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June 5, 2006 Monday

June 5, 2006 Monday 11:05 PM
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7:15 PM
Whoa. Coincidence.

After art class I walked to D street and enjoyed myself. There was much laughter
and joking. And then I ate dinner at Ricos.
And as I left I started thinking about Continity of Conscieness
And how my memories may have been developed from past actions but 
they are always remembered in the present.

I was wondering what my clone would think if there was a duplicate chris made
before I died so that when I died a version f me would live. Would he believe
he was me? And that he had just contined? If he has all the same memories
than The 'I' is dead but someone whom claims to be me and said I'm not dead
would exist. And so the whole... Continity of consicieess issue arose in my 
mind as I walked home with this large coke in my hand.
So I wondred about interrupts and thought about how sleeping is and then
if I really am the same person from moment to moment or if I am chaning.
I thought it odd that thinking which began with perservation of human life
was turning toward proving that being 'alive' really isn't what I would
'feel' it to be. 

But the thing was as I was walking home I suddenly saw Jackie and Shell.
And I didn't reconize Jackie at first because she cut her hair. 
I was like hey... that person looks familer .. and then suddenly realized
it was Jackie and thye both walked down to greet me and walk me to their
new place. They live right next to Val. 

It was very cool to catch them before they left for the summer but it's good
to know they have a place so near by. Just one steep hill which consequently 
has a nice view.
And their place is nice for filming. It's all one room really. And there's
lots of floor space to keep the camera far enough away to get the whole scene
in the frame. Nice.
Linda needs money to purchase materials for catapult.
Linda also needs dinner.

And Shell had just said she had sent an e mail to me. 
As did the art teacher this morning. 
And then they told me in person before I got to check.
So now I'll be seeing two e mails. Isn't that funny?

Arts a lot eayier to handle now that I know I'm not stuck there.
Besides, today actually did take 4 hours to build the robotic hammer thing.
With some modifications. And mistakes. But people were genearly positive
about it. It felt good to make something with foam core again. And this is much
much more elborate.
Genarly it's a good thing when the art teacher says, "I like it when artists do .... "
Which was somethign I was doing. 
Now the last thing is to type the report on this project and that should do it.

9:30 PM
There is a petition to stop a certain teacher from teaching telecom again.
I feel there may be good points but no one will sign. 
I wrote back to the starters of the petition
I think the problem is that people are afraid to sign
unless they knew a lot more people were going to sign.
In others words, no one wants to be the few names on
this sort of list when they know they have to re-enroll
in the class.
Despite the fact I think a lot of people agree and might
want to sign.
It's a shame really, democracy has it's hang ups.



10:31 PM
That is very strange.. my headache was gone and now it came back...
when I kept repeatly thinking about the way I was treated by certain 
people. This was a long long time ago. ... well not that long.
But the fellow is gone now and I still dare not mention his name for
he might just come back to destroy me. I could never know with him.
He would speak of such things sometimes. And I would wish I could
step futher back than I actually could.
He told me he could make me do things. And that boiled my blood.
And as I recall it now I realize just how much it still stings.
Almost to the point where I can't concentrate on writing this 
Artist Statement. I keep bouncing back to thoughts of being bossed
around by someone. 
And I wonder what he would have done. He said he coudl make me do it?
But how? He seemed so sure of himself. And today I realize I could
have taken his precise from him. But he is not the type to want to be
on the bad side of. I let it go even though my blood had foamed
and my face had furrowed and I did as he told me. 
Someday. I've got to revist EVERYONE in my entire life and have a
little chat.

But today I just keep my headache beccaues I just can't fully relax
knowing there are those whom walk about the Earth and treat me this way.

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