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Green Line Movie

June 12, 2006 Monday Green Line

Green Line Troble viewing?
Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
I need to mention that the brief piano music in this movie was by Commerical Applicant the sole producer of which is Martin Harp. I always love piano in things like this. Though that isn't the sound track I was thinking of for the effect. Of course that wasn't even the effect I wanted so I suppose all is fair anyway.
Hmmp. I'll just be thinking out loud here for a minute. I want to be able to accomplish a movie everyday but the task seems impossible. The only way I can see it even remotely happening is if I have some sort of production plan and schedule. And maybe then something can happen. That's 'if' I can pull of the keeping of such a thing. I could break previously one idea into multiple blocks of content in which I could make a lot of them on a few days of the week and then just disperse them over the course of the week. If I get ahead I could supply fillers. And I could even post a 'technical difficulties clip' in case something goes really wrong. All this hassle just to make sure I can keep a new 'something' out every day so that my channel (via FireAnt) is kept humming. Can I? Should I? ..... still thinking about it. Could try stuff out... at least. I have seen a lot more of that wacky web stuff now that I had like 200 or so movies downloaded to my computer last night. And some of the stuff people come up with is really amazing. My gosh. It's expanding my mind already. 12:14 AM in a e mail from mom "Chris, who taught you math? Did you have a teacher? Or did you pretty much teach yourself?" Hmmp good question. I think the way I got to be the way I am today was a result of a couple of things. One of two of the most notable was a fellow whom commented on my suggestion while in Alaska. From as earlier as the days when I could work on that 60 in One Electronic project lab I wanted to be able to do the math. The first thing I sort of could do was Ohms law. V=IR And as soon as I tried to go a little further I could not. It was frustrating. It was also frustrating to get to borrow Hillary's Physics book and not know what the integrand symbols meant. The book was basically useless to me since I could not manage to figure those out. I was def. exposed to math in the class room but it wasn't until I began teaching myself calculus around the summer after my junior year that I caught on a lot. I saw the 'lack of understanding' as a road block for a lot of things I wanted and decided it might be wise to figure it all out. Gradually I developed better skills to the point where I could immediately jump several steps ahead and pin point an answer. the y = mx + b form I know like the back of my hand. But it's the fact of proving new information that always catches me. I mean catches my attention. It makes me want to figure things out when i know I can preform all the right steps. And after the CSP Independent project I got a lot of practice figuring out the mathematics to things. ... There hasn't been one teacher really. ... I don't think I've typed this right. My head hurts at the moment or else I would be more in depth. Perhaps I'll think about it and get back to you. 5:01 PM It turns out that other people agree that there are problems with certain outspoken students in the class. Today was the second time I left in such a state as to not be able to eat before art. My back is so stiff after leaving that class. I was concentrating really hard for a long time. And I think that's part of the reason I always get headaches by the time I get home. I need to really unwind after all that mess. The plaster didn't pour well at all and what little idea I had for what I wanted to do didn't work out well. I decided I wanted to work with very delicate things but the problems with that are... well they are delicate things. .... another idea A lot of the things we find magical are things we don't fully understand. That explains why learning the 'truth' about them makes them less potent to us. I think the same could be said for love. I think that when it because painfully obvious what is happening on that schematic level of cause and effect than there won't be a 'ohh love oh' response. It will be quantifyable, 'that phenomena that occurs when.." But that doesn't mean that it won't be any less of a powerful thing. People will still fall, fight and die for love. ... Are some things best 'felt' rather than 'thought of' ? Are some things best explored through emotion rather than intellectual debate? ... 10:39 PM Alright, so I try to do this effect. But it's not how I wanted at all. And to get what I really want will require some sneaky and hacky ways of treating a blender project file. ... I know somehow I can get the effect I want but right now it all really hates me. I think that part of my headaches are coming from this pushing myself to produce daily. Better lay off. Really. While my second attempt to fix the SF shot renders I'll be examining sculptures to see how I can possibly answer these art questions. Lucky for me all the thought and hard work of the last project paid off. I got basically a perfect on my last art project. Phew. It's good to know all that struggle was worth something.

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