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June 2 2006 Friday

June 2, 2006 Friday 12:22 AM
Let's make funner a word. Really. It would save so much time. All those people
whom tell those other people that funner isn't a word won't have to waste their time.
And people will be more correct more of the time. And isn't that we want from society
more people more correct? Wouldn't that be funner? C'mon now we have the power to do 
this. Somebody bribe webster. Please.

2:18 PM
I love it when application companies go out of business I can get their
software for free because they say, "Whatever..."

2:42 PM
Ah Fireant... solves so many problems
Eliminate that download time wait
Forget the Codec problems
Just pure Online Connection
I should do a graphic for it.

If the regular media is skewed. And you can not trust them.
Who do you trust with events?
Trust. people.. like yourselfs. Video blogging. around the world

7:39 PM
I need to mention this...
>>>  06/02/06 12:09 AM >>>
Hello Mr. Powers,

Excuse the poor English of this message...

I was in your English class way way long ago.
And I still show signs of your influence.
I found a journal of poetry recently and remembered
what you had said about the poetic word.
It it almost a higher form of thought disguised as
a simpler and stranger way to word things.

I wanted to let you know today that I appreciated your
efforts at the course in my life and I recognize you and
other other English teacher as being that influenced in
my English understanding.

I mentioned an idea one day in that class. I do not know
if you will remember it for it was a momentary moment
that I spoke up about and you seemed to take a interest
in.  Since that day, I suppose the idea has always been in
the back of my mind.

It was to write a program that will parse through text and
produce a second document with the words replaced
with what they are. Ex. Noun, verb, article, gerund etc.
And a statical read out on types of sentence structures used
as well as variety of terms.

I thought I might use it to  study the 'author finger print'
The fact that each persons body of writing has a unique
trace build up of their word usage and sentence structure.

I haven't written it yet. But if and when I do it will be in your honor
as I will dedicate it to you in the credits.


Chris B Stones 

p.s. Tell your students that I'm telling them to listen to you.

==== Mr. Powers Responds

Thank you for your letter Chris. It came at a time when I was about three seconds away from throwing my hands in the air and chucking this whole teaching thing. Then I read your note and thought, "Well, maybe it's not all a big waste of time."
I love your idea (I hadn't remembered it specifically - only that you were always coming up with interesting ideas and inventions). And I'm honored that you credit me for inspiring you. It would be a really interesting way to study and compare authors' styles. I wonder what problems would arise in the construction of such a program. Anyway...fascinating!
Thanks again and good luck. Please drop me a line or two whenever you feel inclined. I am most interested in knowing how and what you're doing.
Ben Powers

I guess I do have some small effect on the world. Go figure. I'm begining to become
a believer in the fact that the world will eventually mirror back what you put out 
in it. It's strange that I would think of sending the message at this particular time.
I had thought of it before. 

11:16 PM
I say good bye to Emily today. I got to hang out at D street and play guitar while she
played drums. It was quite fun. Wish it was recorded because I played My Theme and it
sounded much better with her drums to back it up.

I spent the latter half of the day with a half stomach ache and doing research
into where to get Helium. Apparently the .0005 % of helium that is in the air comes
from the decay of elements that emit alpha radiation. mmmmmm

So long EmMMmmMmmeeessssSSsss

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