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New Juggling Friend [Mov: Fluid Sim]

June 25, 2006 Sunday 1:01 AM New Juggling Friend [Mov: Fluid Sim]

Fluid Sim

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And I woke up and I said, "Hey I haven't done a fluid sim in a long time" So I did.
==== To Dad ============================================= Go back to that time when I was home for a spell. And I was showing that I had finally encountered Blender. And I was at my desk while family watched... seeming quite bored. I asked what shall I make? And you said scissors Make scissors. And alas, I flubbed and could not. But today... Today my fellow father... I can produce said scissors... much under an hour and even more so... rig those scissors and animate those scissors. I have done it. And this world still has not seen the depths of my new found creativity with my most beloved open source program of all time. -chris ====================================================== 3:32 PM Peace? If you don't see good or evil. How do you fight with? I watched a documentary on Neoconservatism and how religion is mobilized in order to make policcal change. It's leverage. It it preys on the kind of mind that glues itself to religion. I would be afriad to state what I believe about religion these days. I'd be afraid to begin an idealogoly after watching a documentary about how one came to start all these massive conquests. If we ever needed people to think. To really think. We need it now. 11:04 PM I have movie clips of the most historic thing I did today. Pass clubs with another person. It's cool. Now I have a juggling friend. The essay took the bulk of the day and I have art research to do so I'd best get to that. I did succeed in producing two short movies today. I begin... Editing and sometimes shooting most movies between 8 and 12 at night. These are the editing hours. Maybe not even for voice over work since my apartment mate tends to bounce BASS through the roof. I could live with it though. I'm growing a liking for the shorter movies. The under a minute crowd. I can produce a few in one day and then use them over the course of the week. And I'm just starting to get the hang of expressing one main idea with in the limited time frame.

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