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June 3, 2006 Saturda 12:11 AM Thinking on the Page
I'm in this class called the Philosophy of Sex and Love.
And it has me writing an essay on a topic. And along these side lines I 
speculate about other things.

I know that because I have answered previous questions certain ways, and 
that the outcome of these answers have lead me to enter into other dialogues
with certain intents I am skewed to one side. Is this bad? I don't think it
is entirly due to the 'fact' that the views I have are prob very close to being
correct. And by correct I mean closely relatd to some scientifc substance in the
physical realm. I think it comes in threes.
Determistic universe
Human Machine
thus, love a biological counter part to the need for organisms to 
divversify their genetic material.
And why sex nessicary? I watched a documentary that made some good points
and pointed to experimental evidience. NOT thought experiments.
So sex is valid and useful.
But what of love?
And what is love really? 
Given I've answered that A. the universe is determinsitic
And B. The human being is a part o this univers and functions more like
a vastly complex machine
That would mean I'll be looking for any indicatin of love as an some manner of 
reactions that occur in this machine. 
If I suppose that true than I'll be looking for exaclty what love looks like
as traced out in the physical realm as well as how the brain is wired 

I don't nesscaryily connect love to sex for I feel that love is more
 'wanting to protect other members of your 'group'' is a result of love
I would suppose.

I think the other concept I was curious about was...
At what point do we say this machine is as intelligent as we are?
That would require us to know 'exactly' how intelligent we are.
and I theroized would require a complete and utterly and totally detials
map of the human brain and how it all works down to the interals of 
the indivual neurons.
At which point what it means to be human might take on exteme robotic
and deterministc over tones. 
While some people would attempt to fight this conclusion...
I'd make peace with the fact and rejoice over the beatufl machien that I am.
Perhaps if only there was a realization then all the evils of human beings
believing they are more would be vanquished. 

>> on interjection Knowing your  machine doesn't stop you from loving.
   rem, your built that way.. acknolwedkgemt doesn't give you the choice.
   it merley offers an explaination

Plus, if you knew how everything all worked. Than quite possilby you could
fix everything. And it pays for perhpas someday, No one would need to die.
It would just be another choice. Or maybe, the elite rich folk would try
to keep themselves alive. 


Is saying your being objective meaningless?
AS in, if you are a subjective being by definitn of your machiner than
when you say, "lets be objective" what are you basing your 'objective'
decisions on? 
I would suppose it's still subjective BUT less than your regular subjective


If it wasn't a subjective universe how could Einstein possi have been right?

I see philosophy as a series or chain of questions each leading into one another in which the answer to each question leads one to ask other questions and upon those collective answers will build a more comprehensive view of the world. 

If I choose to ask and answer each question in as many different ways as possilbe and rather than throw out any answer but explore each futher than instead of choosing a path I'd just watch every possil outcome unfold. If I could find that down certain answer lines conflicts or real problems could I presume that certain answers lead to better more robust knowledge of certain topics?

Unfourntatny asking each question, and supplying every answer and than each subsequnet answer is on the order of exponentally large argument generation and evaluation. .. in short this method would get to big to fast before any resonable progress is made. 

supposing I understood philosophy based on this model..
What new ways does it allow me to look at it?
Can I ask about question density?
Can I ask about question chains?
Can I have graphics?

Think I could fill a book or write a script with all these thoughts?

It's not as often that the journal pages have real mental substance.

subjective robots
Theory: You coudl still have objective 'looking' behavior even though
each robot is build in it's own way with it's own set of varibles...
I could find a way that says objective behaviors and accepted practises
arrise when subjective machines attempt to work together in some way.

=== To Phil Teacher
This is the second time i've been in your class as you

And I see things much clearer now. But I'm still
fairly uncertain about what Philosophical progress is...
and what makes some support good and some support bad.

Have you written anything on the issue.

I'm doing question 3 and I don't see much support offered
by this student to support the subjective view.
Am I not seeing something or is this person really not
offering any support.

Thank you,


1:58 PM
I'm glad that you still use this e mail 
address. Otherwise, I probabily would never
have found you.

I'm also glad that I offered some encouragement in 
your hour of frustration though I don't know what
has gone wrong. 

The software requires finding a code library that
will return noun,verb.. etc. when a word is input.
I have not yet found one that is suitable or I mean...
I just haven't found anything at all.

All my memories of high school are growing much more
vague. It's strange really.

Got to go write a Philosophy essay now... but one 
last thing... what sort of computer are you using?
WindowsXP ? Mac OS X? Linux? I want to know to know
if you can watch movies I make and post on line.

That is all,


Chris B Stones


Xvid encoding

Basic mp4

10:34 PM Writing this Philosohpy paper is getting a bit difficult. However, the materials for the next art Hammer are commming along. I bought 3 foam core boards and am continuing to design the next hammer. "it has legs" I'm getting a lot of responsense on the youtube comments on my movies. I'm impressed. And it's nice that at least one person appreciates the work enough to suscribe to it. It makes me feel like doing more. Really.
Hey it's comming along.

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