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Fully Operational Trebuchet

June 9, 2006 Friday 5:28 PM This is a Fully Operational Trebuchet

He says it all....

10:54 PM
It's amazing how a day can unfold into a fairly large adventure.
I mean it's also strange that I have this huge urge to just go back to sleep
not to long after getting up. I mean I woke up and was doing reading for class
and loading and watching Rocketboom and then thinking I should go to the 
sculpture lab and make that other mold. But then I just laid down and was
looking up at the ceiling while I kept thinking that and about how I felt
a bit tired. But I just got up as I realized I haven't gotten a chance to
install the bike cam. I wanted to do that so much I decided I'd get up just
to do that and the art project would be a lovely side effect. 

And so I rode out with my ZR40 (no the B cam or aka action cam or the camera that
I would brake at the cost of getting some of those great action shots)
And I enjoyed having it there until I saw some of the shots I was getting.
A bit to shaky but hey.. some are good and what else did I expect?

I rode out to Jacob's house as well but the camera tripod started pointing 
straight up without me realizing it and then the battery died before the
very best part of the ride where I was talking with someone about web movies
at Jacob's house. Dang . It would have been good. 
But it turns out people treat you different when you have a camera hooked onto 
your bike. Like they are like... hmmmp interesting. What is the guy doing?
I'll get better at using it.

I was very tired and hot after that and I came back to my place and
laid on my bed feeling exhausted but still thinking about going out.
Just not at that moment. This was a well deserved break because I had
gone to the sculpture lab and I had done what I needed. And I had filmed.
And now I wanted to see just how much material I missed. 

Later, I went down to D street after hearing Linda had bought the rest of
the stuff. So I went and it was assembled. And I have clips of the first 
few throws. It needs work but hey it's come so far since the beginning of
it's conception. Now that is a productive day... but there's still so much
to plow through regarding other matters. I could stay in the rest of the 
weekend and tend to them. And do laundry. For the best. 


I have to fix a class prob. with my fall schedule. A class changed it's time
and I keep forgetting to check in with it.

to make a movie or not make a movie? That is the question.
I wake up. I feel... "hmmp I haven't made a movie in  a week" due to classes
"Perhaps I could do something today.. but what?" And I have no immediate
answer. It's like I'm torn between not really wanting to go through the whole
mess and the I really want to keep doing things. And it always starts out looking
like that part of me that doesn't want to will win. But then ... you know I 
stick a camera on my bike ride it out... then finish a catapult and then
hey I have some great material for a movie. I have to put the other on hold.
It's really slow going. I don't have the full vision for it. That's why.

11:26 PM
To movie or not to movie..
How not to look like a bad lip synced to your own voice.

I'll post now but there are def. Movies and images in the making.

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