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June 18, 2006

June 18, 2006 Sunday 6:16 PM
I'm a bit worried that I may have lost that tinkering spirit I once
had back in the days when I played with BASIC. The first summer....
The summer that I began the journal had the most random programming of
prob. my entire life thus far. I don't know where the motivation stopped.
I know that today... if I did the same as I did before but with python
and Blender I could do many much more fantastic things.
I wouldn't just be programming I would be able to interact with the
graphics in ways unparalleled to my capability on that first summer.

Why have I lost my motive? It concerns me. Shall, I begin again?
Forced at first... but continue just the same.   ....
It's 6:20 PM and I contemplate walking about. 
Should I? 

My sister graduates from High School today. They wanted me to be there.
My body must have sensed the threat of travel for I awoke in a lot 
of pain. It dispersed as the day wore on.

I did have one of my sneezing fits earlier after I walked to the deli and
back in the wind. I enjoyed the wind and the sun... unfortunately my 
body does not. And I sneezed so many times.

I had to go do an errand. It was one of the strangest things I've ever
had to do for someone. I wouldn't get into details but I have to say
I felt very strange while I carried out their orders. It was weird
to collect data in that way. You really can learn a lot about someone
by the things they own.

I've not been doing well in the pre study for Telecomm. The one thing I did
that was related was the accessing the old G3 iMac 'the original Chronokeeper'
and making things happen on the desktop. It's a step in the right direction
for distrubited rendering. 
I wonder if I could write a screen saver that could disturb the render job
and than ask friends or fans to run the screen saver to help me render things.
That would be cool. 

Knowing about networks is something every CS major should know. 

... mention HB blog okay.

9:54 PM
Got home and got directly into a tele Video Call with family to say happy
Fathers day and Congradulations to Brenna. She wanted a CG card that I 
didn't have.

Lauren Adries sister. I talk to her every once in a while. It's good.

