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Floating Floss

June 27, 2006 Tuesday 11:08 PM Floating Floss

Floating Floss

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It was like I need to do my art reports so I wasn't going to go editing some past footage. And then I was like... mmm something a bit strange 'did' happen today. I guess I'll go film it and post it. And so I did. How mundane... but interesting.
These guys did real good work. It puts my cloning to shame. Watch their movie Send in the Clones
Note I added: I laughed even harder the second time I watched it. Lots of good stuff going on in this. The force pull of the gun was totally un expected and reaction of the other guy is perfect for that. Believable props, good edits nice use off the twirl blur. That is 5 star work my friends. Philosophy battle Cry. Every question requires one more thought than you give it. I was walking through a parking lot while thinking about it. Philosophy the UnDone Daily Chore
The Problem of Whom Says What Quotaions Quotations when will citation freaks learn. Really? 4:42 PM Who's the Villan? 2 short stories where the hero in one story is the villan in the next. Just a story idea. 5:48 PM It's not a good idea to attempt a movie everyday. Really. Tis better to a wait a well finished sort of product and then produce it. I'd trade in quanity for quality. I just wish that would still keep people coming back. Really. .... 8:02 PM After a bike ride to a small rusty and cob webed playground. .... I did a hum test to see how much the ceil BASS line would come accross on my sound track. I suppose anything I really want a clean track on I'll have to do at other times. I guess I'll just have to get over it. ... go on and create with out caring. 10:57 PM After a quick film and edit of the floating floss I decided to contine attempting to complete the art reports due very soon.

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