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Those Good Times [Mov: Bunny Sing Along]

June 23, 2006 Friday 12:55 PM Those Good Times [Mov: Bunny Sing Along]

Bunny Movie Sing Along

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I made a bunny movie with a song. And people liked it. So I thought, "Why not do a bunny movie sing along?" And then I did. It was hard. But I did. There are not to many moments in a day when I'm like oh my gosh I've got to do that. That would be weird and funny. Least the entire time I was making it I was laughing to myself while trying to get the syncing right. It was a real real tough job. And even then I wish I had made the text black. I could make a better version some other time but for now I'm glad I have something like this to put up.
===== letter to Philosophy Prof ======================== I'm a bit embarrassed that I wrote 'right' instead of writing in that first line. Yeah, Script. Lately, I've been getting rev ed up to do some sort of philosophy movie or philosophy movie mini series. I thought that putting philosophy into a different and more visually expressible medium might give more people a chance to get involved with the issues. I see that much of that which is written is a bit difficult to get at so I thought there had to be a better way to expose people for the first time. Hence, I'm putting together ideas for a couple of short philosophy movies. I rem. telling you I make movies Powell. I waited on making them because I didn't have the proper equipment but now I do so having an interview in low light won't smash the quality like it would before. Surely, you don't think I'd write a paper like the last one for no reason? If I really believe what I say I'd best back it up with action and If I really believe more people should think I'd best get to work making that happen. Oh, and I want to do Quote Number 2 in which I perceive the real issue to be What is 'doing' philosophy? Or what is one doing when when does philosophy? Or what is the work of a philosopher? I can't put it into words right but I think that is what needs to be addressed and that the sentences in the quote stem from it. Am I on the right track? Hopefully, I'll hear back from you soon. -chris > Chris, > > Yes. The reasons for asking students to do this are pedagogical > rather than anything about what issues are, really. That is, if > students are asked to give issues as questions about which there's a > possibility of disagreement, then what results is more specific and > also usually the result of more thinking, and if they get it wrong it > is more easy to establish that they are wrong by offering arguments > supporting a better articulation of the issue. That is, requiring > issues be given as questions is specific, requires more thought, and > allows more clear correction if needed. > > Script? > > jwp > > > At 12:18 AM 6/21/2006, you wrote: >>I'm right a script on the whole clarifying >>an arugment and I know a issue can be thought of >>as a problem or topic but are we specifily refering >>to the issue as a Question that needs to be answered? >> >>-chris > > ======================================================== Lately, I've been more active creating movies I'm trying to find my style. And it's tough. But just maybe I'll hit that note that makes people resonate with my material. If not... I'm pretty much economically doomed. Wish me luck.(quote from myspace page update) 8:19 PM It was one of those times. It's just good. It's the right time of day and the right kind of breeze and the right kind of company. And it just feels great to be alive and with someone whom you care about. Like the 2 hours is a gift. But I was glad I could be of such a help to her. She was a bit distraught when I first saw her. She really needed a hug. And by the end her mood had improved so much... she told me so. And I realized that's really a big reason for why I'm here. A part of the answer to the meaning of my own little life. The sort of satisfaction I get from getting to make peole feel better. I realize it's a big part of what makes me feel good about myself. Like I made some difference in someones life. Besides, I think today is a small mile stone. It turns out we both ahd noxious summers at the same time. She worked in a store on the plaza and I was in a house not to far from it for a few of those begining weeks. We're both creative and weird. We're both some what self taught. We're both wearing similary lenght shirts. .... that's a weird one. It's interesting. Really is. I think were both people whom hang around a place. She mentioned the term homebody's but I think she also said her home was much more out and about than my concept. She's highly adventurous. 9:28 PM And the day just got a tad bit better. When I walked out to find Amber walking home. Whoa. And it was fun to chat again. It's nice to have that surprise. And it made finding out the Deli was closed a bit easyier to take. ... Cutaway L Cut combos are one of the smoothest edits. First the looking off camera provides motivation for the CUT AWAY and then the AUDIO of the comment provides motivation for cutting back. Smooth.

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