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Sleepless Nap [Mov: CG Visual]

June 14, 2006 Wednesday Sleepless Nap [Mov: CG Visual]

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I finally did a how to install Xvid movie... this ones for you family. The How to get what you need to view the movies ... movie.k === letter to family ======================================== I heard people were having trouble viewing movies on my blog. Well, here's how to install stuff so that you can watch the movies. The how to is on the following page... or just watch... Sorry Zach it's for Mac OS X.. though it's a very similar process for Windows. And you can still view the movies should you care to. No pressure though. ;) -chris ============================================================ 3:50 PM I jotted notes down earlier in the day. They were on reasons people might want to visit the site. I don't have my routine down yet but lots of thoughts have been cooking. Including the idea that I could tell a joke at the end of each movie and then the punch line is at the beginning of the next. So that people are always waiting for the punch-line. Or perhaps more like cutting up a comic routine. -- notes for the poster ------------------------ 6 Reasons to Visit Chris World ... watch as interesting thoughts unfold ... learn bits and pieces of math and science Computer Generated Graphics see how Chris makes movies, and how you can too ... hear humorous accounts of a human being revisiting events in his life in new and sometimes dramatic but mostly comical ways. So stop in sometime. And buy a souvenir that proves to people that you 'visited Chris World' ------------------------------------------------ I should work at fulfilling those sorts of things. The sort of movies someone could expect to see. 6:28 PM Sleep less nap. There is a rather loud hum that penetrates the room at night. I believe it comes from the computer fan up stairs. But I would require experimental proof. It is bothersome enough for me to want to use ear plugs. I've braved them even on nights when I must wake up to an alarm. Generally, I can hear something like an alarm through ear plugs so it's not terribly dare devilish. But still I wish I could have a place of my own. I hope that things develop in such a way that I could go off and live in a place of my own with the minimum of headache. I wonder if that is the hum that I pick up on tape. That would be extraordinary. I could compare wave forms... perhaps. 10:49 PM It's not exactly what I had figured but applying CG effects takes a great deal of time to set up and get right. I was fighting with alignment problems. To put it in technically terms there is no local rotation for objects that actually can be saved via the IPO curves. I had to re orientate the whole scene so that the floor was really on the 'floor' of my project. This is how a lot of things go with Blender. There 'is' some way to do it but it doesn't seem that elegant. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to make even fundamental stuff work.. sometimes. The process took me 54 min just to get through all this. Luckily the editing for the other shots when very fast. But what do I do for music? I hate it when my movie doesn't have any sound sometimes. Besides, what goes with CG Visual?
Before I apply my CG visual I have to map out the frame and match the ground. Hence, you see the grid lines.

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