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Those Playground Days

June 28, 2006 Wednesday 12:16 AM Those Playground Days

Those Playground Days

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I note my relaxed state right now. Should I just go to bed? I'd thoughtfully fall to sleep. Probably. Or should I write out my thoughts on geometric constructions and circle equations? I started thinking and came to convince myself that all you need to do geometeric constructions were the circle formula and the distance formula and you could designate all the rest of the points of any figure from that. Because the circle formula is the compass and the distance is the relevant information from the striaght edge. It made sense to me. Just a whole lot of analytical geometry solving. I was working on this mechanial device. More like analyzing it. And stayed vaguely interested. I noted different things about it. I only began to sketch out the equations. I contemplated the difference between the methodology of drawing out the figure out key points and relating equations together. The current art research project is on outsider art. I have a feeling that's where I would be placed. That's if my ideas are a bit out there enough to make it there. .... I contemplate whether or not I want to annotate my earlier journalings. mmmm 3:00 PM Arts finishing up. It's Lindas Birthday today. She's having surgery... mm And philosophy class has reached it's final point. 9:57 PM I'd say in general this is the first summer that it's really cool to be up here. Other summers had moments but they also had a lot of agony... and this time it's been great kicks and enjoyable bike rides. Recently, the apartment-mate hands me his half of the rent. And I'm a bit surprised. I guess the whole electronic balancing deal will not be done anymore. That just means more checks are written at least 'one' extra check. Haven't spoken to him yet about it and I can accommodate the change but I felt a little special knowing I was part of the only apartment that submitted calculated rent checks. It would be sad to see it go. After a cool bike cruise all around I came to D street after all. Linda was still drugged in the hospital. That sucks to have that happen on a birthday. I ate my dinner at the house and got to say hello to Starfish. Hadn't seen her in a while. Actually, Lacy was out walking to the store as I was on my way about. And I stopped and walked my bike along side her. I do not know for sure but I'm suspect to hint that we might not be on the best terms. I get that vibe from her. So, I tend not to bother her anymore... well ever since the 'i didn't return movies for like a month ordeal' And when I finally did drop them off I noted her expression and manner and after that I was like.. "I'm staying away." I see the page view activity has steadied and stopped growing. Well, it had stopped growing for a long time. I'm saddened by it... just a bit. Well, I still have hopes that someday I'll have a popular web movie collection. I have a feeling that requires a lot more effort in the useful and entertaining department. As a matter of fact, I also note I haven't been doing much of what I described in the description of this web log. Sure I've thought about things but... but I haven't done them. Sure I've thought but I have yet to post a movie high lighting that. I feel like playing a harmonica and singing blues style about the lack of net interest in my pages. I can't blame people though.. there's really nothing there. It's my journal. And it's morphed during the entire time I've kept it. Huge strides were had and it's solidified into something that resembles more of a public speaking voice. Yet. It remains mine. Who are the movies for? Who is this journal for? The answers to the question determine how I create material. I know it is 'I' that is most affected by doing the movies. I know it is 'I' that bears the interest in my own life. I can rewind and relive those little moments that I have captured and forged. I could take the 119 or somewhat posts and build deductions about who I really am and where I'm really going. I'm torn between issues. I'm torn between wanting to keep content constant and wanting to make it good. The two don't always get along. And I've avoided the standard of ... this is what my day is in a movie .... a lot of the time. And I think, "C'mon it's for me after all I want to remember these things... " Today was painted with moments of joy and paint speckles of disdain. I'd say good and good things happen but then I remember other things. It's like someone takes a spoon and stirs the thoughts in my brain until it turns that color that finger paints did when you mixed them all together when you were a kid. Least I did. You no longer notice the individual colors but the over all blend. And while I say the over all blend is bright I know there are spots of black in there. And the thing about it all is... once it's all together you'll never get that black out. Life just remains slightly off bright.

Oh and Happy Birthday Linda!

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