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Am I Deciding?

July 11, 2006 Tuesday 5:39 PM Am I Deciding?

There seems to be enough time to get home work on ideas
and also catch up on sleep.
I awoke from a particular interesting dream.
Fragments of which included

- a military dance team
  aparntly they were accorss LK wood on the other side of the freeway
  (fictious according to Real world geometry of Arcata)

- Brad, a thinner Brad from high school, was walking with Chance
  and some other guys. Some with stickers on their faces
  that looked like tracks on circuit boards.
  I reconized his voice while walking down LK Wood ish and
  spun around to have him run up and shake hands only his
  was broken so he couldn't really shake it well

- Earlier I was running down Dream Hidden Creek road
in shoes with so many holes that the water that was running
down the street came right in. I didn't mind it but I could
feel the coolish wetness.

- Still earlier there was somethign to do with spirsts in 
  the house which was sort of where my place was. 
- my family was leaveing and I knew something bad was going 
  to happen so I made a more sincere good bye

- Still much Earlier in the dream I had images of Zach and Hillery
  posting movies on line and I had a Med Close up on them 
  trying to click things to play

- ... somewhere else or around there I was out on the Dream World
  Arcata Plaza looking down the road and noticing a hill where
  I should have been able to see the ocean.
  There were remarks about how many things have changed and I
  was apparently back before this hill was movied and then you
  could see the ocean. 
  In reality you can't see the ocean from the Plaza anyway

Dream locations aren't exactly the same as the real locations.
I find the subtile ties and differences amusing. I kind of 
like those dream scape layouts.

- There were apparenlty cross relations with Sedona trips as I 
  had brieff thoughts of the red rocks and notions of
  "this is where we always vacationed" 

- I was in a black car and quickly realizing I was in a dream
  I stayed dreaming and conitned to move through the air
  with the car dissapparing from around me.
  Sometimes I would break into a Hwy Speed run and manage to 
  enjoy a good bound here and there

  The locatin seemed closer to Chevey Chase past my house
  over that bridge behind the High School.

  than anywhere up here.

I take it some how I've become very location based.
Perhaps it is all the bike riding. I've seen and understood
much more of thid town. I'd arguably remark that I've
'grown up here' rather than stating that in my home town.

Capabilties, unfold personiltis, exposures all have
been encountered while here. It's definktly growth of the kind
that gradually places me in the world. The real world. 

5:39 PM
And I still have time enough to ride out after this
break from traditiona daily conscienceness.
I needed the shift. I was tired as usual but also to 
start the day anew. A mini anew. And crusie out with my 
bike with one extra motivation that I didnt' have before.

- When Brad showed up I had forgotten my camera
  actually I left it with mom for some reason while
  saying good bye She didnt' seem to care much

  So I was really kicking myself when I didnt' have the camera
  to take pictures of this situation.

Hence, maybe I'll take the camera out on bike today.
Couldn't hurt. 
Hey, maybe I'll see that military dance team.
They were pretty good in the dream.

10:11 PM Back

It was good to help Linda get the pizzas. She's still
on crutches. I did find the other place I was looking
for and then brought carrots to Maui. 

I went to D street and joked a lot about things.

11:24 PM

Well... is it worth it?

Is it worth all the fuss to update a site like this with a movie every day if all I'm getting is between 6 and 8 on average? I stop for a while and it drops. I have a feeling that that tells me that when I post a movie. Someone sees the url and decides to drop in. But never returns. And so I begin to think of shifting. Shifting away from those dreamy notions of 'popular' site activity. I'm glad that this isn't my only plan for stability in the financial world. It seems very weak at best. My hope is now in the robotics devices and special projects that may come into existence at a later date. With Jacob's help of course. Currently, I'm putting much of my energy into the simulation skills. That means I'm away from the movies for a bit. And it crosses my mind... that the way I look at the site dictates what content I'll go for in the first place. I would ignore site activity and place only that which has most meaning to me. I might take video notes. I might change focus onto work I understand and leave those whom can not see it out. I could choose to be careless and fully over the heads of others. It would free me to evolve with out the hindrance that I feel when I 'knowingly' will put up something confusing to the average surfer. So be it.

A Sunset over Arcata

A Sunset over Arcata

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