10:52 PM
And today I feature a Chat with Jacob
Conversation with sirhcsenots
(9:55:37 PM) sirhcsenots : I was in a video chat with paernts to wish sister happy grad and father happy f day
(9:55:45 PM) sirhcsenots : ohh Bio
(9:56:44 PM) jcrummey7: Yea, so much information
(9:56:58 PM) jcrummey7: How were the parents?
(9:57:03 PM) sirhcsenots : Slime molds man slime molds!
(9:57:05 PM) sirhcsenots : good
(9:57:12 PM) sirhcsenots : even a great grandparnet was there
(9:57:19 PM) jcrummey7: slime molds are where its at
(9:57:27 PM) sirhcsenots : keep in mind people can see you on those so don't pick your nose
(9:57:28 PM) sirhcsenots : gez
(9:57:33 PM) sirhcsenots : yeah
(9:57:36 PM) jcrummey7: wow, that's cool
(9:58:14 PM) jcrummey7: So what have you been up to since last time I talked to you? I have seen you have been putting up many new movies.
(9:58:33 PM) sirhcsenots : yes
(9:58:38 PM) sirhcsenots : its nearly killing mme
(9:59:02 PM) jcrummey7: But they seem like so much fun to make. Just a lot of work to edit?
(10:01:12 PM) sirhcsenots : it's fun to watch them when their done
(10:01:21 PM) sirhcsenots : But it's a lot of pressure to put myselff through
(10:01:30 PM) sirhcsenots : A lot of stuf I shoot doesn't come out the way I like
(10:01:36 PM) sirhcsenots : and othe rthins like that
(10:03:11 PM) sirhcsenots : I borrowed a computer that I could run MPLAB on
(10:03:33 PM) jcrummey7: Yea I could imagine. It seems like it would be difficult to take an idea and transfer to video.
(10:03:52 PM) sirhcsenots : so you have really been watching?
(10:03:57 PM) sirhcsenots : you must be 1 of the 10 hits I get a day
(10:03:58 PM) jcrummey7: Oh yea, I almost bought a laptop that had a serial port so I could program my pic chip
(10:04:04 PM) sirhcsenots : ooooohhh
(10:04:18 PM) sirhcsenots : I haven't had the time to learn more PIC stuff since we last spoke :(
(10:04:36 PM) jcrummey7: Yea I check the blog most every day. You are pretty good about updating it every day so it is usually worth it for me to check it often
(10:04:38 PM) sirhcsenots : Building my on line persona is a bit more important at this point but that doesnt' mean I can't make a PIC movie
(10:04:46 PM) sirhcsenots : :)
(10:04:50 PM) sirhcsenots : It's hard work
(10:04:52 PM) jcrummey7: Hey that would be a good idea.
(10:04:57 PM) sirhcsenots : And takes about 3 hours to get a video done
(10:05:02 PM) sirhcsenots : So you can see the dedication
(10:05:10 PM) jcrummey7: I want to buy a stepper motor and try to finish my project I stated during last semester.
(10:05:35 PM) sirhcsenots : yeah
(10:05:57 PM) jcrummey7: When you make a video do you have a clear idea of what you want to do, or do you create as you film?
(10:05:57 PM) sirhcsenots : I have no movie for tonight and it's already 10
(10:06:10 PM) jcrummey7: Oh well, you can't win them all.
(10:06:15 PM) sirhcsenots : Back in the good ol days I wrote script and filmed nearrly every time
(10:06:21 PM) sirhcsenots : EVen if it was an out line
(10:06:43 PM) sirhcsenots : The trick these days is to find a good idea that would fit nicely into 90 seconds and make it a reality
(10:06:56 PM) sirhcsenots : I developed a bit of a motto
(10:07:02 PM) sirhcsenots : Shoot for tommorrow
(10:07:03 PM) sirhcsenots : edit for today
(10:07:05 PM) sirhcsenots : and write for next week
(10:07:38 PM) sirhcsenots : So, I like to work from script but it doesn't always happen.
(10:07:41 PM) jcrummey7: I like that motto, it's catchy and a good idea
(10:07:55 PM) sirhcsenots : yeah I'm going to try for shorter more concise 'how to stuff'
(10:08:01 PM) sirhcsenots : so that I can explain something quick everyday
(10:08:05 PM) sirhcsenots : I struggle with content choices like thse
(10:09:16 PM) jcrummey7: I saw you riding your bike today
(10:09:31 PM) sirhcsenots : .. the prob with the motto is new ideas hit me so often I shoot them rather than what I was going to do
(10:09:36 PM) sirhcsenots : like explain codecs
(10:10:14 PM) jcrummey7: yea codecs are a pain
(10:10:36 PM) sirhcsenots : That how to codec movie I made actuall helped
(10:10:39 PM) sirhcsenots : my familiy succeed
(10:10:54 PM) sirhcsenots : now they can watch with out the annoyance of youtube or goog vid or anything
(10:11:21 PM) jcrummey7: That's nice
(10:11:58 PM) sirhcsenots : oh ! the philosophy movie
(10:12:01 PM) sirhcsenots : dang I didn't write for it
(10:12:04 PM) jcrummey7: So do you play all the music that are in the videos?
(10:12:06 PM) sirhcsenots : I like doing PSA's
(10:12:11 PM) sirhcsenots : A lot of it
(10:12:15 PM) jcrummey7: what is a PSA?
(10:12:17 PM) sirhcsenots : or I compose it with Garage Band
(10:12:23 PM) sirhcsenots : Public Service Announcment
(10:12:47 PM) jcrummey7: what is the philosophy movie?
(10:12:58 PM) sirhcsenots : The paper I wrote for class was on the importance of philosophy
(10:13:06 PM) sirhcsenots : it was to combant the negative feelings to the field.
