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It's a Good Mood: [Movie] Got Xvid?

June 13, 2006 Tuesday It's a Good Mood Movie: Got Xvid?

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Yum I'm thinking about cafepress again. Oh my gosh Zach Braff started a domain. 9:43 PM I think it's safe to say I've been in a good mood for nearly the entire day. I'm practically salvating over the cafepress capabliy I'll be adding to my site. And I'm figuring out how I can publish an audio CD, video CD and a book. Also, get large scale posters of things I design. It would be so cool. Not to mention, I checked my e mail earlier and someone was asking if I would be a part of some on line music show. I wasn't exactly sure about the details but I thought it was genearly a postive thing and that it would be another place to show case stuff I make. I've noticed I'm reveing up for another powerful push in my web content. I'll try not to jinx it with this saying but I've been getting home and shooting material and I all ready have something from last night to edit for tonight. I'm begining to think forward with the motton edit today shoot for tommorrow and write for next week. I think it's a winning stratogey. Though I believe movie shooting and editing have to be a solidly in the schedule as classes are or those things will be pushed aside for no real good reason. ... 10:35 PM I'm hopeing this short video isn't as painful to watch as it is painful to edit. ...

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