frog.

Man, my journal is getting weird.

-posted on the next day-


June 7, 2006 Wednesday

June 7, 2006 Wednesday 7:15 PM
It made a lot of sense to me that since I couldn't fully realize
my visions for what I want to build I could build prototypes to explore
things.... and as a plus sell the work as I went along. This would fund
me while I worked up my ideas and gained the experience necsary for
success in my endeavors.

So art comes in a curious way.

I got to present my art pieces today. I think I surprised a few people with what
I could do. I'm glad it went over well and I'm glad I wasn't to far from the 
beginning because I was nervous. I had a lot to say about a lot of the things
I made. I made it clear that I had always put a lot of thought behind 

There wasn't another essay assignment given due to the teacher being behind
in grading. So, there's more time for artistic report writing and research
among other things. 

I have a headache yet again.... why am I having so many of these?

I'm thankful that there are people whom are seeing enough of the old
videos to want to see more later. I haven't even drudged up a lot of
the old ones. The Chris World Classics.

I had ideas about message. And it came up in my mind the question, 
"Who is it for?" Who are the movies for? Sure, people see them but
in a lot of ways they are for me. I can review what happened and
add my touch to it. I can emphasize or exaggerate situations.

10:04 PM
I wonder if there is a reason why the net archive doesn't want to 
serve my audio anymore.

It just won't go. It's a shame.

I took Advil upon request of a friend and followed directions to avoid
the whole back page full of warnings. It felt really warm going down
and I worried a little bit but I seem fine and my headache is a bit more
relaxed. I'm a bit drowsy but I was like that before I began anyway.
Now I've forgotten what I'm going to get to for the remainder of the night.
I have between 2 and 3 hours of useful time. And just like last night I have
a strong urge to ... well waste them by any of my conventional standards.

I get down when the net archive doesn't share my audio. Dang.

Upon seeing the response for the jump cut movie I'm more inclined to just
go into movies about how to make movies. That thought prob. dates even 
further back. But what questions would I answer?  youtube seems to have the
perfect audience for such things in the first place.

What is a Jump Cut? Done it.

It's much more than the following...
the sort of decisions that are being made are enormously important
for the final product of a production. So what exactly is one doing
when when 'really' edits.

What does CG mean?
So.. you want to do special effects eh?
What is the impact of sound?
What sort audio can I get legally?

What is a Creative Commons license?
What is stock footage and how can I use it?

What is creative geography?
What is the 180 degree rule?

What is continuity editing?

What are a few types of shots?
What are a few more types of shots?

Why should I write a script?
Why should I know about all of the above before I write a script?

I could prob. write them all out and them film and edit them a little
bit at a time.

And how about other stuff like..

What is a slime mold?
They're like the liquid terminators of the small squishy plant animal thing world.

10:44 PM
I want to say one thing about editing.. if you don't have a vision than
until one comes to you.. editing.. is just floundering about for a while
until enough of an idea builds together and you can turn it into something.

I suppose I'll have to make some hard decisions for "Hanging Out" the movie.
Like suppose I use this movie to introduce Joy as  a character while also showing
how we hang out. 

I can do a sort of looking back kind of edit... and incorporate more 
footage fore previously to spice things up. I could leave out the 
whole hand volume deal. Or just slash some large parts of it.
There's so many ways to go about this. 

I could even do a bit on my appreciation for Joy. Or something like that.

The wikipedia statement has got to be talked about at least.

I'm currently in the process of imagining what a watch-able movie Could Be and
seeing which clips I like the most. But other than that... editing is slow going.


June 6 2006 Nothing

June 6, 2006 Tuesday 12:33 AM
Animals these days have dev survival tactics
LIke if they are beautiful enough human beings won't kill them
Butter flies

Butter file effect?
GUY1: Look a butterfly did you know that something as subtle as the flutter
of a beautifies wings can let to events that cause hurricanes and tornados and 

GUY2 smashes butterflies

GUY1: What! the @#% why did you do that?

GUY2: I had to stop the hurricane.

3:41 PM
I thought a lot about movie script writing. And I noted how different it
was from web movie writing. Why certain ones hold attention among other

I was thinking about how to turn the butterfly short scene into something
without the use of a real butterfly. And I figured I could be explaining
and then cut to black and white of the two guys but we never hear their
voices. Just here my words in place of there's and then cut to me with 
the slapping motion then to the black and white hand lifting up.
And so forth. Perhaps a clever way around it and still more interesting
than just me talking.

And then all the philosophical ideas serve as a large resource for making
interesting and thought provoking web movies. I imaged a few of them.
And then earlier I imaged the racial movie where the guy is an actually
chicken but they carry on as though he's a person of some race and 
so forth...
"But it's a chicken!"
"Really, I am deeply insulted and embarrassed you would say that to my boyfriend"

and so forth....

And then there was one about the beginning of the journal and how words
were put down about my life before but NOT with conviction. The conviction
to write how it really is. I imagined the visuals to go with my talk.
I really need to work on producing those.
I wonder if they will put the bike lanes back. Really. 

Oh yeah I saw Hal ley at starz. What a surprise. I didn't even recognize her
at first. She is the one whom makes me sandwiches at the Depo.

8:48 PM
I got back from a bike ride.

Audio doesn't want to load anymore.. it's a shame.
So what do I do tonight now? I sort of want to just relax and watch some shows while eating and not edit anything... so.... 11:23 PM Eh how about a little..

June 6 2006 Nothing

June 6, 2006 Tuesday 12:33 AM
Animals these days have dev survival tactics
LIke if they are beautiful enough human beings won't kill them
Butter flies

Butter file effect?
GUY1: Look a butterfly did you know that something as subtle as the flutter
of a beautifies wings can let to events that cause hurricanes and tornados and 

GUY2 smashes butterflies

GUY1: What! the @#% why did you do that?

GUY2: I had to stop the hurricane.

3:41 PM
I thought a lot about movie script writing. And I noted how different it
was from web movie writing. Why certain ones hold attention among other

I was thinking about how to turn the butterfly short scene into something
without the use of a real butterfly. And I figured I could be explaining
and then cut to black and white of the two guys but we never hear their
voices. Just here my words in place of there's and then cut to me with 
the slapping motion then to the black and white hand lifting up.
And so forth. Perhaps a clever way around it and still more interesting
than just me talking.

And then all the philosophical ideas serve as a large resource for making
interesting and thought provoking web movies. I imaged a few of them.
And then earlier I imaged the racial movie where the guy is an actually
chicken but they carry on as though he's a person of some race and 
so forth...
"But it's a chicken!"
"Really, I am deeply insulted and embarrassed you would say that to my boyfriend"

and so forth....

And then there was one about the beginning of the journal and how words
were put down about my life before but NOT with conviction. The conviction
to write how it really is. I imagined the visuals to go with my talk.
I really need to work on producing those.
I wonder if they will put the bike lanes back. Really. 

Oh yeah I saw Hal ley at starz. What a surprise. I didn't even recognize her
at first. She is the one whom makes me sandwiches at the Depo.

8:48 PM
I got back from a bike ride.


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