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June 7, 2006 Wednesday

June 7, 2006 Wednesday 7:15 PM
It made a lot of sense to me that since I couldn't fully realize
my visions for what I want to build I could build prototypes to explore
things.... and as a plus sell the work as I went along. This would fund
me while I worked up my ideas and gained the experience necsary for
success in my endeavors.

So art comes in a curious way.

I got to present my art pieces today. I think I surprised a few people with what
I could do. I'm glad it went over well and I'm glad I wasn't to far from the 
beginning because I was nervous. I had a lot to say about a lot of the things
I made. I made it clear that I had always put a lot of thought behind 

There wasn't another essay assignment given due to the teacher being behind
in grading. So, there's more time for artistic report writing and research
among other things. 

I have a headache yet again.... why am I having so many of these?

I'm thankful that there are people whom are seeing enough of the old
videos to want to see more later. I haven't even drudged up a lot of
the old ones. The Chris World Classics.

I had ideas about message. And it came up in my mind the question, 
"Who is it for?" Who are the movies for? Sure, people see them but
in a lot of ways they are for me. I can review what happened and
add my touch to it. I can emphasize or exaggerate situations.

10:04 PM
I wonder if there is a reason why the net archive doesn't want to 
serve my audio anymore.

It just won't go. It's a shame.

I took Advil upon request of a friend and followed directions to avoid
the whole back page full of warnings. It felt really warm going down
and I worried a little bit but I seem fine and my headache is a bit more
relaxed. I'm a bit drowsy but I was like that before I began anyway.
Now I've forgotten what I'm going to get to for the remainder of the night.
I have between 2 and 3 hours of useful time. And just like last night I have
a strong urge to ... well waste them by any of my conventional standards.

I get down when the net archive doesn't share my audio. Dang.

Upon seeing the response for the jump cut movie I'm more inclined to just
go into movies about how to make movies. That thought prob. dates even 
further back. But what questions would I answer?  youtube seems to have the
perfect audience for such things in the first place.

What is a Jump Cut? Done it.

It's much more than the following...
the sort of decisions that are being made are enormously important
for the final product of a production. So what exactly is one doing
when when 'really' edits.

What does CG mean?
So.. you want to do special effects eh?
What is the impact of sound?
What sort audio can I get legally?

What is a Creative Commons license?
What is stock footage and how can I use it?

What is creative geography?
What is the 180 degree rule?

What is continuity editing?

What are a few types of shots?
What are a few more types of shots?

Why should I write a script?
Why should I know about all of the above before I write a script?

I could prob. write them all out and them film and edit them a little
bit at a time.

And how about other stuff like..

What is a slime mold?
They're like the liquid terminators of the small squishy plant animal thing world.

10:44 PM
I want to say one thing about editing.. if you don't have a vision than
until one comes to you.. editing.. is just floundering about for a while
until enough of an idea builds together and you can turn it into something.

I suppose I'll have to make some hard decisions for "Hanging Out" the movie.
Like suppose I use this movie to introduce Joy as  a character while also showing
how we hang out. 

I can do a sort of looking back kind of edit... and incorporate more 
footage fore previously to spice things up. I could leave out the 
whole hand volume deal. Or just slash some large parts of it.
There's so many ways to go about this. 

I could even do a bit on my appreciation for Joy. Or something like that.

The wikipedia statement has got to be talked about at least.

I'm currently in the process of imagining what a watch-able movie Could Be and
seeing which clips I like the most. But other than that... editing is slow going.

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