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Emergency Nap [Movie: About to Die]

June 21, 2006 Wednesday Emergency Nap

What would my life look like if I was about to die?

==== Reply to a Reply ======================================== Thank you for inviting me to the beach. I'm really sorry I couldn't attend. On average though I tend not to stray to far from ARcata at any given time. I always like to know I can get up under my own power. > so how was being an hour late for art class? It went fine. Though I felt a bit bad about it. > thanks for sitting there and > letting me rant on; No prob. at all. I feel apologetic for not quite being myself. I was a bit tired and not wanting to deal with art at the moment. I just wanted to go out and about and think things over. I really need to just walk around after that class rather than being stuck in an Art class. > there's something both frustrating and incredibly refreshing to know that > you have portrayed yourself to be quite insightful about philosophy, yet > you remain for the most part silent in class. Portrayed myself? Intersting choice of wording. Have you marked up my paper yet? You think it's 'frustrating' that I don't speak up in class? Even though I have all these ideas? I'm more of the obserber than the interactor in many settings. Unless, I'm asked to preform for people. Than I preform. Besides, it's mysterious that way. No one really knows. Well, I was going to write longer but it appears I ahve neglected certain other things.. Say did you want to do someting Saturday or Sunday? I made tentative plans with someone on Friday, but the rest of the weekend looks openish. -chris ============================================================ 8:28 PM I awoke from a much much needed nap not to long ago. It was an emergency. I had walked so much, under the burning sun, with out water that I could feel the crust of dead burnt skin cells and dried sweat thickly on my brow. It didn't just stop with a long walk to and back from a title store clear on the other side of town.. I had to continue my efforts in art class as I had to curve out and add more shape to a turtle form. It had been nearly unbearable with the sweat dripping over my mask and the annoyance of working with caustic materials and a mask I kept sneezing into that other day. By the time I managed to leave I had yet more walking to do for I had to get home. And every step was painful... somewhat literally for my feet were beginning to show signs of soreness and I know that all my muscles will get together and complain tomorrow. They already did a fair job of that when I got up 20 or so minutes ago. I felt it. I tried to turn and I like I was as hard and as cracked as that cement I was working with earlier today. The way my skin felt when I shifted beneath it.... it was like shifting the cracking mud of a dried up lake bed. Really, that was the instant image I got from it. As I attempted to continue my turn my legs felt tight and my head hurt slight. I had lost so much water. I thought as I noted the dryness of my face. I knew it had burned. It wasn't as much as it could have been for I knew it was going to burn at the time and attempted to cover it up here and there. But still... I felt like a burnt piece of toast and was having trouble moving. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to go back to the art shop to do that filming I was thinking of. It's too painful currently. 10:28 PM I have a feeling this headache will be with me till I go to bed. Best to take it easy.

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