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I'm a Polymath [Mov: Hair Cut]

June 30, 2006 Friday 12:02 AM I'm a Polymath

Hair Cut

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Short. Simple. Hair Cut Before and After.
I think there is a fundamental difference in attitude between the person whom goes, "I'm done with work, school and now I have nothing to do" Versus the "I'm done with what is required of me now what was the next thing I wanted to try?" One attitude may quickly lead to boredom. The problem with the other is that their are times when rest is really what is required but is put off because of the attitude. ... SEGMENT OFF RECORD ... The more people I meet the more I find the agony people are in in one thing or another. Maybe there really is something to being a good person. I sure hope that people don't take my words wrong. I'd best finish all my ...'s and place a disclaimer on what ever I write when I know what I write could be taken the wrong way. Ah yes, I met Vanessa last night briefly. Just long enough to remember her name. .... Never had I met someone whom was so affect by my writing. This isn't Vanessa, an acquaintance in passing, this was Leah. She told me she reread my other essay a few times and it really speaks to her I suppose. It's a strange feeling when you know your writing as affects someone. Strange. 11:02 AM I'm not a genius, I'm a polymath and 'jack of 'many' trades, master of none' You know polymath. See wiki def "(from Greek "polys" meaning "much", great in quantity; and "mathese" meaning "learning"); is a person who excels in multiple fields, particularly in both arts and sciences." 11:27 AM It's funny how I found this place once before but I lost it and I could remember thinking... I want to go back and read those interesting essays from that place I found once. And I FOUND it again! I think it's funny how my journal now has HTML written into it. I aught to try viewing it with a browser. 11:48 AM You can tell when I'm just up and searching about on line when I'm listing my commentary on links I find. I figure if your going to walk around the web why not walk the wiki web? It's better that way. At least someone is encouraged to check and change things. At least. By the way, I searched journal and what I read on the page felt ghostly familiar to what I was thinking. mmmm 12:12 PM I'm thinking about the duck down edit. And the forward rewind commentary edit style. mmmm interesting. I note them so that I may come back and think of them later. ... Don't you get it? If I feel a type of vacation is 'getting away from people' than I could stay here. See? I'm saying that if everyone else decides to go take a vacation than my relativity I'm away from people. But I'm still around all the tools I need to really think and enjoy myself. Isn't that great? 3:25 PM Got back from a fairly long bike ride. It was all over the place and included stopping in to eat but seeing none of the regular people though I did go by a few places. 20763 words since June 1, 2006 5:00 PM Left a comment on this fellows log

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Dave said...

Hello I just made a polymath blog thought you might be interested. I'm wondering how many are out there.


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