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The Acquaintance Event [Mov: Sharon Scale]

July 1, 2006 Saturday 11:27 AM The Acquaintance Event

The Sharon Scale

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The Sharon Scale. Don't enter a platonic relationship without it!
It must have been depressing yesterday to spend the whole day sort of away from people and yet have nearly every thought be about people. It causes worry to think I'd feel down more than I thought... especially when I didn't think I'd feel down at all. But maybe it wasn't that. Maybe it was just my walks were uneventful and my bike ride was uneventful too. And I wasn't thinking very deeply about anything and I suppose that's what takes the cake. Thoughts Drive me. I'm thought driven and if for whatever reason I don't have a good thought to work with or new inspiration my attitude crumbles. Yesterday's feelings cause me to wake up into this day with little enthusiasm. And I note, that maybe what I need is to get back to some 'real' work. Learning, programming, designing, writing and proofing. Can't hurt right? I might even .... visit the deli... which now that I think about it is the best idea of the moment since I heart one of my friends works there on weekends. So consider it an experiment. 2:27 PM Then it's later on and I feel tired, but I wonder whether it's a sluggishness that grows from lack of motivation or something else? And when I think lack of motivation I remember why I'm often motiviated, and so I thumb through the PIC chip instruction set and ponder what I could do today that will help me on my way. That way that I choose so long ago on Jan. 1, 2004

The Acquaintance Event

9:07 PM The Acquaintance Event Rather than have things happen in reality I re marked to myself about how things could have gone on my way back home some what un intentionally. I wasn't sure why I wasn't feeling remorseful. I suppose something in me has become more indifferent to meeting new people. Well, I'll tell the story. A story I wonder whether or not to leave off the record, but here it is. I was out riding earlier and as I passed by Granite Ave. The street that the ResHalls are on I noticed balls being juggled. And so I turned in on the street and looped around back, and to my surprise I noticed a female doing Pai. I biked past and to a small amount of surprise she quickly says, "hi" I say it back and then I'm on my way. Thinking... mm could have met someone new. Oh well. Am I shy? Am I? I think that maybe shyness means you want to meet someone but I can't. Here, a aspect of myself was curious but I wasn't motivated for whatever reason. I went home. The day was still bleakish and not much different from the day before. But later.... Later, after watching a movie that kept messing up the sound, I walked out in hat and coat and black shirt. I felt like walking. I wanted to enjoy the last of the light I guess. Whatever light that was there on this cloudy gray day. And so I was off and walking towards Leah's house for which I was glad that people were out. I got to Pai a little and listen to what was going on in Leah's life. It was decided that her and some of her friends were going to walk out to ice cream. I followed along as I usually do when of the moment plans get made. And didn't know how far I was to go. And then the coincidence occurred. We walked up to this point where I had seen the Pai female whom said hi and Leah knew her. Her name was Liz. This was the junction for which I was planning on departing the group. So, I was walking past and nearly ran into the construction sign. I wish I could have seen it for third person because it was some sight to see my body manner around this sign merely inches away from slamming straight into it. And then there was that orange cone that I had to step over in a split second causing a misstep and my foot to slip, but luckily I caught myself and sprung back up right. I knew it must have been quite a show for when I turned my head back toward Liz I received a smile and a comment. And I didn't know what exactly to do. So I did what I normally do. Pretend nothing really happened and continue to walk. As I moved further away from the events I noted to myself that I still wanted to catch up with Leah and her friends whom were now off getting the ice cream at their pace. And I'm following this second route but about 70 percent of the way through it I realize there's no real hope of re connecting with them. I'm sure that at a different time in my life I'd feel a bit more anguish, but that is the strange part. I did not. In fact I noted how odd it was to feel so indifferent and I walked back to my place which was to bring past that house with that girl for the third time today. And at that moment, that moment of realization, I grew nervous. Ack. Was I intending to say something? What would that be? "Hey, ah... I didn't introduce myself before.. my names chris" and so on and so on. No. I wasn't, in fact I just walked right past the house suddenly changing my mind and cautiously tipping my hat while I hoped I didn't look suspicion. As though they were going to know I was having on these strange social interaction thoughts. And as I pasted the house calm returned to my body. The growing stomach ache vanished instantly and I was fine. And again the strangest part? No remorse. Not really anything I could detect. And this is when I decided I'd better right about this strange occurrence. I know not why I felt the way I did. Nor why I had some half breed motivations that died on impact when struck with the real world input. If I was to think.. "Gee I could have met someone new. but I blew it." I could have chatted a bit and met Liz and maybe more people but I did not. And so I figure, "Well, if Leah knows them, than I someday meet them later." but I wouldn't try to care about it. I'm not exactly desperate at all. That's probably why there isn't a larger reaction. I knew that Leah was probably going to go and hang out with them on the return journey. I heard her ask whether or not they would be out and they said probably so had I been walking the whole time with Leah I would be talking with new people right now. But no. I write. I write and review what might have happened and startle myself over that strange non feeling about it. What really happened today? How do I categorize it? Acquaintance events. I'd say those two brief interactions where acquaintance events. Something mere acquaintance's would do. If I remember her face I already have her name. It's Liz. Who knows I'm sure in the future it's bound to turn into one of those, "hey, Don't I know you from somewhere?" "Yeah, I saw you once and it turned out that you knew Leah" And that's that. 1046 words Acquaintance Events
9:31 PM Ah the Sharon Scale Standard protocol for platonic relationships or beginings of ones. Dates back to that summer where Sharon did it. And I should share it with the world since the original movie I was working on for today died.

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