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June 11, 2006 Sunday 12:21 AM The Bike Ride Movie

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yesterday I was successful in managing to get FireAnt to find my web movie. Now I have confirmed my content is subscribable. What's next? It's time to make a how to subscribe video amoung finishing other things. The only thing I don't like about the system is that the title of my blog entry becomes the title of the movie. ... mmm I can deal though. Besides the movies will have titles in them. Least, I could start doing that. I find I can render CG clips 8 times faster if I am just using them for a web video. Since, that means I can render them at half size I can render fewer pixels and that speeds things up immensly. There's all kinds of tricks to getting more CG for less time. If I need full framed clips I can use wire frames and turn off extra 'pretty' features. Yesterday was sort of.... filled of nudgeing myself foward. But trying to relax at the same time. After I got a lot of stuff to work I felt pretty good of much of that day. These days I think with all this new power I should movitize stuff more often. And that means I'll have to solve another problem. Time. But like the smart computer scientists and their strange and wonderful algorithm ways I might just find a way to pull of more consitent movie posting. How? Well I'm not fully commited yet.. but the idea is that I could genearte mutliples for a few days of the week and just write for and prepare for production the rest of the week. I have loads of ideas but no one says I have to make them the day of. Nor do I need to worry about the 'what's happing that day' effect. I see my entry for the day as stuff 'of the day' and the movie as time less. Let the movies be about anything from years ago to yesterday. I hear by release them from the daily struggle that would be declared regular video blogging. I do something a bit different. Least that's how I'm begining to feel. I need to push for the subscription BUT still mention Xvid decoding and the good old right click to save link as feature. ... I shoud really shore up these cracks. ==== to my brother Zach Ah well, Hello Zach it's good for you to have joined us. I was just writing to my mother and decided to copy and paste the message into an e mail addressed to you. Hillery got one as well. No link? Hmmp well here tis.... Now there here's a few things to understand. I'm currently in summer school so I have troble posting movies regularly but the past 2 weekends have been particulary movie productive so there might actually be some interesting things to view. Oh yeah, did you see the happy birthday video that was addressed to you and Dad? I hope so. I don't know where that link is at the momment though. best wishes, chris > Why is he being discussed in the third person? Perhaps his brother could > send him the link which has been spoken off so that he might bookmark it > and check it regularly. > > Chris' Brother > > wrote: Since my brother was the one whom said he wanted > to know me I would hope I knew of the blog that I keep > so very well now. Not only writings but sometimes images > and audio and more often now... movies. > > I wonder if he does. > > -chris > ===== Mmm looks like I need to fix a few things with the blog before I post tonight. I managed to get more things to work for me. And to finish editing that bike ride video.

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