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July 31, 2006 Monday 1:08 AM 47 47

== replay to Louis =======

Thank you for the full explanation,
I appreciate getting the prespective on things.
I think I agree with a lot of it.

I think people act turned off because when the want
to hang out they want to have fun and kick back.

I note over and over again that I've choosen to be
more passive in showing people stuff. By that I mean
make movies about what I know and anyone whom
comes accross them can benefit or not however
much they want to. 

This prevents me 'being in their face' 
When things go bad I tend to recluse or leave.

I used to think more while I was aroudn people and now
I just try and relax a bit and enjoy the time I have.

Relax? I know that once I pass a certain threshold
I'll be able to relax take a real vacation. It happens
to be that finacial stability threshold.

I have sort of a love hate relationship with humanity.
I care but I still get up set with the way things go. 
So I'm always at ends saying , "Man if I could just get
away" and other times longing to be around. 

Yeah, thanks again for the message.


And thanks for reading.

9:35 PM
Interesting Turns.

And I visit Liz after class and it's normal right?
But then someone named Edonna or so walks in and
it turns it she is interested in a 'room' at D street.
And so I tag along while Liz the girls parents and I
walk to D street in the middle of the day.

They see the place and they don't particulariy sound impressed,
but the girl is desperate to find a place. 
I hang around at the house for the rest of the time and wind 
up taking a nap upstairs. I was really tired and did not feel
like walking all the way home. So, I awoke an hour later
on Kristinas bed and when I open the door I find her talking
to Linda. 

As I walk home around 9ish I bump into Sadie and Emily as they
are walking to Maries. Now that they live in a place past mine
I guess we bump into each other now. How funny.

I wish I had more of those cards with the url printed on them.
I realize how moving into an 'iffy' place where the person
doesn't know the people and it seems like they are all 'not the
right kind' can look at first glance. 

I realize how useful a whole bunch of web movies about the people 
could be in situations like this. It would at least convey whom
they are what stories have been going on and other useful tid bits
of living info. Movie to that effect woudl probabily ease the uneasiy
about moving into a strange new town and school and place.

Oh well.

"Is is so wrong to not post a movie because you were having so much fun while out with friends?"

.... 47 47 and there I was. Again sitting with a pad of paper in front of me and I had just figured out a pattern of numbers. And got the correct answer rather quickly for once. Well all be. It really helps the confidence to pull of little feats like those more regularly. The answer that proved my solution correct was 47. I got 47 on one equation and 47 from the other. Vola. it looks like I won't be creating a movie for tonight. I spent so much of my time away I decided it's best to just take care of academic matters study a bit and get to bed. It's the right thing to do after all. I sincerely hope that the site hit counts do not soully depend on the movie data I add to the page. It's about time to update the template to add imagery. maybe that's a better thing to do in the end.

Things that Happened the Other day

Starfish cuts pizzia college style. I set up the table on the floor after the D Street table was removed. Sometimes it's best to sit out and take a moment to watch the world go by. Besides, I never miss a moment to capture a against a bright window shot.

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