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June 6 2006 Nothing

June 6, 2006 Tuesday 12:33 AM
Animals these days have dev survival tactics
LIke if they are beautiful enough human beings won't kill them
Butter flies

Butter file effect?
GUY1: Look a butterfly did you know that something as subtle as the flutter
of a beautifies wings can let to events that cause hurricanes and tornados and 

GUY2 smashes butterflies

GUY1: What! the @#% why did you do that?

GUY2: I had to stop the hurricane.

3:41 PM
I thought a lot about movie script writing. And I noted how different it
was from web movie writing. Why certain ones hold attention among other

I was thinking about how to turn the butterfly short scene into something
without the use of a real butterfly. And I figured I could be explaining
and then cut to black and white of the two guys but we never hear their
voices. Just here my words in place of there's and then cut to me with 
the slapping motion then to the black and white hand lifting up.
And so forth. Perhaps a clever way around it and still more interesting
than just me talking.

And then all the philosophical ideas serve as a large resource for making
interesting and thought provoking web movies. I imaged a few of them.
And then earlier I imaged the racial movie where the guy is an actually
chicken but they carry on as though he's a person of some race and 
so forth...
"But it's a chicken!"
"Really, I am deeply insulted and embarrassed you would say that to my boyfriend"

and so forth....

And then there was one about the beginning of the journal and how words
were put down about my life before but NOT with conviction. The conviction
to write how it really is. I imagined the visuals to go with my talk.
I really need to work on producing those.
I wonder if they will put the bike lanes back. Really. 

Oh yeah I saw Hal ley at starz. What a surprise. I didn't even recognize her
at first. She is the one whom makes me sandwiches at the Depo.

8:48 PM
I got back from a bike ride.

Audio doesn't want to load anymore.. it's a shame.
So what do I do tonight now? I sort of want to just relax and watch some shows while eating and not edit anything... so.... 11:23 PM Eh how about a little..

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