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June 1 2006 What gives?

June 1, 2006 Thursday 5:09 PM Weekend Begins

This was the last day of class for 3 days.
I would feel so much more comfortable in the art class 
if I knew I could  come and go as I pleased. My grade
will not be very high just because it looks like I'm 
throwing things together.
But I wanted more chances to explore ideas.

I have lots of ideas. And to fully portray them requires 
some attention to explanation.
Everything I do is thought out. Mostly. 

I do have grievances that I dare to clear up.
It doesn't seem like a very encouraging attitude was shown
toward my planning. Is this true or merely something I'm 

I need to ask if there is net access and if movies can be 
downloaded ahead of time like please down load my movie
onto your laptop. Reasons? 

Details and craftsmanship has never been my strong suit.
But looks like I'll be working on both this summer.

I can work at least. Freely, even in that last 90 minutes.

There isn't a psychological drain on me this time. Not like that
summer of hell. Man, I look back now and see that was one of 
the worst summers of my life. 

There is a statement in the syllabus that states leaving at the end
of class only. This is part of participation grade.
I need to know I'm not trapped because if I feel trapped there
I really really get a annoyed. 

7:49 PM
Seems as though I've become quite agitated with dealing with people
in the world lately. One day, I'll be sure to take a vacation from it
all. I almost can't stand the recirculating thoughts of all the people
whom wronged me in some way. Or perhaps done something that hurt
my self esteem.

10:22 PM
Man, I really can't shake this scratchy feeling. I hate it.
If I could just concentrate and roll of emotions that would be best
right now. 

10:58 PM
I just worked out the fact I could define a Right Circular cone by 
the Radius and theta of a circular piece of material. When folded
into shape will produce cone with predictable parameters.

11:19 PM
But when I try to create the shape I'm more than a centimeter off.
What gives? What is going wrong?

I enjoyed seeing my design come to life after previsualization on the computer.

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