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June 8 2006

June 8, 2006 Thursday 

Hanging Out movie.. notes
It's funny because their aren't really any outtake outakes because all those fun
sort of side effects are sort of part of hanging out but I want to put them in 
a side projecct.. as it stands I have 23 minutes of footage I'm looking at.
I'd rather have it at between 7 and 10... a real good 7 to 10 minute movie with 
a common thread of ... well something. 

12:19 AM
I can imagine how it would be for me to explain my editing knowledge.
Least giving my take on editing and what I've done over the years.
I really haven't fully introduced myself with my experience. It's not
indicated at all by what I have up on line right now. 
On line was a recent development.. but movies... they go way way back.

I suppose I could write those short scripts for my explainations of movie

What is Editing... Really?

On the technical side editing is splicing video, re ordering, 
trimming off excess, removing accidents and a few more things 
I can't think of now. 

I think that editing for web movies and today is a bit different from a
a lot of the history of film.
For one, I have the capacity to not only write a script, shoot it, edit
footage, add my own audio, add my own computer generated enhacments, and 
publish to the web where virtualy any one so inclinded may access and 
view movie.
Now that is astonishing. But more so I think I would highlight some 
considerations for the modern web movie.

Web movies take time to load. If it isn't catchy by the first second 
and a half the web viewer might not care to stick around for the rest.
I believe that's why it helps to have a catchy somewhat graphical opening.
The Ask a Ninja series is a perfect example of this. We know right away
from the very first few seconds time was put into this production.
Since it repeats with every ninja web movie it becomes that trademarked
opening for which we identify and learn to wait for the download.
Something good is here.

Web movies are best kept short. 
Web movies are often the best when they come in series with each 
episode conveying a little bit more of the overall vision. 
Consistently offering intriging content attracts attention.
That is something every web content producer knows.
I mention it here because if you could take something good and 
just spread it out over a few movies rather than putting it all into
one you might get more attention.
So start thinking in multiples. 
It's a possilbity I could collect enough material on one day but decide
to turn it into multiple movies. I could then release them evenly and
if I got ahead enough I would be able to make it appear something was
coming out every day or every other day. 

I think I've diverged from my explanation of editing but I felt it important for 
me to get these thoughts down anyway.

When writing for a minor web series... don't underestimate the power of a
good hook. 
But make sure you can deliver. Because if you say 'it's coming' and it never
does... viewers no longer trust you. Websites all accross the net make this
The reveser works as well. Say there will not be content for a while... and just
just keep posting...... well that's an interesting experiment isn't it?
I noticed a dip in the hit count the next day after saying my blog was down...
then as days went on people started coming back again.

It's like playing a psychological game of feed the frog. ... eh...
You know... get people into the habit of checking things... eh like a frog.

Man, my journal is getting weird.

-posted on the next day-

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