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June 4 2006 And Extra Frames

Frame from the Movie "Hanging Out"
Shot on May 29 2006
Currently being Edited
Jump Cut Commentary Version
June 4, 2006 Sunday 1:39 PM === e mail to phil teacher He said that the only think one could know for sure is that one existed. Since mathematics requires no outside obligations than I suppose along with that person existing mathematics can exist. For they, in their existance, can think about it. Is this true? If it is, than doesn't that mean of the first certain thing mathematics is certain as well? -chris Oh yeah, and did I title my essay submition correctly? I thought I had but I'm not certain. === 1:44 PM It may actually be for a art class but it's still designing and building and that's why I'm willing to put so much extra time into it. I've got the spider claw designed in the computer but I can't get the scaling right to bring it out. I had this idea that I could print out to proper paper size and scale so that I had a traceable print... but my printer here doesn't work to well and that makes everything much harder. This has to be ready for tommorrow in order for me to get to work while in class. It's hard stuff. The printing labs close at 7 pm so if I'm going to use paper prints.. than I have to print something. === to Art Teacher =================================== Hello ******, Is there a printer that I could print out traceable blue prints on somewhere around the lab? My printer is broken and I might not have all my papers ready before the computer labs close today. The Syllabus says work shirt or apron .. I have a lab coat will that work? And I noticed this paper explicitly notes that in order to obtain a good participation grade students must leave class "on time (not early)" I'm curious as to why this is being made a point of when it seems that usage of workshop time is up to the student. Sincerely, Chris Stones ======================================================== 5:52 PM I'm amazed at the anger I feel over memories. When I finally realize a common link. AS I walked home I realized just how many times I've been told to do this or that in a tone that says, "i have power over you" They DO NOT. And I have to realize when it happens and stand up for myself. Changing the world is changing one viewpoint at a time. So, when I encounter these people whom have very little respect for others I must eventual act. And the actions of a good person are never like those of a bad. A good person will not steal, hurt in any physical way. What then can a good person do if they can not really do anything? I know I've grown quite upset with the feel of helplessness toward those who would choose to hurt me in some way. And that fact along draws tears from my eyes. But perhaps there is a single way to react. A way that can do something more than nothing. A hope that perhaps by telling the story of what happens to me by the hands of others I will secure my good will and denounce those others. Those whom choose to lie, cheat, steal and possibly kill to get what they want. Could I help the world by 'at least' being able to point out the ones that are making it a bad place to live? Can 'we' all the good people fight with information? Not fists, or guns or knifes. We would remain good and at the very least point toward what parts of the world need to change. Making a difference starts with very simple ideas and motivations. Isn't time to use my various techniques to help invoke change? 10:34 PM I was browsing through some old footage from May 29 and preparing to assemble another movie based on the footage. Though I can't edit it all tonight I decided I'd pull out a few nice frames from it.
Frames from Hanging Out.

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