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June 17 2006

June 17, 2006 Saturday 

Watch Walk Through Trouble viewing?
Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
How do you walk through a door? How do you walk through the camera? This is one neat way to change locations.
There isn't that much to say. I awoke and attempted to remotely access my old computer with the intent it would become a rendering device. I wrote part of a short story when I was reminded of one of my friends efforts to publish a book, and I realized I haven't written that sort of material in a long long time. I attempted to tape some of my work as I modeling objects in blender. I wasn't liking how it was going... but I might just post regardless. I found someone was discovered on youtube nad is getting a tv deal of some sort. I was in wonder. I rode out to see what sort of things was going on with the oyster fest. I bought 24 dollars of grociersy and biked it all the way home. What a fuss. Wrote 2000 words into an essay that isn't exactly done. Still don't have a nice sketch of my next art project for class. I was asked to go through a friends stuff... very strange. And I chatted with friends on line before I edited a minute movie. That's a days work. .. that actualy went 2 hours into the next day.

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