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Lower Day

June 16, 2006 Friday 1:41 AM Lower Day

==== letter to Malia ========================================
Aw, Malia,

do you really miss me? Awww that's very sweet.

Well if I were around I'd go, "Whoa What up Malia? It's 
been to long." And then I'd prob. dance about a little bit
with delight over getting to see Malia.

So, been making connections down there?

My life is filled with venturous things. I attempt to do a whole
lot of things besides summer school which is consitent of
art and philosophy before it turns to bio.

I even built a trebuchet.. a movie about it should come
out ... someday...

ack I'd write more but talking to you through chat is more



of Chris World 
2:20 AM

===== Chatting with Malia ===== I should talk about her in a movie
==== unfourtunatly I found I was missing more than half of the conversation
.... I really felt bad. I really wanted to re read what was said. I was so
     upset. Regardless I posted snippets of it here.
Chris:  ha that's funny
Chris:  I like it
Malia:  ha well know how those yahoo names are impossible to create 
        because everyone you  come up with is already taken no matter how weird it is 
        so I had to come up with something odd
Chris:  Right. 
Chris:  Why don't we have the same problem with birth certificates
Chris:  Bob24
Chris:  nope got that
Malia:  lol
Chris:  bob... ah BigBoyBob
Chris:  nope check again
Chris:  What the hell?
Chris:  yes we coudl use that
Chris:  fine then
Chris:  .. and society keeps on humming
Malia:  yep
Chris:  well at least if your awake your vaguely entertained by me I hope
Malia:  always          
Chris:  I'm smilling pretty big Malia
Chris:  your so so kind to me thank you very much
Chris:  And I didn't even get you a Xmas gift
Malia:  you say that like you don't deserve it or something
Chris:  People have pointed out to me that I just dont' seem to get remarks like these
Chris:  I've never understood why
Chris:  I mean I should begin to believe it
Chris:  I suppose
Chris:  But mostly my reaction is amuzed puzzle ment
Chris:  like .. how did they come to that conclusion?
Malia:  damn right you should!
Chris:  Are you doing something else right now?
Malia:  I don't care if it means saying it everytime I speak with you but one day 
        you'll learn to believe it
Malia:  no 
Chris:  wow malia wow 
Chris:  smiles
Chris:  ... signs .. I'd better get to sleep
Malia:  I was the same way for a very long time and even still to this day I have 
        a hard time believing such  things myself but you just have to look at it like 
        people wouldn't bother taking the time to say it
Malia:  if they didn't mean it you know?
Chris:  mmmm yes
Chris:  The effort shows sincereity
Malia:  exactly
Chris:  ... man I'm sad to be leaving so soon.
Chris:  It's been fun talking... ah man, it's nearly painful to go
Malia:  yeah agreed...well take care and remember that you can talk to me anytime
Chris:  Anytime? how do you mean?
Malia:  hould feel the need to chat via this or wanna send a message/comment I'll always 
        get back to you
Chris:  oh k then, I'll keep myspace in mind when I want to talk to Malia. Got it.
Chris:  Well, have a good night Malia. Do sleep well my dear you deserve it.
Malia:  or my other email it doesn't matter
Chris:  You have done so much to brighten the last moments of my day
Chris:  k
Malia:  awww thanks, I'll try
Chris:  Tearful good byes
Chris:  sniffle
Chris:  night night
Malia:  goodnight :-

My heart Sank when I found i was missing half the message... :( unhappy.
And I nearl yhad it too.

10:37 AM
I even woke up unhappy about it. ... Should even post what I have?
It's not the same with out the first part. Awww well.

I just discovered sort of an alternate to cafepress but not in 
every area. I like what I see of their system so far.

ah my non existant storefront url...

7:56 PM
I got up to a pretty good speed when I was experimenting with my gears on
the open plains of the empty parking lot. I was going so fast that when
I looked down pats my foot all was a blur. Course that prob. isn't the best
stratogiy for riding a bike fast.... but I knew I wasn't going to be hitting 
anything nearby.

It dawns on me as I walk up the last hill back to my place that a bike
ride can be made much more effeciet if.. instead of break pads one used
a system that stored the energy in the rotation of extra weights. Then,
after you slowed using it you could break miniumly and then once you 
started again you could use that stored energy to get you jump started.
It would be a thing of beauty. I know the mathematics for it. I should
scribble them out. 
 In short, when we break on a bike the energy of motion is 
wasted as heat. To get going again, the bike rider has to start from 
scratch once he or she had come to a dead stop. But, suppose we stored
that energy rather than breaking with break pads. As we stored energy
the bike 'would' slow down. But the energy isn't wasted as heat... in fact
we would be able to get 'most' of it back given the stopping time isn't 
that long. 

I made a host of philosphy notes while I ate dinner.
And I think I'll build a cement fountain. I like stuff
that doest stuff. 

 is a good reason for halting the movie rush.
 Quality counts.

Sad audio for a surprisingly lower day. Don't know why I feel so down. [mp3]
Encoding with Xvid is so good that when a 640 by 480 pixel movie is compressed it's hard to discern the difference. Can you tell which movie file is the compressed version? Now that's good free compression. Hint, get codec to view movies in higher quality. See link near top next to Trouble viewing.

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