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June 26, 2006

June 26, 2006 Monday 10:35 PM

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What do you get when you use an L Cut (previously featured) and a cutaway in the same edit? A smooth transition.
10:39 PM As I wait for my movie to upload to the various server places I serve movies from I contemplate the fact that any sudden motion causes my head to really hurt. Once I get a headache during the day it's with me until I wake up the next morning. I'm nearly down with the final art projects. And I have the putty stuck to my hands to show it. It's stuck right under my finger nails. I figured if I had a headache I'd just try and relax and hang out with friends. And I had to go to the market to pick up dinner. So, I biked out and Leah is on the way so I hung around there and then came back after a brisk ride. Pumping the pedals on my way back for the night really hurt. It felt like two hammers would swing down and hit me in the head with every heart beat. Man. I need to re read my journal. Really.

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