(10:13:12 PM) sirhcsenots : And show it actually is useful
(10:13:26 PM) sirhcsenots : So, I was going to do a bit on what it is and why one shoudl pursue it
(10:13:33 PM) jcrummey7: huh, that sounds interesting
(10:13:54 PM) sirhcsenots : I should post this converastion we are having I have a feeling it would answer a lot of questions
(10:14:07 PM) sirhcsenots : the problem is that the iChat saved file doesn't look real good out side of iChat
(10:14:17 PM) jcrummey7: is "Garage Band" the name of a band? or a program?
(10:14:38 PM) sirhcsenots : A programt hat lets you compose music
(10:15:26 PM) sirhcsenots : What questions do you think I shoudl answer?
(10:15:50 PM) jcrummey7: I could send you the conversation as a html file in the format that I see it.
(10:15:58 PM) sirhcsenots : that would be splended
(10:16:16 PM) jcrummey7: I was going to ask you what questions you thought this conversation would answer?
(10:16:53 PM) sirhcsenots : How do you do your music Chris?
(10:17:15 PM) sirhcsenots : Do you have a motto?
(10:17:38 PM) jcrummey7: What process do you use in coming up with your movies?
(10:18:44 PM) jcrummey7: How do you come up with a song to play for your movies?
(10:19:01 PM) jcrummey7: That's a new question that I wanted to ask.
(10:19:23 PM) sirhcsenots : ooo good ones
(10:19:44 PM) sirhcsenots : I'm this close away *puts finers near eachother * from just answering questions
(10:19:53 PM) sirhcsenots : or gags I do visual gags from time to time
(10:21:48 PM) jcrummey7: visual gags on your movies?
(10:22:03 PM) sirhcsenots : yeah you don't nkow what I mean?
(10:22:10 PM) jcrummey7: Like walking through the door?
(10:22:27 PM) sirhcsenots : no
(10:22:30 PM) sirhcsenots : like... mm
(10:22:34 PM) jcrummey7: Oh I guess I don't know
(10:22:53 PM) sirhcsenots : mmm
(10:22:55 PM) sirhcsenots : dang
(10:22:57 PM) sirhcsenots : I know I ahve them
(10:23:14 PM) sirhcsenots : The on I'm thinking of is like if I walk and my head goes one way but my body goes the other
(10:23:19 PM) sirhcsenots : and i dance like that
(10:23:31 PM) sirhcsenots : or I do the .. Donny Darko efffect
(10:23:37 PM) sirhcsenots : but I walk into the force field accidenlty
(10:24:02 PM) jcrummey7: Have you done that on any of the movies you posted?
(10:24:07 PM) sirhcsenots : no
(10:24:18 PM) sirhcsenots : But I hve the footage for hte Darko one I just havne't added effects to yet
(10:24:28 PM) jcrummey7: How do you add the effects?
(10:24:32 PM) sirhcsenots : I contemplated doin ga Chris History becuase I have so much old footage
(10:24:36 PM) sirhcsenots : Blender
(10:24:39 PM) sirhcsenots : Didn't I tell you about that?
(10:25:09 PM) jcrummey7: yea, I think so. I downloaded Blender, but I have yet to figure it out.
(10:25:32 PM) sirhcsenots : it's a bit of harsh envirnment to go at it alone
(10:25:38 PM) sirhcsenots : But hang in there .. or perhpas I could help
(10:25:46 PM) sirhcsenots : I gradually got it over time
(10:25:53 PM) jcrummey7: yea that would be nice, did you learn it on your own?
(10:26:03 PM) sirhcsenots : yep
(10:26:17 PM) sirhcsenots : through vid tutorials, experimentation, certain sites
(10:26:20 PM) sirhcsenots : and dedicationo
(10:26:25 PM) jcrummey7: impressive, did you just learn by trial and error?
(10:26:29 PM) sirhcsenots : I'm now the proud owner of some blender skills
(10:26:40 PM) jcrummey7: nice
(10:26:42 PM) sirhcsenots : ... sometimes.. .. but it's not a very smart way to go
(10:26:55 PM) jcrummey7: no, pretty frustrating too
(10:27:02 PM) sirhcsenots : I tried a blender vid the other day but it was painfully hard to make
(10:27:15 PM) sirhcsenots : I didnt' realize hot to videos for learning Blender would be such a challange
(10:28:04 PM) jcrummey7: What made it so challenging?
(10:28:16 PM) sirhcsenots : .. well it's one of those things you have to plan for
(10:28:47 PM) sirhcsenots : just recording with out practise or a plan is .. useless
(10:28:51 PM) sirhcsenots : That I need script for
(10:28:55 PM) sirhcsenots : I should aspire to do it
(10:29:03 PM) sirhcsenots : Welp, it's 10:21 and I bet you have studying
(10:29:10 PM) sirhcsenots : and I have future everything ot plan.
(10:29:16 PM) sirhcsenots : Do send me an html replica
(10:29:16 PM) jcrummey7: Yea I need to get back to it
(10:29:18 PM) sirhcsenots : soon
(10:29:20 PM) sirhcsenots : so I can post it tonight
(10:29:26 PM) jcrummey7: OK I'll send it right now
(10:29:34 PM) sirhcsenots : thanks
(10:29:40 PM) sirhcsenots : well shall keep in touch and thank you for your support
(10:30:01 PM) jcrummey7: sure, no prob. Talk to you later.
(10:30:06 PM) sirhcsenots : bye 

I featured a chat. I don't believe i'll push it and post a movie.
though I watched throuhg a bit of 'the classics' it's fun stuff.
I should find a diff audio track and talk about them.

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