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June 22, 2006 Thursday 10:27 PM Whatever


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Sometimes you just have to do things random style.
So I'm a physicalist? Isn't that right? All there is 'is physical' I see the wedge of cartiasn dualism has split people into two schools of thought. On the one hand there is the mental. And you could presume that is where you are for good. And on the other, the physical and you could say the mental is the illusions. I'd prefer to say I live here. 'points to the skull' but I exist here 'wave of the arms' I'd subscribe to the physical because I believe progress can and will be made with it. I do not see what progress in understanding and solving other problems can be made by saying nothing really exists. I believe answers to many hard questions lie in the understanding of how the human machine really works. ... later Haven't you noticed? Both journal entries and homework bite the bullet when I try to spend so much of my time making movies. Even the one today... it was a bit well random but I enjoyed the process of creation and tested out what it felt like to just bike around with my camera and tripod recording here and there. Besides I felt it was time to get some more Scenic shots.

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