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Nostalgia Junkie [Mov: Leah Visits]

June 29, 2006 Thursday 12:54 PM Nostalgia Junkie

I was called a Nostalgia Junkie by her.
I suppose I am but I think it's much much more.

Leah Visits

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June 29, 2006 Leah visits and I wasn't going to post it until I did this very strange editing job on it. And then I was like... mm it's worth putting up anyway.
I've been doing some interesting work with animating some map visuals and tentacle animations. I think the map potential is very large. I got the lead out and started really animating map visuals after I realized how great a case it was to use a map under fair use. And on top of that I altered and changed it enough to be an entirely different thing. Very cool stuff. I like the green glow radar feel to it as well. And once I mix it in with some regular footage of the locations I'll have what I was always dreaming of. ... so cool. I've been reinvigorated to mathematicalize the bike slowing mechanism. I realized the size of the thing might require a very large assembly.
2:52 PM The Day.
There's some good will toward me. I was a bit sad and trying to figure out what to do to get my cement sculptures home and trying to decided how to handle the process. And a few of the females noticed my situation and the perplexed sad face I was wearing. And one of them came forward and offered me a ride with my sculptures and it was such a relief. Philosophy class got out early on this final day. And now I'm left with the decision to write a final paper. I think I'd feel best to write but not worry over turning anything in. I could write a letter about how I saw the choice and that I was making something else with the idea. I note the motion capture of camera is a good job to put the pic chip to use. And Electronic puppets. I could rig Blender together with pySerial and figure out what needs to be done. I could build a model of the Rotational momentum breaking device. I have a worry that the end result might not be that impressive. The treb. wasn't exactly as far as I might want. I still don't know if equations predict it. I remember being a bit struck with the ol basket ball throwing equation. That wasn't very far. 2:57 PM So what do I do now? I'm a bit hot but not tired because I didn't have to walk. I'm sort of feeling stat-icy. I'm glad that movies download much much faster with regular high speed net. I'm just not able to see it or upload with that sort of speed. Which reminds me about the possible of burning to disc and uploading at school. Interesting. ... This is not REAL life. This is the finger print of your life. Here you are free stop rewind replay your lifes events. Here you glimpse yourself as you are You examine where you are, how you have progressed and re evaluate yourself on the rubric of your wishes This is the exoskeleton, this is the husk you leave behind when you die. Text, Imagery, motion, sound, emotion, This is your inventory of life and your trace on times eye. -list DUSK MASK hair cut Powell Eval mary 12th and B 14somethign reddish house? near gully ... I just recently found out I have all these e mail replies that I never thought were going to happen. Josh Leo, Vince from some music show. Amazing.

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