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Am I Prisoner to My Ambition?

Title of Entry not really title of movie
June 10, 2006 Am I Prisoner to My Ambition?

== to JoshLeo that guy whom vlogs a LOT =========================

I'm happy to see such talent and dedication
existing in the world. I had to write you an e mail
just to let you know I admire your work.

And also I'm very much excited to see you have placed
your content (if I'm getting this correct) under the
Creative Common license that permits derivatives.
This is true, yes?

Regardless, I applaud you again and say good night
for where I am it is 1:29 AM


Chris B Stones

Where are all the vlog entries that are the arguments or 
the mean things that people do. Where are those?
Everything seems more or less positive that I've seen.
And I know there must be something like a strainer people
put their lives through before it goes on.
But where are those bits?

12:52 PM
=== to Kassimel ==================================================
Class is alright but I'm doing and building much more exciting
Like the catapult that was finally fully together and slinging
That thing grew out of a few pages of equations and a few trips
to Ace, and a couple of months of on and off work to bring it
to reality. I'll attach a picture.

Anyway, I'm up to my ears in stuff to edit for new movies.
And I've just figured out how to get this new software for 
viewing them to work. In the future you could run a little
program on your computer and have Chris's movies ready for viewing
everyday when you wake up. Won't that be nice?
And then I'll just have to put out a movie everyday.

Bored? Not I. I'm always up to something. ;)

6:59 PM
Hmmmp. I didn't realize it but I am.
I am prisoner to my ambition.. sometimes.
I especial note this when I get the thought "hey what if I don't edit that movie
later and just take the night off completely?" And then 
suddenly notice a huge relief. 
It calls things into question for a moment.
Like Am I Prisoner to My Ambition?

What a concept.

Take it easy chris. Take it easy.

I guess that's just what happens when your a fellow whom constantly
gets ideas and wants to share them. But that sharing requires lots
and lots of work... so most things are overlooked.
And that stacks up ...what would you call it... apprehension? No.
Sort of clogged excitement and then feeling shameful of not pulling
things off. But then it also leads to feeling very good about 
accomplishing things.

And I could argue that much much has happened this summer so far.
The evolution of the journal for one.
It's been a tremendous metamorphosis hasn't it?
And recently learning how to use FireAnt that aggregator is very nice.
It's one step closer to bring Chris World to the World. 
And that's just another building block on the way to fulfilling Contract 2014.
I don't make mention of it much. But I will someday. And it looks like I have
reason to tell people since some things are sort of going right.

As far is building toward that Contract.
I had nothing at the begining. 
It is essential unheard of for me to just say "I'm going to do this" 
And even more so to say, "It will exist by this time" 
You have to understand I had nothing. I had nothing to even remotely
base that dream on. I knew not of Blender. A program I learned of
the first summer. I knew not of open source. I knew not of the power of
blog communities. 

it was like saying... "Hey, I decided today to move mountains and I don't 
even own dynamite"

Well, I'm getting that dynamite. It's practically in the mail.
And I'm looking at a mountain. 
I think the rest is just hard hard work and dedication.

So I may be prisoner to my ambition for now. But someday....
someday I'll be a whole lot free-er than a whole lot of the people 
currently taking residence in this world. 

And freedom is in a way what I've always been working for.

10:29 PM
Well, I have been editing but with loud music playing up stairs I don't
want bass to get into my audio tracks. So I decided to finish off the night
with things that don't require my voice to be recorded.

Since other stuff still isn't done yet I decided to put up a smaller 'on the side'

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