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Good Day [Movie: CC]

June 15, 2006 Thursday Good Day [Movie: CC]

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It's about the creative commons licensing and how people don't have to use copy righted works to enhance their movies with work that other people have done and made freely avielable given certain restrictions. It's good stuff. I felt like I was doing a PSA. By the way...

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. 11:12 PM I think it somewhat works out nicely that I can write an entry after I film and edit my movie. While the uploads are humming I can be-a typ-in. I enjoyed myself greatly after bumping into Rosie on the way home from D street. It's great to she her again. She was in a very good mood and we laughed and talked about many sorts of things. And then I accompanied her to a dinner at some restaurant I had never been to and we found Noelle and we all went to a park to eat the foot. But I didn't eat anything because I had already eaten. I enjoyed my audience. They laughed, I laughed, we all laughed a lot. It was fun o put it bluntly. And I even preformed a silent show for them. I"m told they would make good web additions. I contemplate it. ... by a stoke of amazing luck it turns out that Rosie and I are free on exactly the same days of the week. What were the chances of that? Well, I've finished another week in art... and now there are two projects remaining. And in philosophy there are 3 essays remaining with the one this week to be done. They aren't really week essays if all you have is the weekend to really work on the issues. I'll have to dedicate more time to working through my question. Perhaps, some of that thinking will show up in a movie. I'm proud of myself for posting so regularly. I'm already noticing a slight increase in visitors. That's a very good thing. I cherish small accomplishments like these... it makes me feel better when so much other stuff goes wrong.
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