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Infected Ice Cream [Movie: L Cuts]

June 19, 2006 Monday 9:36 AM Infected Ice Cream [Movie: L Cuts]

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It happened again. The phone goes off before my alarm and I mistake it for my alarm and get up at 9 something thinking i have to be in class by 10 when really that is one hour earlier than I have to be. No wonder I feel so tired right now. So, I walked back up the hill and turned off my alarm. I think I catch a short nap *sneezing* I was out just long enoungh to get allergic I suppose. Mirible my throat hurts. least I'll be in time to get food before Art class. 6:16 PM I wonder who it was that knocked. Or did they? I was taking a nap and didn't get up. And then later I wondered who it was. It was just the last 2 times I answered the door it wasn't anyone I wanted to talk to. Perhaps this time would have been different. Oh well. I best not think about the missed possibilities. 8:08 PM I was having a blast inputing the old Measurment movie. I've got like not only todays video but 2 more to show case. So that's Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday, All I need is a Thur, Friday and Sat Sun and I'm good. Just 4 more. And that's another video week. mmmm 11:05 PM I'm back in again after a walk and a D street visit. A bit hot. You know sometimes you just know it's not a good idea to eat ice cream after someone. And I did. So I'm marking today as a potential you know... so I know where somethign could ahve come from. ======= a Replay to a Replay ==================== No it wasn't sarcastic and I did think it was strange that we didn't acknowledge each other. But I knew it wasn't llike anything bad went on between us or something. Computer nonsense? Where did that go in? > i checked out your website earlier today. contains quite a bit of what is > to me computer nonsense. what i find great is that you created it. and > that there is a very cute bunny on video that reminds me of my cat. The bunny movie is a favorite of the internet community and my friends. Cat eh? interesting. > the more i read, the > more i think, and the more i attempt to understand philosphically, the > more loose ends i find that i just can't tie... > That happened to me the first time I was in a philosophy class but I learned which things to pick apart and which to not. Which reminds me I wanted to do a philosophy psa later this week. mmmmm I realize it's odd that wee haven't really ever sat down and chatted really. Yet, I do always see you in passing. Maybe I'll sit down at the deli or somethign some time. Get free refills... right? Oh well, thanks for the reply good to hear from you -chris ====================================================

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