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Go Back 30 Years [Mov: Dress Funny]

June 24, 2006 Saturday 2:50 AM go Back 30 Years [Mov: Dress Funny]

Dress Funny

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I don't have a twin but I do enjoy a quick clone here and there.
People don't realize it. The fact all the bits of images and writings and entries that accumulate give them a certain power. If used to the effect I have in mind it would be as though you could re envision your life.. but place emphasis on how you wish it. Perhaps rather than mundanely remembering an outing with a friend... you could transform the images and movie clips into something else. Pretend, that we were getting a look into the memory process rather than just the plain blankness of the original imagery. Wouldn't that be fascinating? It might. I contemplate trying it as I look at the angelic pictures I have now. 11:46 AM Turns out when you compress a full 640 by 480 image it's still reasonably small. I tested it out here
mmmmm Full Quality.. or near full quality. Least a larger screen size. It might be cool for certain movies where I want to show off a lot of details. The problem with it is that you have to go to the file. A lot of the viewers on line force you to see it smaller than it is. === to Philosophy Prof. ======================================== I'm having trouble writing this. ... I'm working on quote number two and when you mention "philosophical abstraction" I'm not sure what your referring to. Could one type be using 'definitions' as an ideal way to categorize examples? Could another be the whole 'I'll make a broader statement about how I see the world' and use that to undermine the whole issue before I really work on it? I'm just not clear on philosophical abstractions and I'm having many other troubles. I even think I might have had ideas for quote 3 and maybe I should have selected that one. Dang it. Any words of encouragement? Dang. I'll go for a walk with a note pad and come back to write later. -chris =========================================================== 4:39 PM I like WestWood Market. It's like taking a trip 30 years back. It's like your suddenly back in a time where the grocery store clerks cared. There was no conveyer belt there. Food wasn't zipped by and bar scanned. They look at everything and give you what you deserve. A smile. It's a place were old ladies feel comfortable. And that's what I saw there. Even to the point where one was being helped load her car up with the groceries. It was interesting. I visited partially because of the hydroponic store near by and partly because I can by the essentials I would get from Safeway but closer. And I'd feel good about myself for helping this small town place stick around longer. I noted things to myself as I rode back. We need more places like this. 7:18 PM How is it.. that I'm feeling tired but restless? I can lay down but I can not sleep. Man. 8:31 PM The burden of application is on the math student not the professor. It's not the students that question "Why do I need this?" often times it's seen that the professor is asked to answer this question. But the burden of application shall not be on the professor. The mentor grants the tools and encourages the student. The students trial is to see what he/she can do to apply the mathematics. ... I guess I'm a bit absested with the duplication trick. I think it offers wonderful visual metaphorical possibilities. I could be talking about myself in 3rd person... but actually have myself siting there doing something while I talk. Taking that objective view of one's self to the max. Oh I could start duplication week.... .. I'm beginning to think I'm not feeling well. Excessive tiredness.. throat pain.... mmmm. I hope it's only allergies but i really don't know. Sometimes I'm tired when I feel stressed. But it's that restless tired where if I lay down I can't sleep. Hard to say.

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